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Let’s be honest, let’s do it right from the get go, let’s rip the mofo bandaid, let’s do it ALL at once, let’s do it now –

and let’s start here:

You are hellfire magic, you have access to a level of power and superflow and truth and knowledge beyond what most peeps even know exist, you can literally look at something, decide it’s yours and it happens, fuck, you don’t even need to look at it, you can just SEE it and decide it and it’s done.

You can click your fingers anytime you want and the world shape shifts around you.

Click your ruby red heels together ‘cause hold up, you just changed your mind, and woot, there it goes again.

You can literally roll out of bed in the morning, eyes still half shut, spin the world on its heels, dance on top of it like a madwoman, and MAKE MONEY AND SOUL ACTIVATING TRUTH AND BASICALLY ANY OTHER FREAKING THING YOU WANT JUST RAIN FROM THE HEAVENS, in 6-inch stilettos, no less,

After madwoman and before and MAKE MONEY

and all before anyone else in town has managed to stumble into their coffee machine!

YOU are magic.

You ARE the flow.

YOU do not have to play by the rules of physical reality, because a) THERE NEVER WERE ANY, and b) –

You came out different than everyone else.

Even to the ones who think they are the different ones 😉

So I guess the only question is – 

At what point were you thinking to maybe access all this shiz?

And then use it to systematically and strategically blow up your money –

Your soul following –

Your soulmate AF private client base –

Your dream body –

Your dream LIFE –

Oh oh oh, and by the way, obviously, also – 

The whole gettin’ shit done all day err day in order to be and do and have all of the ALL of everything you desire just flowing through and from you in every single area of life while time and indeed LIFE itself expands and shifts for you and you feel like all you REALLY did for the –

was wake up,

roll on out of bed,

and just dance merrily through life being the, well, ALL OF YOU that you are. 

With bells on.

Plus, you know – naps and play and adventures and shit.

Or is it just a case of you’re gonna continue to drop in from time to time,

continue to go beyond the physical now and then,

when you really NEED to,

or when there’s a charge that pulls at you so much that you can’t NOT,

when your back is against the wall so damn hard you have no choice,

or when you get super excited and carried away and forget to think about how to do or be, and holy SHIT what just happened, where did that money, that fuck yes, that EVERYTHING just come from and HOW DO I REPLICATE IT?!

But then you don’t,

and instead you flip back to the try try trying,

the do do doing,

the push push pushing,

the you who you’re being when you talk about magic from time to time,

or about ‘going fully quantum duddddeee’ (#soquantumrightnow),

the you who you’re being when you walk around each day KNOWING there’s so much more available, so much more you can tap into, so much more you SHOULD be right now accessing, that no you are NOT creating from the right place, yes you’ve got your ‘purposeful hustle’ on, and sure sure, you’re proud of it, you’re proud of YOU, you’re creating good shit and it’s working … ISH … but actually?



Which is to say NOT THE FUCK AT ALL.

Can I tell you something you already know, already know, already know, already KNOW?


(But you do gotta accept and believe and then DECIDE that for it to be true)

That’s right my fellow badass super flow mofo –

The supernatural bit is not separate to the human bit.

Accessing ‘from the quantum’, the energetic, the great beyond, the river beneath the river is not something that is ACTUALLY ‘weird’, or ‘out there’, or in any way NOT about just being a person who happens to have physical gifts,

and also spiritual and supernatural gifts!

The ‘other’ way has always been there.

1+1 = 2 is just one paradigm available to you.

And the truth about success which the SOUL flow peeps know and use,

the few but yet still many out there who actually get that they can have it all, be it all, on their terms, without EVER having to do it the normal way,


So, well, y’know – 

How’s about we do that now?

As a fun thing to dive into?



Introducing The Quantum Files babbyyyyyy!

Exclusive. Unseen. Unfiltered. Never Before Available for Sale.

18 days.

Daily video / audio content.

EVERYTHING you need to know to activate the supernatural badass you've been pretending not to be. 

My BEST work.

Largely NEVER before taught publicly!

The ONLY place on the internet where you can receive a complete (supernatural level!) education on the 'how' AND the implementation / all encompassing accessing of all that is there for you when you 'go quantum' … and exactly what that means!

This is Not Your Social Media Guru's Quantum 😉

  • Nobody else translates this shit like me
  • Nobody else will have you finally GETTING it the way you will when you learn from me
  • Nowhere else does access to this sort of education exist
  • Nowhere else will you learn about it in a way which so directly relates to creating the empire and the life you want as an entrepreneur!
  • And no, just to be clear – it's not about me! It's about that I got TF out of my own way a long time ago, and allowed myself to be used for what I am here for. So when I teach at this level and from this place … you better believe and know it is something I am letting THROUGH me for you, rather than that it's because I am so great.

Long story short?? If you've been wanting to understand what it really means to utilise your God-given supernatural abilities, the unseen parts of you which are part and parcel of being HUMAN, but which most humans for their entire LIFE make 'mystical', 'woo woo', taboo, or simply don't believe in –

and if, like me, you're fascinated with playing with time and space and KNOW there is a way to create, shift, receive, BE, which transcends the physical world –

and if you love learning shit that lights your SOUL on fire with how real and true and WOW you know it is, and which allows you to INSTANTLY shift paradigms to where you're finally flowing with life the way you've your entire life known you could and SHOULD –

and if you love kickass deals in which you receive access to hours and hours and hours and hours and HOURS of exclusive, unseen, unfiltered, and NEVER BEFORE AVAILABLE FOR SALE content on stuff that 99.99%+++++++ of the world doesn't even dare to imagine EXISTS –

and if you're ready to start claiming reality shifts faster than even YOU dreamed possible –


The Quantum Files … Revealed

  • Day 1: The literal 'how' of accessing from the quantum

Can you instantly manifest? Have a quantum leap and have things show up JUST LIKE THAT?

Short answer is – yes.

The literal 'how' of accessing from the quantum training explains the HOW.

We’re covering:

What it really means to quantum leap!

Why it's not about GETTING anything, it's also not about something for nothing, or hacking / cheating your way to results

Why I don't love the word manifestation, and what so-called instant manifestation really is, also how to do it

Immediate releasing of obstructions to accessing infinite possibility from YOUR quantum reality, now

Analogies and visuals you can understand on MANY different aspects of playing with quantum (I am great at this, it's one of my truest gifts!!)

Plus understanding what you DO need to 'do' (even though the answer is nothing) in order to allow through what is yours

  • ​Day 2: Snapping in soulmate clients (or anything) from the energetic realm

You’re easy to call in your SOUL people and remind 'em of who you are, and why they HAVE to follow you!

Discover how to magically have soulmate people show up in your life and know when it’s time to walk away from what’s no longer aligned.

This training is about:

Taking a leap of faith and going all in on what is soul aligned for you

Your messaging and attention that goes behind your messaging

Saying yes to an intention that you’ve been shown

Calling your soulmate people and clients in

This is about trust, surrender and calling in the exact people you want in your life.

  • ​Day 3: What instant manifestation really means, whether or not it is actually FACTUALLY possible (it is, and I'll explain fully), and how to do it

It’s very very simple you’ll create your future self in the NOW as soon as you create the internal environment of THAT person, as soon as you BE that version in thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions of that person.

This training covers everything to do with collapsing, expanding and contracting time, basically learning to do whatever the fuck you need and want with time so you can create and be that next level you, NOW.

This is just EXTRA cool shit that makes life so freaking easy. I am so fucking excited to share with you!

  • ​Day 4: Creating without 'working for it'

You HAVE to surrender into the knowledge that the flow WILL come and must. You WILL break through to the place where it's SO effortless, you feel SO grounded, SO certain, and you ALWAYS know exactly what to do and how to do it.

This WILL happen for you and it will be superflow AND fuck yes $ and receiving beyond what you can imagine!

Time to learn the how around creating without the feeling of needing to ‘work for it’.

Time to fully TRUST.

  • ​Day 5: Collapsing time to snap an alternate reality into the physical world now

This is a super powerful video training around how to become a vibrational match for the level and life you want to play at.

We’re diving into:

How to pull down from the quantum and the energetic into your physical reality

How to identify and remove blocks

How to collapse time and space

Basically everything you need to know around creating and shaping the reality YOU choose, for you!

This is about snapping from the quantum into the NOW.

  • ​Day 6: Being taken over (the spiritually and energetically safe way)

This is a super important training that can not be missed! Being taken over is about how to access the quantum and enter an altered state of being from a place of full trust and safety. 

I’m sharing how to access your intuitive gifts and powers, making decisions through FEELING what’s most aligned and right for you and on slipping away into another realm with ease.

Most importantly I’ll be sharing what I do to ground back into my body, why this is so important and how you can do the same.

  • ​Day 7: Problem solving with zero action taken or figuring out necessary (aka: let it be dealt with in the quantum; here's how)

The key to allowing quantum to fully take care of it? Surrender.

Surrender is one of the most critical and often forgotten parts of the manifestation process. In this training I take you through and share how to embody a level of CERTAINTY AND FAITH in order to call in everything you see that’s inside of you.

I teach you the fundamental part of surrender and powerful journaling exercises to help you embody the mindset needed in order to truly and FULLY surrender in certainty and trust.

  • ​Day 8: Quitting the join the dots paradigm for good 

Instant manifestation, super flow, a place you slip away to where you create with ease, flow and are magic AF! –

This training dives into all things creativity and superflow and how you right NOW you can choose to press play with on all the things you need and want in your life without the need and stresses of joining all the dots!

There IS another way, this training explains the how.

  • ​Day 9: Surrendering to absolute trust and God | Soul | Flow led guidance

When did you forget who and what you really are and what is possible for you?

Before all the ‘stuff’ came along the knowing was ALREADY there. This work is about remembering what you deep down know already about yourself, life and soul.

We go over connecting in with your higher self and trusting in what you feel and know.

This training you will go deeper and deeper into KNOWING.

Time to surrender, trust and and allow yourself to be guided. 

  • ​Day 10: Dancing in and out of superflow without falling apart in the human world

This is about the practice of dropping IN and making space for the flow to take over you without loosing your sense of control around what needs to be done in the human realm.

We discuss what it means to flip into a deeper level of owning who you are as both the quantum and badass human self as you dance between the two.

  • ​Day 11: Dropping in; turning your supernatural switch on, also includes accessing supernatural energy, motivation, focus 

Time to turn your supernatural switch ON!

This training explains ways to slip into and access superflow. How to clear what’s needed so you can access the connectedness and the superflow state.

I also discuss common concerns that come up for many people around accessing superflow and fears that might come to surface when entering another realm and superflow.

  • ​Day 12: Choosing in and out of different timelines and realities

Superhuman IS your natural state, is the truth of the matter.

This video training is around accessing BEYOND what we believe we can access and create for ourselves. Learn how to break free from limiting mindsets and contracting energy and step into EXPANSION and that next level mindset.

No matter how much you know or don't know the greatest learning and immediate shifts and upgrades will come about just by being in the conversation. Simply listening to this training will shift you as we discuss how to pull down from the quantum and instantly bring your desires and wants into the now.

  • ​Day 13: The importance of building and maintaining tension in order to shift realities faster

Begin allowing IN and claiming what it is you want, NOW.

How? Maintain the tension!

This training is on learning how to tighten the tension between you and what it is you want until there is a tension so strong that the only option is for a SNAP to happen where your desire instantly snaps into your present day and physical reality.

This training teaches how it’s done!

  • ​Day 14: Expanding time as needed

In this module we step into and transcend time and space, and go to that next level you…

It’s time to shift out of feeling restricted with time and SEE all that is available to you, including EXPANDING beyond what you know and access the quantum!

  • ​Day 15: Aligning to a particular goal or outcome, getting on the frequency of the thing you want. Yes, this includes money. Yes, this includes your ideal hot bod. Yes, this includes love. Yes, this includes EVERYTHING.


This is the exact kind of conversation that we have to have around why things aren’t showing up the way you want them, and what’s going on when you’re not seeing results.

You know it’s time to release the grip and instead drop in further.

In this module I also share one of the most important stories I have to share around alignment and surrender and how this changed everything within my business and my life.

  • ​Day 16: The ultimate 'clear your blocks' override

Reminder: You get to DECIDE to feel like you don't know how, you can't possibly, you don't have even the SMALLEST bit of motivation and yet you're going to ANYWAY.

You get to decide that now is your time, and you're ready for more!

During our time together in this module we’ll be identifying anything that’s currently blocking you and ways to release these to turbocharge you forward!

  • ​Day 17: Transferring from the energetic realm to the physical

Transferring from the energetic realm to the physical requires a level of certainty, trust and knowing.

I'll explain to you what needs to be in place in your own actions and energies in order for you to receive results out of thin air (so to speak). This module reveals a critical piece of the manifestation puzzle!

The further down the rabbit hole you wanna come with me, well –

The deeper the learning shall go 😉

  • ​Day 18: Identity recoding on demand

You CAN change your body as fast and as INSTANT as you believe. 

You’ll absolutely LOVE what I share here with you, especially if you’re wanting to shift and transform yourself in the physical sense. This is a deep dive on quantum shifts, specifically around your body.

We talk about what your body desires and goals are and how to apply quantum leaps and shifts to those desires so you can start seeing results, fast.

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