The Global Health & Healing Summit

The Global Health & Healing Summit


Having vibrant health and well-being from a natural and holistic perspective means treating the body, mind, emotions and soul – from the inside out!

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Join me at The Global Health & Healing Summit

I will be speaking on my journey from sugar addiction to vibrant health by changing my relationship with food.

Having vibrant health and well-being from a natural and holistic perspective means treating the body, mind, emotions and soul – from the inside out!

The incredible experts on The Global Health & Healing Summit are generously sharing what they are most passionate about right now and what’s really working to deeply transform the health and healing of people like yourself, your family or even your clients!

This complimentary 10-day virtual event, kicking off August 30th, brings together 30+ experts (including me) in the wellness industry to share their best tips on not only what you can do and how you can create extraordinary health and healing.

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Do you want to improve your health and get deeper level healing – so that you live with full-on vibrancy and happiness?

  • Stay on top of the latest developments in your field of natural and holistic health.
  • Discover best practices to promote health and healing for individuals, families and communities, incorporating mind, body, emotions and soul.
  • Learn how to create long-term solutions so that you live vibrant, happy and healed lives.
  • Avoid the quick-fix promise and commit to fuller, natural health and well-being from the inside out.

Do you want to turn your passion for health and healing into a powerful message that reaches millions and spread the word, whether it’s for your heart-centered business or just because you care?

  • Learn how to reach people – even though we live in a world of fear, confusion and skepticism about non-conventional ways of creating vibrant health and healing.
  • Discover how to powerfully educate people to heal their destructive habits, so they can live happier, less stressed, more healthy and balanced lives.
  • Find out how you could do that in methods which are authentic, generous, compassionate and in integrity.

Chronic ill-fitness and struggling has reached epidemic levels, whether or not it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual! You and I recognise that a lot of it is able to be cured, prevented, healed and/or positioned into remission with the aid of using making holistic and herbal choices. We need to proportion our message.

Sign up now to join me for The Global Health & Healing Summit, and hear from other like-minded, expert healers who are just as passionate about – and dedicated to – transforming as many lives as possible through holistic healing. Remember, it’s completely FREE, and has the potential to change your life and the lives of your clients!

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