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The world is in an economic crisis, and there are no easy fixes to our predicament. Unsustainable trends in the economy, energy, and the environment have finally caught up with us and are converging on a very narrow window of time—the "Twenty-Teens.


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The next twenty years will be completely unlike the last twenty years.

The global is in an monetary crisis, and there aren't anyt any clean fixes to our dilemma. Unsustainable traits withinside the economy, energy, and the surroundings have subsequently stuck up with us and are converging on a totally slim window of time—the "Twenty-Teens." The Crash Course offers our dilemma and illuminates the direction ahead, so that you can face the approaching disruptions and thrive–with out fearing the destiny or taking flight into denial. In this ee-e book, you'll locate strong records and down to earth reasoning provided in a calm, nice, non-partisan manner.

Our cash gadget locations not possible needs upon a finite global.  Exponentially growing stages of debt, primarily based totally on assumptions of destiny monetary boom to fund repayment, will shudder to a halt after which reverse. Unfortunately, our monetary gadget does now no longer function in reverse. The effects of large deleveraging can be severe.

Oil is critical for monetary boom. The truth of dwindling oil components is now the world over recognized, but actually no advanced countries have a Plan B.  The monetary dangers to individuals, companies, and international locations are numerous and enormous. Best-case, residing requirements will drop regularly worldwide. Worst-case, systemic monetary crises will toss the sector into jarring chaos.

This ee-e book is written for folks that are encouraged to study the basis reasons of our predicaments, defend themselves and their families, mitigate dangers as a lot as possible, and manage what consequences they can. With task comes opportunity, and The Crash Course gives a nice imaginative and prescient for the way to reshape our lives to be extra balanced, resilient, and sustainable.

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