$32 The Blog Millionaire Course - Brandon

The Blog Millionaire Course – Brandon


  • The Complete Blogging System Brandon Uses to Get Almost 4 Million Monthly Visitors to His Blogs
  • Action Item Lists for Each of the 13 Video Modules so that You Can Apply What You Learn Every Step of the Way
  • Brandon’s Five Social Media Hacks that Will Give You Crazy Fast Results on InstagramYouTubePinterestTwitter and Facebook
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The Blog Millionaire Course – Brandon course is available you will get immediately after payment only $397 $32.

What will you get: 

  • An Instagram Growth Hack Like No Other – Blog Millionaire Members Area.ts
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  • Mod9-Final-3.ts
  • The 5 Figure Facebook Groups Growth Hack – Blog Millionaire Members Area.ts
  • The Blog Millionaire Module 1.mp4
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  • TheBlogMillionaire-Module3.ts
  • Turning Twitter Into an Engagement Machine – Blog Millionaire Members Area.ts

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Brandon’s Blogging Course is an MBA in Online Marketing Delivered in 13 Easy to Learn Video Modules

  • The Complete Blogging System Brandon Uses to Get Almost 4 Million Monthly Visitors to His Blogs
  • Action Item Lists for Each of the 13 Video Modules so that You Can Apply What You Learn Every Step of the Way
  • Brandon’s Five Social Media Hacks that Will Give You Crazy Fast Results on InstagramYouTubePinterestTwitter and Facebook
  • Direct Daily Access to Brandon Through The Course’s Private FB Group Where He Answers All of Your Questions
  • Bonus #1 – Custom Keyword Research for Your Blog, Identifying the Top Keyword Phrases to Drive Google Traffic
  • Bonus #2 – A High Domain Authority Link to Your Blog that Will Boost the Google Rankings of All Your Posts

Brandon’s Blogging Course is an MBA in Online Marketing Delivered in 13 Easy to Learn Video Modules

Module #1: Choosing a Domain Name that Gets Top Google Rankings

  1. The 7 Keys to Choosing a Great Domain Name to Build Upon
  2. How Your Domain Authority Influences Google Rankings
  3. Top 4 Blog Domain Strategies
  4. How to Choose the Right Domain Strategy for Your Blog

Module #2: How to Find High Value Domains in the Aftermarket

  1. How to Find and Buy a Domain that Will Instantly Rank on Google
  2. 5 Ways to Use OSE to Identity the Perfect Backlink Profile
  3. The Three Red Flags to Watch for When Buying an Aged Domain
  4. The Secret to Cutting Costs In Half With Strategic Domain Bidding

Module #3: Optimizing Hosting for Super Fast Loading Pages

  1. How to Solve 99% of All WordPress Problems That Come Up
  2. 9 Things You Can Do to Increase the Speed of Your Blog by 300%
  3. 6 Ways the Pros Stop All Hacking Attempts on Their Blogs
  4. Knowing When and How to Move Your Blog to a Dedicated Server

Module #4: Using Keyword Research to Dominate Google Rankings

  1. How to Identity the Exact Keyword Phrases that Will Rank Every time
  2. The 7 Keyword Research Data Points You Need to Know
  3. The Brainstorm Process I Use for Finding Diamonds in the Rough
  4. My Secret Keyword Research Tactic forTaking Blogs from 100kto 500k

Module #5: Writing Posts that Turn Visitors into Followers

  1. 8 Vital Components of a Blog’s Title that Drive High Google Rankings
  2. Selecting the Permalink Structure That Google Likes the Most
  3. A Simple Way to Plan for the Next 90 Days of Blog Posts
  4. 7 Formatting Techniques That Will Triple the Average Time on Post

Module #6: Increasing the Overall Engagement of Your Posts

  1. 5 Internal Link Tactics that Drive Engagement 8f Google Rankings
  2. A Simple Process that Doubled My Social Shares Overnight
  3. How to Make Your Post Images Get First Page Google Rankings
  4. The 5 Ways to Increase Quality Comments & Eliminate Spam

Module 7: Getting Quality Links that Increase All of Your Rankings

  1. 8 Link Building Mistakes that Will Destroy a Blog’s Rankings Forever
  2. The 3 Most Linkable Assets That Drive 90% of Passive Backlinks
  3. 9 Keys to Getting Serious Backlinks From Top News Sites with HARO
  4. The Secret White Hat Tactic SEO Experts Use to Get .edu Backlinks

Module #8: Using Social Media to Get Your Posts Shared By Thousands

  1. The Technique I Used to Add 50k Facebook Fans in Four Months
  2. 6 Tactics I Used to Build My Pinterest Traffic to 15k/month
  3. Getting the Top Influencers on Twitter to Retweet Your Tweets
  4. How to Make Every YouTube Video You Upload Rank#1 on YouTube

Module #9: How to Add 10OOs to Your Email List Every Single Month

  1. 4 Types of Email Opt Ins That Have the Highest Conversion Rate
  2. The 2 Types of Email Systems that Get The Best Results for Blogs
  3. 6 Optimization Techniques that Will Triple Your Email Opt Ins
  4. How to Craft Great Emails that Get Opened and Clicked Every time

Module #10: Using Analytics to Uncover Traffic Producing Trends

  1. 7 Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Engagement with Analytics
  2.  The 6 Areas in Google Analytics that You Need to Watch
  3. The Right Way to Review & Assess Your Blog’s Google Rankings
  4. One Analytics Strategy That Will Double Your Organic Google Traffic

Module #11: Monetizing Your Blog for Client Services and Consulting Leads

  1. The 10 Elements of a Landing Page that Drive Qualified Client Leads
  2. Creating a Value Proposition that You Can Charge $1500/month for
  3. 5 Best Places on Your Blog to Promote Your Landing Page From
  4. My Formula for Turning Leads into Happy High Paying Clients

Module #12: Monetizing Your Blog with eBooks and Online Courses

  1. How to Create an eBook Your Audience Will Absolutely Pay For
  2. 5 Keys to Generating Revenue from w/ your eBook
  3. Creating an Online Course that You Can Charge up to $2K for
  4. 11 Vital Parts of Your Course Landing Page that Drive Sales

Module #13: How to Monetize Your Blog With Adsense and Affiliates

  1. The 5 Adsense Locations that Make the Most Money
  2. 9 Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Monthly Adsense Earnings
  3. 6 Tactics that Allow You to Grow a Residual Income with Affiliates
  4. The 3 Types of Blog Posts That Convert 500% More Affiliate Sales

You Will Also Get Brandon’s Top Social Media Growth Hacks Covered in 5 Spectacular Video Modules

Social Media Hack#1:

A Pinterest Hack that Drives 200k Monthly Visitors

  1. The Daily Visitors Keep Going Up Everytime I Check My Stats
  2. My Keyword Research Formula for Ranking#1 For Every Pin
  3. The Key to Turning Each Pin into Referral Traffic that Flows Forever
  4. You Can Apply This Your Old Posts and Get Incredible Results

Social Media Hack #2:

How to Get a 1 st Page Ranking

on YouTube for Every Video

  1. My 1st Video that I Used This Hack on Has Made Me Over $50,000
  2. The Formula that Vaults Every Video to the 1st Page of YouTube
  3. How to 10x Your Subscribers with a Really Cool Annotations Hack
  4. The Secret to Turning YT Views Into High Converting Web Traffic

Social Media Hack #3:

An Instagram Growth Hack Like No Other in the World

  1. My Hack Solved the #1 Problem IG Experts Have Failed to Figure Out
  2. How I Get Ultra Targeted Traffic that Converts at Unheard Ratios
  3. A Simple Trick to Getting the Most Engaged IG Users to Follow You
  4. A Direct Message Strategy that Will Blow You Away

Social Media Hack #4:

Turning Twitter Into a Money Making Engagement Machine

  1. My Profile Optimization Tactic that Instantly 10x’d My Results
  2. A Targeting Tactic that Acquires Your Competitors Customers
  3. How I Increased My Followers and Retweets by 2300% in One Day
  4. My Simple System that Turns New Followers into Paying Customers

Social Media Hack #5:

The Five Figure Facebook Groups Growth Hack

  1. My Formula for Turning a Single Post into 5 Figures of Revenue
  2. How to Identity FB Groups Loaded with Your Ideal Target Audience
  3. A Two Step Tactic that Allows Your Group Posts to Be Virally Spread
  4. How I Keep My Group Posts at the Top of the Feed for Over 10 Days

And You Will Have Direct Access to One of the Top Internet Marketing Minds in the World

Get Access to Me 7 Days a Week in the Members Only Facebook Group

  1. As you go through the course modules, questions are going to come up and I will be there to answer them in our FB group.
  2. A secret just between you & me… My clients pay me at least $20,000 a year to have access to me throughout the business week.

Get a Lifetime Membership for as Long as the Course Exists

  1. In the near future, I am going to increase the membership fees and make it a yearly rate.
  2. During this special launch window you will be able to lock yourself into a lifetime membership so you will never have to pay for the yearly renewal fees.

Keep improving yourself today with this “The Blog Millionaire Course – Brandon ” course at only 32.0000

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