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We often hear from people that education failed them. That’s because our industrial age models of learning don’t prepare us for our rapidly changing world. Nor do they teach us the things we need to be extraordinarily happy, free, healthy, and fulfilled. More than ever, the world needs you. You the teacher, the coach, the educator, the author, the speaker. Whatever you identify with. You are needed. Now.

Evercoach by Mindvalley works with the world’s leading teachers and coaches on programs and experiences that ignite massive change, enhance your practice, drive better results and help you expand your business.

Whether you’re a coach, teacher, expert, educator, speaker or an author we’re here for you. Elevate yourself with some of the most transformational wisdom and ideas for your practice and your business on the planet – presented through game-changing design, tech, and community models. And all with the support of a global tribe that uplifts you and makes learning fun.

This is lifelong education – reimagined for the future.

The Creation Method is an end-to-end program that shows you how to go from zero to bestseller in just 3 simple steps

It will guide you through the exact same process used by New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling authors to create high-impact content, quickly and easily.

You’ll learn immersive mind exercises for identifying your purpose and pursuing it with laser-sharp focus so you’ll never feel confused and overwhelmed again.

The Persona Architecture tools will give you understanding about the innermost dreams, fears, thoughts, and desires of your target audience, so you can create a genuine connection that will have more and more people loving (and buying!) your book.

You’ll be guided through an astonishing step-by-step process for shutting down your left brain and creating a full book outlineso you’ll feel confident and calm knowing that you have the exact structure in place for easy, precise, and inspired writing sessions.

You’ll also discover creative focusing techniques that will help you craft powerful blog posts fast so you can connect your posts to your book and create a magical synergy that saves time and energy while creating incredible momentum toward your goal of writing your bestselling book.

01 The Uncovery Method

Session 1: Finding your Soul Purpose

Call it fate or call it chance, but you were born with a unique set of skills that lend themselves to your Soul Purpose. Knowing this purpose and pursuing it is the key to success and fulfillment not just in your content creation career,but in your life. In this session I will take you through an immersive mind exercise that will dig deep into your subconscious, unearth hidden truths, and identify your Soul Purpose.

Session 2: Your guiding North Star

Once you find your Soul Purpose, how do you stay on track and honor it? You need a compass that helps you make the choices, meet the people and do the things that navigate you towards success. The North Star is a creative mind exercise that helps you identify the core values that will guide you throughout your content creation career. Do this, and making important decisions will become a whole lot easier.

Session 3: The Magic Wand

Finding and living by your purpose is good, but don’t forget to dream big! What kind of epic life will you enjoy once you start honoring your purpose? What kind of house will you live in? What countries will you travel to? Who will you meet? You will follow my lead as I take you through the Magic Wand visualization exercise for helping you weave a vision of your perfect life into existence.

02 Personas

Session 1: Understanding your audience with the Persona Architecture

Once you know yourself, it’s time to know your audience and create tailor-made content for them. In this session I will guide you through the Persona Architecture, a powerful behavioral psychology tool that until now was only available to Fortune 500s. By the end of this session you’ll have an intimate understanding of your audience, the way they think and the way they act – and you’ll finally understand how to create messages that stick.

03 Rapid Content Creation

Session 1: Your future bestseller in 30 minutes?

Knowing what to write is one of the biggest hurdles that trips up most aspiring writers. You could easily waste months or years stuck in this phase – which is why I created the book outlining process. This remarkable creative mind exercise is the heart of the Creation Method. By temporarily shutting down your left brain, it allows you to channel free-flowing creative thought and create the title, summary, and 16 chapter outlines for your future bestseller – in minutes!

Session 2: Turbo-charging your blog post writing

Blogging and article writing are crucial mediums for many content creators. But thanks to writer’s block, coming up with consistently good content can be infuriating. Where do you find the inspiration? How do you know you’re hitting all the right angles? My system for rapid blog post creation helps you shut down your left brain and create powerful, relevant and viral blog posts for each of your Personas. This session contains four mind exercise tracks, one for each of your Personas:

  1. Methodical Monday: mind exercise for writing blog posts to Methodical Personas.
  2. Spontaneous Tuesday: mind exercise for writing blog posts to Spontaneous Personas.
  3. Humanistic Wednesday: mind exercise for writing blog posts to Humanistic Personas.
  4. Competitive Thursday: mind exercise for writing blog posts to Competitive Personas.

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