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What will you get: 

  • 1 CORE MODULE Being Your Own Boss
    • CORE Setting Short & Long Term Goals
    • CORE How to Be Most Productive
    • CORE Do You Have What It Takes
    • CORE Working With Friends and Family
  • 2 CORE MODULE Market Research
    • 1 CORE Know Thy Customer
    • 2 CORE Know Thy Competitor
    • 3 CORE Defining Your Strengths & Weaknesses
    • 4 CORE Identifying Opportunities and Threats
    • 5 CORE Pricing Your T-shirts
    • 6 CORE Identifying Your Sales Channel
  • 3 CORE MODULE Birthing Your T-shirt Ideas Into Reality
    • 0 TransferVendors1-Makemoneysy.pdf
    • 1 CORE Making Sense of Your T-shirt Ideas
    • 2 CORE What Makes a Design Good or Bad
    • 3 CORE Coming Up With a Collection
    • 4 CORE Defining Your T-shirt Brand
    • 5 CORE Design Yourself or Hire a Designer
    • 6 CORE Getting Mock-Ups or Professional Photos
    • 7 CORE Methods for Printing T-shirts
    • 8 CORE Selling Others Your Own T-shirt Transfers
    • 9 CORE Branding Your Own T-shirt Tags
    • 10 CORE Trademarks and Copyrights
  • 4 CORE MODULE Business Essentials
    • 1 CORE Coming Up With a Business Name
    • 2 CORE Getting Business License and Permits
    • 3 CORE Establishing Your Corporation
    • 4 CORE Getting Sales Tax ID to Buy Wholesale
    • 5 Opening Up a Business Checking Acct
  • 5 CORE MODULE Suppliers and Vendors
    • 1 CORE Wholesale Blanks and Apparel
    • 2 CORE Custom Transfer Vendors
    • 3 CORE Stock Transfer Vendors
    • 5 CORE T-shirt Display Racks
    • 6 CORE Recommended Inkjet Printers
    • 7 CORE High Heat Pigment Inks
  • 6 CORE MODULE Getting Your Website Up and Going
    • 1 CORE Selecting & Buying Your Domain Name
    • 2 CORE Setting Up Your Hosting Account
    • 4 CORE Getting Your Shopping Cart
    • 5 CORE Adding Size Charts
    • 5 CORE Adding Size Charts
    • 7 CORE Wholesale Options
    • 8 CORE Adding a Newsletter
    • 9 CORE Collecting Credit Card Payments
  • 7 CORE MODULE Online Marketing for T-shirt Entrepreneurs
    • 1 CORE Executing Online Marketing Campaigns
    • 2 CORE Marketing On Other Websites
    • 3 CORE Blogging for Traffic and Building Your Brand
    • 4 CORE Pinterest Marketing
    • 5 CORE Using Social Media to Market and Promote Your Brand
    • 6 CORE Getting an Army of Affiliates to Sale Your T-shirts
    • 7 CORE Wholesale Options
  • 8 CORE MODULE OFFline Marketing for T-shirt Entrepreneurs
    • 1 CORE Executing Offline Marketing Campaigns
    • 2 CORE Direct Mail – SRDS
    • 3 CORE Using Print Media
    • 4 CORE Selling at Events and Trade Shows
    • 5 CORE Creating Print Catalogs
    • 6 CORE Establishing a Reseller Program
  • 9 CORE MODULE Getting Your T-shirts into Retail Stores
    • 1 CORE Identifying a Target Market
    • 2 CORE Establishing Terms
    • 3 CORE Line-Sheets 101
    • 4 CORE Sending Out Sample Packages
  • 10 CORE MODULE Managing Your Business
    • 1 CORE Managing Customer Service
    • 2 CORE Returns and Refunds
    • 3 CORE Using an Answering Service
    • 4 CORE Hiring and Using Virtual Assistants


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Stop Talking About It … And Be About It!

YES!!! Your t-shirt design ideas can earn you a great living if you're willing to put in the time, work and dedication. 

Thousands of members have passed through TshirtRiches to get the step-by-step formula for starting, launching and building their own t-shirt business.

Our online training center has over 36+ hours of on-demand video training and content.

In addition, you get access to wholesalers, vendors and suppliers ​that'll provide you with everything you need to get started.

Can't draw? No worries … I teach you how to get some of the top graphic designers in the world to take your t-shirt design ideas and turn them into a masterpiece.

You'll learn how to get your own website for the low-low; you'll learn how to collect payments from customers worldwide; and I got a trademark attorney who'll show you how to protect your t-shirt designs from getting ripped off by copycat wanna-bees.

Get T-SHIRT Riches CORE – Cartess Ross, Only Price $97


Over 36+ hours of on-demand video and training content inside.


Get T-SHIRT Riches CORE – Cartess Ross, Only Price $97

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