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Last Chance to Get a Behind the Scenes Look at Extraordinary Practices…

40 Inspiring Interviews Filled with Take-it-to-the-bank Tips and Advice to Help You Build the Practice of Your Dreams.

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In The Prosperous Practitioner Summit, you’ll discover:

  • Innovative business strategies to get more leverage in your practice (work less, earn more)
  • Revenue models that free you from insurance constraints and outdated standards of care
  • Tips for making deeper connections with your patients and getting better clinical outcomes
  • Fresh ideas for building a practice that gives you freedom and financial stability
  • How to reclaim the joy in your practice and feel great about what you do

What does prosperity mean to you?

When people talk of prosperity, or of being prosperous, they usually mean financial success. We define it more broadly. We believe that to be prosperous means not only to enjoy the monetary rewards of our labor, but also to feel a deep sense of satisfaction and joy in our work and in our lives.

You Won’t Find More Valuable Real-World Business Building Wisdom for Holistic, Functional and Integrative Practitioners Anywhere.

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Gold Package

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  • INSTANT DOWNLOAD of all 20 interview transcripts in easy-to-read PDF format ($399 value)
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  • BONUS #1: Secrets to Free and Low Cost Publicity MP3 interview with Joanne McCall ($150 value)
  • BONUS #2:1-Page Practice Start Up Check List PDF download from Jill Valerius, MD ($100 value)
  • BONUS #3: INSTANT DOWNLOAD of all 20 interviews from 2015! MP3 interviews, PDF transcripts & summary sheets. ($1378 value)


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Meet Our 2016 Speakers

We’ve gathered 20 of the best and brightest who can help your holistic, functional or integrative practice thrive. They include clinicians who have built flourishing practices in their local communities and beyond, as well as experts who intimately understand the challenges faced by practitioners who practice outside the box of conventional medicine. These thought leaders are excited to share their successes and failures with you in the spirit of generosity and honesty so that you have the best chance for success. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to hear their stories and learn from their experience!


Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute

Prospering from Patient-centered Partnerships

  • How the consumer-driven health care paradigm will affect your practice
  • What the medicine of the future will be about
  • The top 2 things a successful practice comes down to


Flatiron Functional Medicine

Using Weakness and Fear to Free You to Do Your Best Work

  • The greatest marketing tool you have
  • How to get patients invested in the process
  • The key to feeling confident charging more for your services


Women’s and Children’s Health

Structuring a Thriving Practice from Passion and Persistence

  • Why you should be giving talks and evangelizing as much as possible
  • How to make every patient a super fan who refers like crazy
  • Why you need multiple revenue streams


Hudson Headache

Using Creativity in Marketing; Buying and Selling a Practice

  • Pros and cons of starting your own practice vs. buying an existing one
  • Creative marketing tips for a tight budget
  • The wisdom of staying flexible and having a Plan B


Building Your Brand Through Patience, Passion and Relationships

  • Why choosing a niche isn't limiting
  • How to make room for creativity so you can discover new ideas for your business
  • How to build a memorable brand and grow your tribe


Crafting a Business Plan and Hiring Support to Profit From Day One

  • How to hit the ground running with a new practice
  • Tips for hiring SEO and other online marketing contractors
  • Why you need a business plan for a smoother path to success

JAN ROBERTS, Pharmacist

Preconception & Reproductive Health

Developing Multiple Revenue Streams to Succeed

  • The truth behind overnight success
  • How to know which opportunities to pursue and which to ignore
  • Understand this marketing secret and watch your sales to soar


Northeast Integrative Medicine

Integrating Entrepreneurship and Humanity for Remarkable Results

  • The keys to successful branding
  • How to hire for a smooth transition as you grow
  • Why saying "no" can help you find more joy in what you do


Fern Life Center

Building an Effective Membership-based Practice

  • Why you must adjust to market conditions
  • Considerations when shifting to a membership-based practice
  • How to keep a good relationship with your list

BEVIN CLARE, Herbalist

Maryland University of Integrative Health

Defining Your Niche Through Your Unique Strengths and Traditions

  • How to think about niching in a broader way
  • Knowing this one thing can help you attract the right clients
  • How to get your best education for free


Innovative Healing, MUIH

Reframing Marketing as Great Education to Bring in New Clients

  • How to build your local reputation quickly through talks and media
  • Why adopting an entrepreneurial mindset is the key to success
  • How to know when it’s time to outsource or delegate


Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine

Building a Booming Insurance-based Practice

  • Why having a clear vision is essential for accomplishing your dreams
  • Billing techniques to leverage your time for a lucrative insurance-based practice
  • How to create an office environment that promotes healing

Get The Prosperous Practitioner Summit – V.A., Only Price $37


A Transformative Touch

Using Laser-focus and Networking to Create Your Custom Practice

  • How long it really takes to build a new practice
  • What to do to be taken seriously in your community
  • How to decide where to put your focus and which things to let go


Nutritional Endocrinology

Choosing Online Tools and Resources for Your Needs Today and Beyond

  • Tips for evaluating online tools and software
  • Considerations when setting prices (it’s not just “what you’re worth”)
  • The fix for teaching the same things over and over


Energetic Health Institute

Taking Charge and Getting Centered as a Health Entrepreneur

  • Tips for centering yourself and taking charge of your work
  • A strategy for avoiding procrastination and getting the “dreaded” tasks done
  • Why struggles and difficult situations are good for us


Unity Medicine

Hat-switching Strategies for a Lucrative Blended Practice Model

  • How to “switch hats” between the insurance-paid visits and cash consults
  • What not to spend money on to stay nimble and lower your stress
  • How to discover the unmet needs of your community


Building a Massive Online Community Through Sharing and Caring

  • The 3 keys to growing a massive online community of fans
  • Strategies for creating relevant, in-demand content
  • A simple approach for effective, non-pushy selling


NOR CAL Natural Medicine

Choosing Your Niche and Your Partners for Maximum Impact

  • Why starting small is a smart idea
  • The key to building a long-term, positive referral network
  • How to focus your marketing and selling for best results


Finding Strong Partners and Trusting Your Gut for Practice Mastery

  • Owning your own practice vs. working for others
  • Why you need to diversity your income and how to start
  • Protecting yourself with contracts and how to evaluate potential partnerships


Harvesting Nutrition

Garnering Respect, Compliance and Commitment Through Your Fees

  • The keys to getting traction early on
  • Why charging more leads to greater respect and commitment
  • How to delegate and hire to free up your valuable time

Meet Our 2015 Speakers


Radiantly Healthy MD

Sharing the Cure for the Common Medical Practice

  • How to simplify the move to a direct pay practice
  • The impact of free publicity and ways to tap into it in your community
  • Easy tips to track practice performance and find financial freedom


Transforming Medical Professionalism Through Leadership

  • A simple way to to gain authority and knowledge
  • How to practice the act of connection and use it to build success
  • A unique method to find your passion and launch the practice of your dreams


Food & Spirit

Finding Patterns in Your Work to Best Serve Others

  • A powerful method to find your uniqueness and launch your best work
  • How to use abundance-thinking to attract and delight new patients
  • An easy way to solve the problem of having too much to do and not enough time


Replenish PDX

Using Your Fears to Leap Forward in Your Practice

  • How to use your flops as intelligence to build a better business
  • The method for using your story to inspire, attract, and grow a loyal patient base
  • The power of taking action to overcome hurdles and hesitation



Creating Your Dream Practice: You CAN Have It All!

  • How to make a safe transition from insurance to a direct pay practice
  • A method to build a full practice using your personal philosophy and passion
  • The power of technology to expand and build a tribe of loyal patients


Holistic Primary Care

Prospering From Trends and Connections in Holistic Health

  • A simple way to keep fees low with a direct pay business model
  • How the holistic health model is changing and the opportunity ahead
  • An easy way to minimize your work load and drive new practice revenues


The Kalish Institute

Selecting a Niche and Clinical Model for Maximum Impact

  • The most important shift you must make to move your practice forward
  • How to charge what you're worth and feel good about it
  • An easy way to get referrals from your patients


Private Practice

Putting Your Patients First so Fortunes Will Follow

  • A simple way to ensure patient compliance
  • How to use your best work to build a thriving practice
  • An effective way to keep overhead low and bring you peace of mind


Family Practice

Impacting Community Health with Group Visit Models

  • The power of a hybrid retainer/insurance model to meet patients where they are
  • How to serve more people in your community in less time
  • Simple steps to set up a group visit model in your practice


Metabolic Treatment Center

Developing Multiple Revenue Streams to Succeed

  • How to comfortably take action when you’re not fully prepared
  • Why niching is important for success and ways to do it
  • A simple way to market your services and meet patients where they are


Live Fit Medicine

Using Free Consultation Calls to Convert New Patients

  • A simple enrollment process for high end programs
  • How to keep costs low and maximize profit while building your practice
  • An effective way to manage the ebb & flow of practice revenues


Metabolic Effect

Using the Freemium Model to Build a Virtual Practice

  • An easy method to attract more people to your website
  • How to command authority with one simple branding technique
  • A simple method to build programs that wow and win new patients


Naturopathic Specialists

Diversifying Your Outreach to Build a Strong Practice

  • The power of public talks to build your brand and your business
  • How to use a multi-channel approach that delivers new revenue streams
  • A new way to think about marketing and finding comfort with it


Expanding Your Reach Through
Books and Online Teaching

  • The power of synergistic partnerships and endorsements
  • How to charge what you’re worth
  • How to conduct remote consults to save time and money


Metabolic Effect

Making Your Mark with Speaking, Writing, and Group Visits

  • How to model others for maximum practice success
  • A simple way to manage time and energy and make more money for your practice
  • A powerful method to become an authoritative leader in your community

Get The Prosperous Practitioner Summit – V.A., Only Price $37



Using Clinical Mastery to Build a Thriving Practice

  • How to use free classes to build reputation and authority
  • The simple method to use clinical results as your marketing power tool
  • An easy way to turn patients into a devoted tribe who refer and buy again and again

FRAN TOWEY, President

Natural Partners

Partnering With Pros to Lower Costs and Win Big

  • How to use your business savvy to guide your practice model
  • The power of multiple revenue streams and ways to minimize risk
  • An easy way to fill the gaps in your skills and knowledge and grow big


Family Medicine

Making an Insurance-Based Practice Work for You and Your Patients

  • A fresh approach to building your brand while at play
  • How to create a powerful referral network that delivers the right patients
  • When to listen to the advice of colleagues and when to ignore them


Freedom Practice Coaching

 Using Public Talks asYour Ticket to Freedom

  • How to build a successful practice around your ideal lifestyle
  • A powerful process that leads prospects to become patients
  • A simple way to get rid of the “busy” and start being productive


Pediatric Alternatives

Building a Creative Membership- Based Primary Care Practice

  • How to offer multiple service levels and attract a diverse patient base
  • A simple way to counter loneliness and enhance patient outcomes
  • Creative methods to cover the costs of running an integrative practice


Get The Prosperous Practitioner Summit – V.A., Only Price $37

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