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Let's get real, about how to do business, do life, do you.

This whole thang you've got going on of 'I'll get there when'?

How's that working out for you?

I don't just mean the God-awful ridiculous bullshit idea that the money, the biz, the life, the YOU you dream of still has to be one day who-knows-how-far-away, but more so the MINDSET that says it is, well, yeah – 

Not here.

And that to get there, be there, be the damn person and also 'have it all' NOW, you need to, well – 

DO everything now.


There's this part of you that is never fully relaxed.

Never fully turned off.

Never fully letting go.

And therefore?

Never fully in flow.

Because here's the thing that they'll never tell you in any sort of business school, INCLUDING the ones you learn from on the internet:

The only way, the ONLY way to access the:




That is available for you and also is REQUIRED, in order for you to 

Make the money you know you're meant to be making (with ease)

Let your best creative work come out

Have the EXACT people you were always meant to most help and impact just show up, from nowhere, like magic, and want to support you | help you | lift you | love you | laugh with you | pay you … i.e. – soulmate badasses err'where!

KNOW, when you go to bed at night and put your head on the pillow, that you did the damn job of being all of you


And listen – 


It's time to step into the madness of YOU baby, and I??

Imma get you all riled up on your own 'youness'. 

It's just what I do ūüėČ

People come into my space, into my ENERGY, no less, and – just from being around me, from ABSORBING,

Through my content

My courses

My downloads

My trainings

My 'me-ness', in whatever way I deign to show it to the world!,


I flick the damn switch for the called ones. *shrug emoji*

It's why I have SO many clients who have become 6, multi-6, 7, multi-7, and even 8-figure entrepreneurs since being in my space! Not to mention – and this is WAY more 'everything' for me, as well as for them – they're finally DOING THE DAMN THING OF BEING WHO THEY ARE MEANT TO BE. And honestly? That's even if they barely dive in to more than a percentage of what I create and teach.

Coming in to my world AUTOMATICALLY results in you being more of you. In you being ALL of you, actually. Remembering who you always were,

and then becoming it.

As a result of which, you become your most magnetic | attractive | lit up | and ALL powerful self.

Creativity and magic and flow and playfulness and fun and YOUness out the wazoo.

Probably you will lose weight, have better sex, and see your hair get shinier, too ūüėČ


So … yeah. That's about that. And that's without me even gettin' specific here about what I want to offer you today!!

Specifically, here is how we're going to do that:

I've put together a bundle. 

(Heads up … it's a lot more than a bundle, actually! There is an entire workshop and its #HolyFuckYes, too!)

It's a bundle of some of my favourite and best-selling videos, audios, worksheets and journal prompts on the topic of LETTING MONEY BE EASY and also the topic of LETTING BEING ALL OF YOU BE EASY … 

Combined together to teach you how you too can "Sprint Your Way Rich", by accessing the MOST magnetic, energised and attractive 'tapped in' part of you, so you can sell more, create more, and LIVE more, all while doing nothing except going with your own flow!

The total value of this bundle is in excess of $2700.00 (actual value $2710.00 if you were to purchase these trainings separately!), and includes several pieces of content that you would normally ONLY be able to access within much higher priced courses!

I've hand chosen the exact trainings that I know will combine a deep understanding of MONEY flow and YOU flow, so that you can explode your income, your audience, your energy, and every part of your biz and life as one of the 'crazy creator' entrepreneurs like me and my clients, who would rather DIE than do biz and life their way!


  • Identifying & Releasing Your BIGGEST Limiting Money Beliefs video training ($297.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčDiscipline vs Flow, for ‘Getting’ Money PDF worksheet ($47.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčCreating for $$, Flow, Purpose video training ($297.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčQuit Sabotaging Your Wealth Potential and Create True Abundance audio training ($99.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčMillionaire Money Mindset video training ($297.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčReceiving Money Like Magic, Why Would You NOT? PDF worksheet ($47.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčDeep Truths Around Money audio training ($99.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčCalling in the Money Flow video training ($297.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčHow to Set Money Goals video training + PDF worksheet ($344.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčReset Your Vision Action Task PDF worksheet ($47.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčHacking Productivity audio training ($99.00 value)
  • ‚Äč10X Your Productivity audio training ($99.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčMoving past fear, overwhelm and UGH to get shit done audio training ($99.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčSort Your Shit Out PDF worksheet ($47.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčYour Soul’s Rules for Wealth audio training ($99.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčShedding Fear, Lack and Sabotage to Welcome Abundance audio training ($99.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčThe Work That It Takes to Be Rich audio training ($99.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčYour SOUL ALIGNED Plan for WEALTH audio training ($99.00 value)
  • ‚ÄčBREATHE it in baby audio training ($99.00 value)

Pssstt … not ONLY do you receive hours and hours and hours (10+!) of my best video, audio, worksheet, and inner work teaching on this topic (which is normally what an entire bundle that I charge around $397.00 / $497.00 for would include, despite the $2700.00+ value),

BUT – 

Firstly, I'm not charging you anything like that for the Sprint Your Way Rich bundle,

and, secondly – (OMG!) – I'm including your place in a one time ALL new workshop replay with me on how I personally 'Sprint My Way Rich'! This one time workshop is all fully recorded for you so you'll get the link as soon as you sign up! 

The Sprint Your Way Rich workshop is, in and of itself, normally the kind of thing I would ALSO charge $397.00 / $497.00 for … without all of the added bundle trainings and teachings I just mentioned above!

Sprint Your Way Rich Workshop Value: $497.00

Bundle Value: $2710.00

Total Sprint Your Way Rich Value: $3207.00!

You pay: less than 10% of that!

Yep, that's right! I'm putting the workshop together WITH the bundle, and pricing it at less than that for all of it.

Why?? Same reason I do anything. Because it's what I am called to do. And I'm so excited and also honoured to get to do that for and with you today!

The 'Sprint Your Way Rich' Workshop! 2 hours of WOW!

Here is just a little of what I teach on, going deep on, and giving you the exact implementation steps that I use in my biz and life to follow on with!

  • Working with the energy of being a 'crazy creator' type who hates to be pinned down to any set routine
  • ‚ÄčKnowing when to go HARD and FAST and ALL in (how I get in and stay in the zone, take care of myself, prepare, and also come DOWN from the high of the hustle)
  • ‚ÄčKnowing when to pause, rest, do sweet FA, go within and when that is actually the REQUIRED thing to do in order to access greater creativity, flow, magic, and the ideas as well as energy and motivation you need to DO the damn thing and (hells yeah) make serious money from it
  • ‚ÄčWhich things ACTUALLY matter each day, and should be prioritised, not just for whatever you're selling right now, but also for building structure and systems that are gonna created automated income for you
  • ‚ÄčHow I ensure that every DAY we are adding extra $$ to our bottom line, the exact journal prompts I use to check in with myself and my team on how we can bring more cash in
  • ‚ÄčBalancing day to day sales hustle with building out the cash machine side of your biz 
  • ‚ÄčKnowing what you can get away with ignoring or leaving as messy, and what you really do need to get your shit together on and kick your own butt around
  • ‚Äč(my fave) accessing superflow, supernatural knowledge, wisdom, power and energy, going beyond the physical and drawing on what is available to you in your superconscious mind, the quantum, the energetic realm, the DEEP flow place where most entrepreneurs never fully allow themselves to go … how to then 'pull down' from there, and translate that magic into your messaging, sales, marketing, and also your own personal energy and focus to get it all done
  • ‚ÄčMaking discipline and focus easy, and yep even fun

Get Sprint Your Way Rich – Katrina Ruth, Only Price $67

And most of all:

  • Understanding how to do biz, money and life by being MORE of you, including by rolling with the supposedly too messy or chaotic or rambly bits of you, and turning that all to an unstoppable advantage that is IMPOSSIBLE to compete with, and results in you finally seeing your audience and sales numbers fly up the way they should be!

The Sprint Your Way Rich Workshop will be sent to you as soon as you sign up so you'll get IMMEDIATE access! 

YES! All of this is in ADDITION to the 19 video, audio, workbook and journal prompt trainings I mentioned above!

Get a copy of this course that you KNOW you gotta have now.

NOW 30% off!! 

Here is a Re-Cap of What All I'm Giving You in the Sprint Your Way Rich Bundle!

Identifying & Releasing Your BIGGEST Limiting Money Beliefs video training ($297.00 value)

Sometimes the smallest little thing mentioned is enough to shift EVERYTHING. This training is about bringing to light and identifying what beliefs you have that are only stopping you from FULLY stepping into your next level around money that you’re seeking, as well as shifting limiting money beliefs NOW.

Discipline vs Flow, for ‘Getting’ Money PDF worksheet ($47.00 value)

If you simply adjust one iota each day, one little turning up of the dial, one little shift into acting from faith and soul alignment or DECIDING bigger, well – one day you’re going to wake up and look around and realise HOW FUCKING WEALTHY YOU ARE, and you’ll truly feel like it just kinda HAPPENED.

This is about stripping back the layers between NOW you and the you who receives and allows with ease, and slowly but surely ‘dialling yourself in’ to being that person to whom wealth is a GIVEN.

Creating for $$, Flow, Purpose video training ($297.00 value)

What if instead of doing everything you feel you ‘should’ be doing each day, like showing up an writing that blog or to doing that thing, creating that thing, saying that thing you instead trusted and KNEW that following the path of purpose and flow, was the thing that would MOST rapidly, effectively and powerfully bring your powers to life.

This training is SO fucking helpful as we go over exactly that.

This is where we train and condition your mindset and your entire consciousness, nervous system, cells and your soul into KNOWING that abundance and wealth is readily available and it’s everywhere for you.

Quit Sabotaging Your Wealth Potential and Create True Abundance audio training ($99.00 value)

This is all about your mindset! – You can’t create wealth through a fear mindset.

If your dominate story around money is one of fear, scarcity and hard work then that’s exactly what you’ll continue to experience.

In this audio training we Identify limiting beliefs and begin CLEARING them! We’re reprogramming your brain to where your predominate thoughts around money are positive and empowering. This is about getting your head in the right place to create incredible wealth and prosperity!

I take you through the exact process I use in order to create your new abundant mindset.

Millionaire Money Mindset video training ($297.00 value)

This is a replay of an Ask Me Anything pre-recorded training. What a lot of people don't realise, is that some of my BEST ever trainings are from my Ask Me Anything sessions with clients!

In this session, we covered SO many questions around money mindset and selling. I share my journey around aligned messaging, unapologetically selling, being consistent as fuck with your own messaging and showing up fully as you.

The most pivotal period in my business over my 14 years online and what I learned around this time and how everything changed after what I recognised that year.

We also cover self sabotage, procrastination around selling and making the non-negotiable decision to sell and show up every day … and so much more besides!

Receiving Money Like Magic, Why Would You NOT? PDF worksheet ($47.00 value)

Ready to unlock and release old habits around wondering if you’re doing enough … doing it RIGHT? In this training I go deep on this, and also share some of my favourite journal prompts in order to discover what it is that you’d be showing up for right now if you FULLY believed that it was not only ‘okay’ but also a critical requirement to be fully you, and follow what’s inside of you. We talk being the next level version of you, regaining certainty, expanding your ability to see and know where you need to take action, resting and rejuvenating your soul and cells, connecting back to power and truth, and more!

Remember: You can do anything you want to if you BELIEVE you can. I show you how to access and act on that, now.

Deep Truths Around Money audio training ($99.00 value)

What comes out in this 1 hour audio is such DEEP truth your soul will be shaken to its core, and I know you’ll be so excited to roll this out in your life.

Some of the concepts discussed in this training:

  • Discussion with Ash about cashflow and budget
  • ‚ÄčAlways expecting money but never looking for it
  • ‚ÄčSeparating money stuff out. Money fear, fear of not being able to pay
  • ‚ÄčSetting up ‘money’ containers. Containers create the result

Plus so much more!

I’m so excited to share this training with you.  

Calling in the Money Flow video training ($297.00 value)

I share EXACTLY how I do my money affirmations and actually GIVE you 100 of my own personal money affirmations and intentions which you can use on repeat! What?! I also tell you the TOP eleven ways I’ve made some pretty sweet dinero online and even break down the ‘how’ for you! AND I include my most powerful 11 learnings on receiving large amounts of money, and how you can apply them now! (PDF)

How to Set Money Goals video training + PDF worksheet ($344.00 value)

Are you asking for the EXACT money figure you desire?

Your money NEEDS a home. I make the money I make because there is SPECIFIC reason for me NEEDING to make that exact amount. Once I have my set weekly figure with every cent having its home, the money is then ALWAYS created.

This is an amazing video and worksheet around designing and resetting your VISION. The manifestation of your badass life in your mind – in this training we get crystal fucking clear on what that is for you.

Reset Your Vision Action Task PDF worksheet ($47.00 value)

Start manifesting your perfect day and your dream life now. If you're serious about creating your life on your terms, then this is training is the exact thing you need to be doing!

This will have you revisiting, naming and CLAIMING exactly what it is you’re working towards and creating.

Hacking Productivity audio training ($99.00 value)

I share the exact technique to used to write my books, create programs, complete tasks and basically get over any form of resistance I have, and be so prolific, continually! I also talk one of my favourite and really simple ways to get shit done and flow through the day, plus how to create a new habit, and (of course!), how to break through resistance and get everything you need to get done, DONE.

You're going to love this!

10X Your Productivity audio training ($99.00 value)

Big secret! You'll have to wait to hear ūüėČ

Moving past fear, overwhelm and UGH to get shit done audio training ($99.00 value)

I really have to say I am in LOVE with this training and think it’s so powerful to move PAST all of the ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do it’ for a bit and come back to what MATTERS.

In this training we are consolidating everything we’ve done so far in this module in order to know how to move forward when you feel stuck and UNABLE.

I’m going to share my SUPER simple strategy to once and for all beat the dreaded trio of overwhelm, uncertainty or a treacherous case of the can’t be fucked's.

Sort Your Shit Out PDF worksheet ($47.00 value)

This is pretty damn heavy stuff. But GOSH is it incredibly relieving to start to clear.

We talk about your money shit and boy is it a shitty situation.

The GREAT news is there is a reason and it is a GOOD reason. In fact, one of the keys to allowing in wealth is to not only LEARN what that payoff is but to learn to be GRATEFUL for it.

This is an incredible deep dive stripping back and revealing training as well as empowering AF!

Your Soul’s Rules for Wealth audio training ($99.00 value)

Boy is this one a doozy. I love this stuff! I mean, seriously – do you truly expect to EVER create true wealth if you’re not following the laws of your SOUL?!

Hint: Not. Going. To. Happen.

In this training we consider:‚Ä®

  • What is your true message?‚Ä®
  • ‚ÄčHow are you actually called to live (be, think, do)
  • ‚ÄčWhere are you living OUT OF SYNC and what do you choose INSTEAD?
  • ‚Äč‚Ä®Where are you following rules out of desperation, fear or scarcity?
  •  ‚Ä®What is the value you are here to deliver to the world and ARE you delivering it?‚Ä®

You can choose: what is your NOW money consciousness?‚Ä®

Shedding Fear, Lack and Sabotage to Welcome Abundance audio training ($99.00 value)

This is one of my personal favourites: SABOTAGE.

I say favourite because I feel like I’ve in some ways won the war over this beast.

I fought self-sabotage for years in the form of binge and bulimic eating, I fought it for years in the form of resisting creating my dream life, and I fought it for years and YEARS when it came to money and allowing it in.

In this training we identify areas of self sabotage, how we can begin clearing them, wipe that slate clean and live from purpose and flow!

The Work That It Takes to Be Rich audio training ($99.00 value)

We’re talking about the REAL work it takes to be rich – the inner and the outer.

Specifically I share precisely what I did to turn my own money situation around, and why I consider 4 of these actions in particular to be CRITICAL to the discipline of wealth creation.

Your SOUL ALIGNED Plan for WEALTH audio training ($99.00 value)

This ‘un is EXTRA good … not to mention a LITTLE bit confronting!

We’re looking at creating your biggest ‘one day’ dreams and fantasies with a MONEY FOR NOW PLAN – both the BIG picture vision and also a ‘here and now cashflow’ plan!

No more faffing around saying one day. And no more AVOIDING a clear plan for who you actually want to be, and how you want to get there. If we’re going to do this? Let’s do it!

After listening to this training you’ll be ready to implement and roll out your long-term vision for positioning you as THE leader and expert you were born to be, and growing your tribe and your income accordingly.

BREATHE it in baby audio training ($99.00 value)

This is about setting your inner compass to true wealth, for life!

How to set goals that come to life every time, including the exact system I use.

How you can set strategies in place that you can TURN to anytime you do find yourself entering back into fear and panic.

Some serious time talking about INTENTION

Learn how to be enough with who you are now

How to give yourself the PERMISSION and ALLOWANCE you need, now.‚Ä®Finally let go of the stories and lies you’ve allowed yourself to believe and live by, about what it means to be rich and whether it’s possible for you.

Get Sprint Your Way Rich – Katrina Ruth, Only Price $67

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