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First I must tell you a story…

It was during my first visit to China 35 years ago that I first learned of a legend about an ancient academy long lost in the mountains of an Eastern Province.

Founded some 2,500 years ago by an immensely successful Patriarch, Yen Tzu, the Academy attracted the interest of great leaders, merchants, and individuals, from all over the ancient world; earnestly seeking the secrets of an alchemy proven to deliver GREAT prosperity and well-being.

The Academy′s acclaim grew by word of mouth as each enlightened student graduated and went on to achieve great personal prosperity and the Teachings were certainly instrumental in Yen Tzu becoming one of the ancient world′s first billionaires. 

Inevitably, however, such esoteric knowledge attracted the attention of a megalomaniac warlord, Qin Shi Huang.

Viewing Ten Tzu′s powerful teaching as a threat to the divine rule he had decreed, he was convinced that by destroying it no one would usurp his dictatorship. Because of him countless sages were executed and their places of learning burned to the ground.

In an attempt to save them from destruction, valuable scrolls and texts were hidden in hollowed walls.

Twenty-two centuries later, and some will call it luck or fate, I finally stumbled on the Timeless Wisdom that had been contained in those texts.

Now after having successfully applied them for a decade I have compiled The Teachings of Billionaire Yen Tzu into a comprehensive self-help program. 

Blending eastern wisdom with contemporary western experience I have sought to provide understanding and practical answers to the POWERFUL esoteric parables, fables and lessons, in the mediums of audios and accessible, bullet-point Bound Texts.

Each Text will provide an answer to whatever you are seeking, wherever you open it.

This is the very bizarre truth of The Teachings of Billionaire Yen Tzu, and I guarantee that you will experience this for yourself!

Paradoxically, through their initial obscurity, the answers currently sought by our modern world WILL appear. 

By applying The Teachings of Billionaire Yen Tzu, you will begin to perceive opportunities to test the potency of the ideas they contain. In this way you will become a graduate of self-mastery.

The thought-provoking lessons taught by forgotten sages and harnessed by great leaders and merchants are revealed within The Teachings of Billionaire Yen Tzu. 

Although the revelations SHAKE THE PILLARS OF CURRENT THINKING they will STRANGELY strike deep chords within you, because of the sound truths that resonate from them. Because achieving self-mastery through individual inner understanding is the only sure and timeless way to fully develop your potential, achieve your purpose and manifest whatever you want in your life.

As Europe′s leading Author on Self-Help & Business Success my work is published in 45 countries and 39 languages. I have been described by Time as a ′leading authority on success and business′ and Business Age called me ′Europe′s foremost teacher for success′. Leaders unanimously endorse and embrace my ideas.

"East meets West for Success"

His Excellency, Ma Zengang

"What Turner preaches, he has practiced"

Sunday Independent




WARNING: contains powerful life-changing esoteric material.


√ Over 300 Tenets of Parables and Lessons.


√ Over 300 Tenets of Parables and Lessons.

"This work hooks like a thriller you can′t put down! That it can succeed in being authoritative about success, business, 

lifestyle and spirituality is impressive. That it′s also engrossing, inspiring and upbeat makes it essential for everyone" Time Out

So, now to the important part of YOU investing in THE COMPLETE TEACHINGS OF BILLIONAIRE YEN TZU

t is my firm belief that the benefits of being able to manifest whatever you previously thought impossible to achieve is immeasurable. For me having invested most of my life in seeking out and practicing The Teachings of Billionaire Yen Tzu the value is priceless.

Having made the esoteric material in an accessible format to share with others is one thing. To put a price on something that I absolutely guarantee works is almost impossible.

When I was asked to present the material at a special meeting of leaders at the Parthenon in Athens, the birthplace of Western Thinking, with fellow speaker Uri Geller, delegates paid an equivalent £597 for my Seminar: The Teachings of Billionaire Yen Tzu

And that was WITHOUT the added lasting value of audio material that allows you to continue to immerse yourself and internalize the ideas and increase the effect on results.

"An invaluable blueprint for success"

Hewlett Packard

"This program is a must for those who aim to improve themselves"


“Colin’s been there and knows what he is talking about”

Success Today

“Highly Recommended”

Financial Times

“Turner creates positive results”

London Evening Standard

"Clear and concise, well-structured advice"

Sunday Independent

The esoteric secrets, enlightening stories and practical wisdom explained within The Teachings of Yen Tzu will develop every area of your life. Powerful lessons including:

  • How to bring about immediate results in your life
  • How to realize your dreams you thought impossible to achieve
  • How to gain freedom over the limiting ego
  •  How to channel your energy effectively
  • How to be in the Right Place at the right time
  • How to cultivate your Super-Conscious
  • And how to achieve more while doing less

So from right now you have the opportunity to harness the powerful esoteric knowledge that has worked successfully time after time for the great leaders and achievers throughout history at a price that offers incredible saving and value.

And you are totally covered by my personal guarantee that you will receive a full refund if you are not satisfied.

I wish you everything you wish for yourself,

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