Super Funnels – Build A 10K List – Capture Leads From 3 Sources At Once


Breakthrough Software “AUTOMATES” 

FREE Traffic, Leads & Commissions in Less Than 60 Seconds…

Purchase Super Funnels – Build A 10K List – Capture Leads From 3 Sources At Once at Aibox! You get access to all files. Direct Download Link and No costs are incurred (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha). Our courses come with a lifetime warranty, we're always here to help if you need it.

Breakthrough Software “AUTOMATES” 

FREE Traffic, Leads & Commissions in Less Than 60 Seconds…


  • Turn 100% FREE traffic into PASSIVE INCOME!
  • No websites, domains, hosting or tech skills needed – it’s ALL done for you
  • AUTOMATE​ your marketing reach for more sales in less time
  • Take advantage of  Next-Gen Funnels​ with ZERO monthly fees or commitments.

Built by marketers, for marketers.

I developed “Super Funnels” because it’s the exact funnel I wanted when I started online… I use it daily to earn well over $3,000 per day!

Brendan Mace 

7 Figure Marketer, and co founder of Super Funnels 

Elite W+ Vendor & Affiliate

THE ONLY DIFFERENCE Between Top Marketers And Those Struggling To Make A Dime…

Many beginners & struggling marketers think there’s this MASSIVE GAP between what they do, and how top-earners make their money.

The reality is this “gap” is tiny … it’s simply having POWERFUL funnels that automatically generate traffic & profits.

It’s no more complicated than that. 

MORE Traffic + FASTER Reach

Next-Gen Funnels


But It’s 2019 And The Game Has Changed

Getting traffic today is easier than ever … social media alone can get you all the free traffic you’ll ever need.

But turning that traffic into actual DOLLARS is harder than ever … which is EXACTLY why you need smart funnels that do the selling for you.

The “good old days” of converting your traffic into profits with traditional email or social media marketing are gone: 

So How Do You Automate Profits TODAY



Simple! With This Never-Before-Seen “Super Funnel

Software That Does It All For You! 

This EXACT Software Has Been Making Us Profits

Like These For MONTHS:

Super Funnels are designed to TRIPLE your traffic and profits with next-gen technology … that works 24/7 … on complete autopilot …

Hey we’re Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong.

Over our digital marketing careers, we’ve each built up incomes of over $100K per month.

For years, our main business has been creating product solutions & affiliate marketing. 

Tens of thousands of happy customers enjoy our products, so over time we’ve built very large lists using ‘product funnels’ that convert traffic into sales. 

But – getting personal here … 

Doing things manually is HARD work, and we’re not getting any younger.

Sure, the money can be good … but making

& selling your own products is tough:

  • You invest thousands into product development and testing
  • Spend thousands more on copywriters
  • And HUNDREDS of hours connecting with affiliates hoping they’ll send traffic to your offer

There HAS To Be An Easier Way

So we looked at some of the biggest names in digital marketing …

People like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Tai Lopez & many others – to see how THEY’RE earning online. 

Because even though the $100K per month we’re making is a LOT of money … some hotshots are making even more … and they’re NOT working as hard as us. 


These marketers use automated funnels that generate traffic, leads & sales to ANY offer they promote.

One-time setup for ongoing results.  

Seemed too easy – so we hired a developer to “copy” what the top online earners are doing … then make it even better. 

This took months – but the RESULT is a revolutionary “Super Funnel” that:

  • AUTOMATICALLY generates 3 types of traffic AT THE SAME TIME
  • Self-Monetizes with ‘impulse sales’ that turn prospects into profits AND leads for long term income
  • Converts for products or offers in any niche

This Software Can Turn ANY Offer Into Cash-On-Demand One Time Setup For 24/7 Results

How This TRIPLE THREAT Super Funnel DOMINATES Everything!

NOW You Can Diversify Your Income with MULTIPLE sources …



Websites, domains, or ongoing costs – we’ll host all your traffic-generating pages for you

Extra Softwares – the system includes FREE access to all tools needed for this to work

Paying For Traffic –

Free traffic sources PLUS conversion multipliers included!


Top-Converting Traffic Made EASY

The Super Funnels Software & Method is built to unlock a constant flow of traffic & conversions …

With cutting-edge methods used by the leading marketers of our time … AUTOMATED for you. 

Developed by people using this EXACT method every day…

Tested & PROVEN by marketers of all levels…

SUPER FUNNELS Is A Shortcut To Profitable Traffic! 

Attract. Convert. Rinse & Repeat.

That’s Your New Reality

Effortlessly Drive TOP-CONVERTING Traffic In 3 Simple Steps


Login to the cloud-based software


Customize the 2 included pages with your details – full instructions included


Use our INCLUDED free traffic strategies to ‘Fuel’ your Super Funnel, then sit back & enjoy the results!

Everything You Need To Succeed Is Inside:


Super Funnels CORE Software:

This cloud-based app creates DFY traffic generation pages with the click of your mouse…

Then helps you INSTANTLY monetize your new traffic with smart redirects to profitable offers for an all-in-one income solution. 

Built In “Triple Your Traffic” Technology

Our funnels are so much better than everything else because they get TRIPLE the reach from every visitor… to make more sales in less time.

The way it works is simple. Each new visitor is placed on THREE lists at once. Two of which are 170% more effective than email.

FREE Traffic Included in System

Unlock powerful, completely methods for generating traffic WITHOUT paying a dime for ads.

2-3 hours of super traffic training. All designed to build traffic leads & commissions with Super Funnels.

INCLUDED Hosting Of ALL Your Pages

No need for domains, websites or paying ongoing hosting fees.

Your access includes hosting for all your pages on our robust, fast-loading platforms … so there’s ZERO maintenance cost to you.

Of course if you prefer to self-host your pages, it’s 1-click simple to upload them to your server. 

Because The Internet’s Gone Mobile …

THIS Is How You Maximize Profits

Just “getting traffic” isn’t enough anymore.

To profit in today’s internet economy, you’ve got to reach your traffic on multiple platforms to get consistent results. 

As more people engage online with mobile devices…

It’s essential to connect with these visitors across MULTIPLE platforms.

Now You Can.

Just use the included software & step-by-step system inside … 

  • To easily drive traffic in ANY niche
  • Connect with visitors ANYWHERE they are online, on any device
  • For more eyeballs, clicks & conversions on your offers 


Creating content, making videos or wasting time on SEO

Waiting to profit – now you can monetize people the MOMENT they subscribe

Paying For Traffic or expensive softwares – all the tools you need are INCLUDED


A Closer Look Inside This FULLY-AUTOMATED

3-In-One Super Funnel System

STEP ONE – DFY Traffic Generation Pages

These DFY pages – hosted on OUR servers – are the entry point into your Super Funnels. Once people hit these pages … from the INCLUDED free traffic methods … you can 3X your overall traffic AND monetize every new visitor on-the-fly.

This UNIQUE twist – automated with the included software – is a triple traffic threat that’s never been seen before.

STEP TWO – DFY 3X Marketing

The problem with MOST traffic methods is you only have ONE way to connect your traffic to your offers.

Super Funnels TRIPLES your potential results by allowing you to connect your traffic with your offers in THREE different ways…  

Triple your delivery for TRIPLE the potential profits … ALL from inside the dashboard. 

STEP THREE – Push-Button Scaling

Super Funnels starts with a very powerful, effective free traffic method.

But it doesn’t stop there … once your campaigns are converting – you’ll be shown how to scale up with low-cost ads to take things to the next level.  

WITHOUT guessing, WITHOUT learning how to write ads or any of the usual BS involved with paid traffic – just scale by copy & pasting the proven methods inside.

Act NOW To Grab These

Powerful Super Funnel Bonuses

B O N U S  #1

Tutorials & Trainings

Jam packed with 2-3 hours of powerful information on how to make the most with Super Funnels. We show you how to use the software, and how to maximize your funnel to the highest level.

B O N U S  #2

60 Min Funnel Workshop

The "super affiliate" guide to building a lifestyle business in your spare time. We cover everything from: offers, lead magnets, automation, etc. You will learn exactly what the big players are doing in IM.

B O N U S  #3

Full Agency Rights

If you invest during the launch, we'll include "Agency Rights" to Super Funnels. Which means you can use our breakthrough software for your own projects, as well as for your clients. Giving you another option to make money from the "Super Funnels" 

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