The Sacred Plant – How To Make It Work For You Masterclass - John Malanca

The Sacred Plant – How To Make It Work For You Masterclass – John Malanca


Dear Friend,

You want this to be EASY.

You want to be given a pill and make all the pain and discomfort go away.

Medical cannabis CAN be that simple… but not at first.

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Dear Friend,

You need this to be EASY.

You need to take delivery of a tablet and make all of the ache and pain pass away.

Medical hashish CAN be that simple… however now no longer at first.

Do you don’t forget whilst you first discovered a way to power a car?

There became loads to study and coordinate, however when you did, it have become 2nd nature.

The sacred plant is like that.

It’s absolutely getting to know the fundamentals…

three BIG Core Problems

with Cannabis as medication

1. You see, this recovery plant is complex.

It has over 500 molecules that paintings together along with your endocannabinoid system. I’ll speak greater approximately this in a minute.

Because it’s complex, there are numerous variables to consider.

That’s why there’s NO popular dosage for everyone.

Let me repeat that.

Anyone or any employer that gives you a popular dose, run for the hills.

CBD is a super complement for ordinary well being.

But, it’s usually now no longer sufficient to deal with a fitness circumstance, ailment, or disease.

2. So, in which do you start?

If you take a look at online, you’ll locate hundreds of blogs, articles, forums, and even ‘experts.’ And in case you study and pay attention to a lot of them, you’ll locate conflicting records and opinions.

So, who do you trust? And what records are you able to trust?

What takes place in case you comply with the incorrect advice?

You ought to waste valuable time that you can now no longer have, now no longer to say the waste of cash at the same time as going withinside the incorrect course.

There’s most effective one factor worse than going withinside the incorrect course.

Can you wager what that is?

Going withinside the incorrect course enthusiastically.

three. You need it now, instantly, yesterday!

We stay in a global of comfort in which the whole lot is immediate.

You need to speak to a person midway throughout the global – simply dial your telecellsmartphone and you’ve an on the spotaneous connection.

You need to study a brand new book – simply down load one in your reader and you’re prepared to move in seconds.

You get sick – well, Big Pharma already has a ‘one-size-fits-all-tablet’ for you.

Doctors name it ‘a-tablet-for-an-ill.’

Unfortunately, the ones capsules could have risky and crippling facet consequences. Side consequences that want greater capsules to deal with.

But those capsules don’t therapy you.

They simply masks the symptoms, this means that you’re nevertheless sick.

Your frame remains struggling the consequences of the illness.

And how a great deal are all the ones capsules costing you?

Not simply in phrases of costing you more cash, however the burden in your frame of ongoing illness?

The sacred plant allows aid recovery.

And this recovery plant has been connected in treating over 2 hundred situations.

Yet, the way you deal with every of those situations differ.

And the way you deal with everyone differs.

That way that human beings with the identical circumstance normally have extraordinary remedy methods.

With scientific hashish, there’s presently NO popular dosing like there may be with Big Pharma.

And that’s a very good factor. I’ll provide an explanation for why in a moment.

Unfortunately, medical insurance doesn’t cowl hashish medication YET (except you operate the artificial bureaucracy which I don’t endorse in maximum cases).

But, you could shop on the overall fee of your medication whilst you most effective purchase what your frame needs.

How do you understand what that is?

I’ll display you precisely how you could solution that proper here.

How To pick out Your Medicine

four Ways for Best Results

With Medical Cannabis

1. Personalized meds are manner higher than the ‘one-size-fits-all-tablet.’

“Medical hashish allows my husband, so why doesn’t the identical medication assist me?” We frequently get questions much like this.

Which brings us returned to ‘there’s NO popular dosage.’ So what may go for one individual won’t be suitable for another.

With over 500 molecules, there’s quite a few versatility on this recovery plant.

That’s why you want to customise your medication.

This manner, you’ll get the maximum effective impact and probably see high quality consequences faster. And you’ll deal with the middle of your circumstance at the same time as additionally assisting enhance different elements of your fitness

You’ll additionally enjoy ordinary wellbeing and well being.

2. It’s vital to START LOW, GO SLOW, and BE CONSISTENT together along with your sacred plant medication.

I urge you to stay affected person with the process.

Starting with 1 – 2 milligrams, and slowly operating as much as the top of the line dose over three – four weeks. This lets in your frame to construct a tolerance and avoid any viable unfavourable consequences.

Slowly introducing this recovery medication, lets in your receptors to stabilize over time, and forestalls oversaturation.

Taking the time to get clean and assured approximately your medication prematurely allows you get the first-class ordinary consequences.

This recovery plant is a superfood.

Just as you want to maintain to take nutrients to make certain you’re getting ongoing aid, you want to be regular together along with your medication.

three. Keeping a magazine allows song your progress.

Note the way you’re feeling, what you’re experiencing, and the sort of comfort you’re having.

Check on different regions of your well being to display adjustments there as well.

Over time, those observations will assist you apprehend how your frame responds in your medication at diverse stages.

And will assist you apprehend what works first-class to your situation, mainly if you have to make minor modifications in your medication and protocol.

four. You need to apprehend the fundamentals of the way your medication works, why it works, and a way to use it.

It’s like understanding the fundamentals of using a car… and understanding a way to refill with gas.

You want to understand what to do if some thing comes up. The greater you understand approximately it, the higher it’ll serve you.

You may also want to make mild modifications in your protocol because, as you understand, matters change.

Whether you barely growth or lessen the strength, growth or lessen the frequency, or adjust your formula.

Keep improving yourself today with this “The Sacred Plant – How To Make It Work For You Masterclass – John Malanca” course at only [$49]

By knowledge your medication, you’ll have the self assurance to sense loose to do so.

A huge bonus is notably decreasing the time worried in expecting appointments and visiting to specialists. And consider the lots of bucks you’ll shop in specialist’s expenses over time.

But, the high-quality bonus is which you’ll be able to understanding the way to make your self sense higher nearly immediately.

Without the wait, travel, and additional expense.

Get More Answers here

three Tips to Select the Right

Medicine for Your Needs

To assist you apprehend the way to pick out the high-quality choice to your precise wishes… I proportion an instance of my fictional buddy Karen and what she might do for every of the subsequent three tips.

Medical hashish formulations have to be for YOU.

Formulations are greater than CBD and THC.

Your medication have to assist you and your precise wishes.

1. What is the intention of your remedy?

Such as, from what situations, signs and symptoms, facet consequences, and greater, are you looking for alleviation?

Once you’ve installed the ones, you could connect-the-dots to look which cannabinoid and terpene blessings might high-quality in shape your wishes.

Though this technique can appear daunting, whilst you wreck it down into its handiest terms – it’s like gambling a straightforward ‘matching game.’

And may be as Easy as 1–2–three!

Let’s check an instance.

Karen loves running in her garden. But her Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) has been giving her ache and stopping her from her favourite pastime.

Karen pursuits to alleviate her infection and ache, however additionally to have the power to address her normal tasks.

So, Karen wishes cannabinoids and terpenes that mainly goal infection, ache, and boosts power.

Therefore, a possible system for Karen might consist of:

Inflammation: CBD, CBDa, THCa, Caryophyllene, Myrcene

Pain alleviation: THC, CBN, CBD, Linalool, Pinene

Energy-boosting/uplifting: CBD, Limonene

The transport approach ought to cater on your wishes.

So earlier than you’re making any decisions, you ought to solution the subsequent questions:

2a. How lengthy do you want your medication to ultimate?

2b. How rapid do you want it to “kick-in?”

2c. Are there any setbacks which can restrict one software over every other?

This step allows home-in at the high-quality approach for you.

Perhaps you want assist with occasional intense ache that comes on suddenly however doesn’t ultimate lengthy. Such as, the capturing ache of an antique knee harm flaring up after taking too many stairs.

For this, you can want a bit alleviation till your frame can recharge. An choice that’s rapid-appearing and brief time period can be useful.

Or, in case you want ongoing alleviation for a continual trouble, you’ll need the longest-lasting choice possible.

Where continual problems follow, the onset isn’t always as critical so long as you preserve non-stop alleviation.

Setbacks should consist of issues like being capable of maintain your medication beneathneath your tongue for lengthy enough.

Or you’ll be touchy to smells or tastes.

Perhaps you’ve got got a digestive situation that stops the medication from soaking up for your gut, so swallowing it isn’t your high-quality choice.

Understanding which limitations you face will let you steer closer to some thing that works for you.

Let’s revisit Karen’s instance.

As you recall, Karen loves running in her garden. There are days in which she stories greater ache and soreness than others.

But, RA is a continual situation.

Karen desires ongoing assist to save you flare-united statesof immoderate infection and ache. So, she wishes to search for lengthy-lasting alleviation that might ultimate all day.

She’d additionally want to have an choice for added ache alleviation for the ones activities of spiking flare-ups.

An software for Karen may consist of:

Systemic remedy together with pill or tincture that enters the bloodstream and may last as long as 6 hours or greater

For greater alleviation from flare-ups, Karen can upload a topical choice to follow without delay to her affected palms and joints​

Knowing whether or not your medication wishes to go into your bloodstream to combat off a ailment or situation and save you the onset of problems allows slim your alternatives for the high-quality choice.

You’ve reached the ultimate step to map out the high-quality dose and frequency to your wishes.

At this point, you’ve finished steps 1 and 2.

You’ve pinpointed your pursuits and selected the matching cannabinoids and terpenes.

And you’ve selected a way of transport.

One greater step to go.

three. MATCH the advocated dose to your situation. (You’ll locate those in our materials.)

Remember, greater is NOT usually higher.

That’s why we usually suggest beginning LOW and going SLOW.

Once you’ve matched your advocated dose, begin low and slowly growth in ordinary increments as essential.

This approach allows you to locate the ultimate degree for high-quality alleviation outcomes with out undesirable facet consequences.

Remember, all and sundry has a completely unique formulation that’s high-quality for them.

We’re going to hold with Karen’s instance.

But first, I’d want to make clear that that is simply an instance of the way a person might also additionally derive the high-quality dose, and isn’t always a advice for absolutely everyone coping with RA.

As we formerly noted, Karen wishes non-stop alleviation.

By beginning most effective at night, it permits her frame to get familiar with her new medication in comfort.

Then regularly, including morning and mid-day doses to make sure alleviation at some point of the day.

Karen’s dosing plan should appearance some thing like this:

10 – 15 mg of complete plant medication three instances a day.

This additionally consists of the cannabinoids and terpenes noted above which are: THCa, Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Pinene.

Night Time: Once again, consists of CBD and THC in addition to THCa, CBN, Linalool, and Myrcene. These may have a moderate enjoyable impact to assist calm her joints and assist opposite the day medication’s energizing consequences with enjoyable ones.

Topical software to apply as needed. This might consist of THCa and THC that assist with joint ache flare-ups.

This allows save you Karen’s extra infection, ache, and assist enhance her typical power.

And you’re done!

You see, it CAN be as Easy as 1–2–three!!

Here’s Your 1-2-three Plan

Why is Cannabis Complicated

Yet, So Effective?

What is the ECS?

In the early 1990s, a scientist determined the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

The ECS is a organic device like your respiratory, cardiovascular, and lymphatic structures. And it’s liable for preserving homeostasis. Homeostasis is the stability of all of your structures.

The ECS video display units all of the structures to ensure they’re running in concord. If one device falls out of line, the ECS allows modify that device again into the sector of concord.

Let me provide an explanation for how.

Throughout your life, you’ll stumble upon positive triggers.

Triggers from the environment, negative ingesting habits, every day stressors, and a bunch of others which can motive deficiencies withinside the ECS.

These deficiencies can take a toll and result in continual situations and ailment.

The ECS consists of neurotransmitters and receptors. These neurotransmitters are like service pigeons with messages. And th receptors are the pigeons’ cubby destination.

And the message is generally to show some thing ON or OFF.

For instance, in case you reduce your finger, the ECS sends a message to show ON your immune device and cope with the harm via infection.

But your immune device will hold to live grew to become ON till it receives the message to show OFF.

The ECS is the switch-master.

It allows modify the right quantity of infection reaction is met. Remember, an excessive amount of infection can result in ailment.

And too little is inadequate to cope with recuperation the reduce and stopping infection.

So if the ECS is running with deficiencies, then the infection law is compromised, and ailment follows.

That’s in which hashish’s position involves the rescue.

There is proof that the sacred plant turned into already respected 10,000 years in the past in historic Japan. We’ve developed collectively with this plant for a lot longer.

For lots of years, this recuperation plant turned into loved and carried through migrants across the world.

Today, we higher apprehend why.

Scientists have discovered that the hashish molecules ‘suit-like-a-glove’ into the ECS receptors.

They’ve additionally determined that CBD and THC molecules suit up nearly identically with the obviously taking place neurotransmitters inside our ECS, referred to as 2AG and Anandamide.

Why is that this a huge deal?

Because because of this hashish can assist plug the deficiencies of your ECS.

Like a really perfect patch for a hole, it seashorelines up the deficiency and allows improve the ECS again to complete power.

This improve allows make sure the ECS can successfully preserve concord in ALL your frame’s structures again.

This additionally manner that through supporting your frame get again to normal, it additionally improves your frame’s capacity to heal itself.

Therefore, permitting your healed frame to clear up your preliminary trouble. And as your frame heals, it’ll want much less hashish medication.

This is the mind-blowing gain of the sacred plant.

It allows you heal.

How to Make Cannabis Work For You

And hashish has over 500 molecules that will let you heal!

There are 113+ cannabinoids, 2 hundred+ terpenes, a whole lot of flavonoids, and greater.

Each engages withinside the frame in a completely unique manner, and every performs a one-of-a-kind position.

When lots of those components paintings in live performance via the entourage impact, they emerge as even greater powerful.

Each constituent allows guide the opposite like a teamwork effort.

The sheer variety and form of molecules make hashish remarkably versatile.

Research indicates that hashish can assist deal with and beat over 2 hundred fitness situations and diseases. And technological know-how is locating greater each day.

Research has additionally confirmed that hashish is secure, without a harsh facet consequences.

Therefore, not like a few traditional treatments, with hashish, it’s a win-win!

And due to all of the one-of-a-kind molecules and their character consequences, you have to customize the proper protocol to goal your precise wishes.

Cannabis is a one-of-a-kind form of medication.

In the equal mild of why hashish is so powerful, it additionally explains why it’s so complicated.

We’re every precise. Think of you and your own circle of relatives.

You all have comparable genes, but you’re all one-of-a-kind. You appearance one-of-a-kind, even simply slightly, or perhaps completely.

And you all consume differently, stroll differently, react to medication differently, and lots of different differences.

That manner what’s proper and proper for one man or woman might not always be proper for every other. Take some thing as easy as ingesting a pineapple.

Some humans are allergic, a few don’t just like the taste, a few are touchy to the acid, and a few should consume it morning, noon, and night.

Everyone is precise. Everyone has their very own precise wishes, desires, and reactions.

The equal can be stated approximately your hashish medication.

How to Create Your Own Protocol

Growing up, we have been taught in case you’re sick, you get a tablet.

It’s the equal tablet that lots of humans with comparable signs and symptoms acquired.

But there’s a huge trouble with the ‘one-size-fits-all’ principle. All those humans are one-of-a-kind, and they’ll every have their very own response to the equal tablet.

Why is that this?

Because anybody has a wonderful make-up that consists of hormone levels, metabolic rate, allergies, clinical history, medications, and a bunch of different aspects.

What works for you is not likely to paintings the equal for a person else.

And the ones drugs masks the signs and symptoms in preference to treating the middle trouble.

Personalized medication is ready treating the complete character. Healing the complete character technique allows the frame cope with the middle trouble obviously.

And to assist heal the complete character, you want to recognize which hashish molecules might paintings high-quality for this situation.

Because, every of the masses of molecules plays a one-of-a-kind position withinside the ECS.

And that’s why hashish medication is so complicated. That’s additionally why it’s now no longer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ technique, that is a superb thing.

Because personalised medication manner this recuperation plant is custom designed to restoration your fitness trouble.

Personalized hashish medication is galactically advanced to the band-aid ‘one-size-fits-all’ technique as it fixes the basis motive of your trouble.

The clean manner to get your medication personalised.

Think of the hashish plant as 500 humans in a room.

Would you ask every of these 500 humans if they may assist restoration your vehicle?

Unlikely, due to the fact that might be a waste of your valuable time and power. Most likely, you’d mainly are searching for out mechanics.

Now which you have a handful of mechanics, you want to zoom in on folks who paintings for your vehicle type.

Suddenly you understand that out of 500 humans, you’ve were given most effective three mechanics that suit the bill. This is how you could view hashish as a medication.

It’s critical first and main to recognize what every element is able to doing. Then suit it up on your precise wishes.

Then the toughest a part of personalizing your medication is over!

Now it’s time so that you can start recuperation.

And to assist make sure you obtain the high-quality outcomes possible, as without difficulty as possible…

The 1–2–three Basics

We apprehend that this complete technique is difficult. And we apprehend that your occasions cause them to doubly so.

We, at The Sacred Plant, acquired three,732 requests for assist with dosing. So, we positioned our heads collectively to look how we should assist you.

That’s why we’ve chopped this technique into small bite-sized chunks for you.

Choosing the high-quality hashish medication to fit your wishes is an issue of putting in the 1–2–three Basics:

Aims & Match – Identify your Aims and Match the molecules to them.

Delivery Application – Choose the maximum green Delivery Application.

Dose & Frequency – Match your situations dose. Start Low and Go Slow.

And as soon as that’s done, the difficult part’s over!

So that will help you attain the ones desires with the finest of ease, we’ve prepare some thing notably unique for you.

How to Make It Work For You Masterclass


LIVE Coaching Series

This is one of the high-quality collection but! And all of it begins offevolved THIS Monday, January 13th!

First, you’ll get the How to Make It Work For You Masterclass to help you set up your 1–2–three Basics.

It may also assist you apprehend your medication. So that when you start low and slow, you’ll sense assured to make the essential minor changes on your protocol.

Your frame will regularly adapt to the medication till you attain your most effective dosage. And shortly, you’ll start to see and sense the nice outcomes.

And to in addition assist you at the side of that, you’re additionally invited to six Q&A calls with our LIVE Coaching Series.

That’s 6 possibilities to talk with our professionals in four months!

Do you ever sense like your modern remedy isn’t running? Have you observed that the hashish medication you’ve been the usage of all at once appears much less powerful?

Watch this video to look why it’s so critical to pay attention on your frame.

In our upcoming Masterclass (that begins offevolved THIS Monday), you’ll have professionals following your development and to be had that will help you with any hiccups you can stumble upon so that you may be assured you’re at the proper path.

With this lifeline to an professional, you could cope with any worries or issues you stumble upon over the subsequent four months.

You’ll get the comforting steering of certified hashish professionals, time and time and time again. It’s like having an professional to lean on via your adventure again to proper fitness.

Because you’re now no longer alone. And we, at The Sacred Plant, climb the greater mile, uphill, that will help you with real answers.

This How to Make It Work For You Masterclass and LIVE Coaching Series is one of the maximum eye-beginning and powerful packages to date.

And the Bonus package deal gives short photograph notes in addition to huge-image perspectives via our interviews. These will assist get you in which you want to be.

And in case you’re a caregiver, you could assist that unique a person sense a lot higher with out stressing your self out.

Here’s Your Course Outline

Masterclass begins offevolved THIS Monday, January 13th!

Meet The Experts

We’re pleased to introduce you to 2 a hit hashish professionals withinside the area.

Meet certainly considered one among our main professionals on clinical hashish

In this new and interesting How to Make It Work For You Masterclass, we’ve partnered with main government on clinical hashish.

Dr. Janice Knox M.D., M.B.A., is a board-licensed anesthesiologist and a Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist.

She’s additionally one of the founding medical doctors of The CannaMDs, the American Cannabinoid Clinics, and The American Cannabinoid Group, in which she works together along with her husband and daughters.

The complete own circle of relatives are medical doctors who focus on hashish medication and are taken into consideration the “first own circle of relatives” of endo-cannabinology.

She will let you reclaim your fitness and typical feel of wellness, and renew possession over your life.

Meet every other of our main professionals withinside the area of clinical hashish

Elizabeth G. Dost, R.N., is a registered nurse and senior healthcare executive, with greater than two decades enjoy withinside the more Boston fitness care market.

She is presently serving as a Senior Executive Consultant in Emerging Industries, maximum incredibly in Medical Cannabis.

Ms. Dost is the Clinical Director of the Massachusetts Patient’s Advocacy Alliance (MPAA) and in that position actively fights regionally and on the legislative degree for secure affected person get admission to to hashish beneathneath the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana regulation enacted in 2012 in Massachusetts.

Her heat disposition and forthright way will assist positioned you on the quick tune rails to recovery.

Here’s Your Course Outline

Relevant Answers at Your Fingertips

Start the New Year with a decision to regain manage over your fitness.

You’ll sit up straight in anticipation of the answers you’ve been hoping for due to the fact you’re in for a nice surprise. Answers… Direction… and Results!

How to Make It Work For You Masterclass blasts off Monday, January 13th, and keeps at the 20th, twenty seventh after which February third and 10th.

It’s the only program that gives you the 3 things you need to navigate the use of this healing plant as medicine successfully:

1. Access to top cannabis experts who specialize in using medical cannabis

Dr. Janice Knox and Elizabeth Dost can give you the expert advice and answers you need to every question you have.

2. Access to a patient advocate with 9 years experience guiding patients

I’ll help guide you in your healing journey, making sure you get what you need to succeed.

3. Access to a community of like-minded patients

This community of Inaugural Members will help give you answers to questions you didn’t even think about.

Plus, you’ll have the much-needed support of people just like you. A great support network is one of the top things all doctors recommend to their patients.

In the 5 modules of The Sacred Plant: How to Make It Work For You Masterclass, you’ll have these essential answers at your fingertips…

Monday, January 13th, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern — LIVE NOW!

Module 1: Our Inner Healing System And How The Sacred Plant Activates It

You’ll learn the history about how we co-evolved with the sacred plant

Options and questions involved when considering this healing plant

Using medical cannabis in conjunction with other treatments

What is cannabis’ relationship to the endocannabinoid system?

Plant Anatomy & How it works within your body

Cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids

What’s the difference between endocannabinoids and phytocannabinoids?

What is the entourage effect?

How do the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and its receptors work?

What does the ECS do?

Anandamide + 2AG – What are they and how they affect your body?

THC, CBD, and how they relate to Anandamide and 2AG?

How do terpenes effect the ECS?

Interactions with the immune system

What symptoms, conditions, and ailments occur when you ECS is sluggish?

Monday, January 20th, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern

Module 2: How to Personalize Your Medicine

Understanding cannabis as a medicine

Personalizing your cannabis treatment

Drug to drug interactions

Do’s & Don’ts and Precautions

What to do if you’re new

How to heal without the high

Formulations, dosages, titration, and frequency

Patient success story


How to find doctors, telemedicine as an option

Age Determined Treatment including psychological concerns

Monday, January 27th, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern

Module 3: How to Select Your Medicine

How to pick the best option for you


Tinctures, oils (carrier oils, FECO)

Topical, transdermal, sublingual, ingestible (capsules, edibles), suppository

Product testing, potency, ratios, formulations, contaminants, and more

Harvest/Manufacture dates, expiration dates

Organic growing vs. non-organic growing

Case Study: How to Review Dispensary Lab Test Results

Monday, February 3rd, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern

Module 4: How to Access Your Medicine

Safe and legal access

Recreational legal states – Do you need a medical card?

Medical only states – Do you need a medical card?

How to prepare for a doctor interview

If your condition isn’t covered, but a symptom may be… how to apply

CBD only states

Non-legal states

How to research

How to read lab results – potency, microbials, pesticides, heavy metals

Dispensaries, collectives, labs

Online service – telling good from bad

Beware of wellness center products and why

How to save money on medicine

What’s the difference between cannabis and hemp? Which is better?

Caregivers and support system – what is your role?

Expected changes due to Farm Bill

Challenges fo acting alone

Case Study: Selecting Online or Dispensary

Monday, February 10th, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern

Module 5: Step-by-Step Instructions for Prevention & Treatment

Cannabis as a prevention method

Research breakthroughs from Spain, Israel, Harvard, UCLA, NIH, NCBI, PubMed

How to make it work for (includes formulations, dosing, strains, and optimal method plus frequency for each condition)

Immune System conditions – RA, Lupus, Diabetes Type I

Metabolic/Digestive conditions – IBS, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis

Nervous System conditions – PTSD, neuropathy, insomnia



5 Big recommendations

This top-shelf-quality Masterclass is the Easiest 1–2–3 stepped path. And we promise it’ll make all the difference to your progress. But we didn’t stop there.

To make sure you start right and stay on the right track, you’ll also get our…

Here’s Everything Included

Live Coaching Series


6 LIVE Q&As in 4 months!!

That’s SIX (6) opportunities to talk to an expert!

Ask your questions LIVE and get answers right away.

Imagine how you’ll breathe easier knowing you’ve got the answers you need to get better. And how you much time you’ll save on searching for answers. You’ll wake up one morning in a few weeks and suddenly realize how much better you’re feeling.

Our panel of experts will help relieve any anxiety through these next steps:

Dr. Janice Knox, M.D. M.B.A. can help pinpoint the best medicine for your needs so that you can start feeling better soon.

Elizabeth Dost, R.N. can help guide you so that you can reclaim your good health, sense of wellness, and regain your independence.

Imagine regaining your energy, alleviating pain, improving your sleep, reducing your anxiety, and more. Our experts can give you the actionable advice you need now so you can start your therapy immediately.

You’ll finally get the answers you’ve been praying for.

Dr. Knox and Beth Dost can recommend the best medicine for your specific needs – what molecules, in what ratio, at what dose, and how often to take it.

And they will continue to follow your progress, remove any fears, and answer any questions to obstacles that may block your path.

Especially if you have a complicated situation, for example…

If you have multiple conditions

Or are taking many medications

Or have a complex medical history

Or whatever your concern…

Get immediately download here: John Malanca – The Sacred Plant – How To Make It Work For You Masterclass

That’s where our LIVE Coaching Series comes to your rescue!

Click Here to Join Us

Your Concerns

We’ll also address concerns, such as…

“I don’t want to get high.”

[Medical cannabis is safer than prescription medications, especially those for pain. These medications are classified as narcotics and/or hypnotics and have harsh side effects. The sacred plant is natural, and you’ll never have to worry about dangerous side effects.]

“I’m worried about getting addicted.”

[Contrary to popular belief, cannabis is not addictive. It’s possible you may experience a slight dependency at first, but over time your endocannabinoid system will balance everything out.]

“I’m concerned about conflicting interactions with my regular medications.”

[Cannabis actually improves the efficacy of other medications. That means that often times you can reduce (or eliminate) your conventional drugs when doing so slowly and methodically. For best results, take them at different times of the day to allow your body to assimilate one, and then the other.]

“I’m sensitive and/or afraid of bad reactions.”

[It’s rare to have adverse reactions, but they do occasionally happen, especially if you’re new to the sacred plant. That’s why we recommend that you start on a very low dose and increase it slowly, this allows your body time to adapt to this healing plant.]

“I don’t want to smoke.”

[Our experts don’t recommend smoking the sacred plant, it’s not an efficient way of absorbing its vital nutrients.]

“I’m worried about the quality and consistency of the product.”

[We recommend you ask for lab results before you buy. And we’ll explain how to read and understand them.]

“It’s not working or stopped working.”

[If your sacred plant medicine has stopped working, you will need to adjust either your formulation, delivery method, or dose. Our experts will show you step-by-step on how to approach this process.]

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Medical Cannabis 101: Patient’s Guide Digital Book

This spectacular 155-page illustrated book will be your go-to guide to understanding all the basics of what this healing plant can do for you. This book is indispensable. (You’ll also receive the audiobook companion).

2 Pre-Recorded Interviews with our Cannabis Experts

You’ll see our cannabis experts in action!

Dr. Janice Knox M.D., M.B.A.

Elizabeth G. Dost, R.N.

4 Medicine Selection Q&A Replays with John Malanca and…

1. Dr. Chintu Sharma M.D. – Cannabis Expert.

Dr. Sharma is the Chief Medical Officer at the Society of Integrative Health Practitioners. This charismatic expert deeply cares about helping you.

“Cannabis may help, may improve, or may fix” your condition, and these are “small victories. Instead of watching people die, patients [on medical cannabis] are awake, robust, and feeling well.” – Dr. Sharma

2. Dr. Jake Felice N.D., L.M.P., – Cannabis Expert.

Dr. Jake uses his holistic expertise to help relieve your pain. He also uses his knowledge to teach other doctors and companies about this healing plant.

3. November 2019 Q&A Replay Recording with Dr. Knox, M.D., M.B.A.

4. December 2019 Q&A Replay Recording with Beth Dost, R.N.

2 Pre-Recorded Patient Success Stories

Shannan Ajluni (New) – Shannon’s story will show you how the benefits of this healing plant are life-saving and life-changing. And the effort to learn about this healing plant is worth it.

Vanessa-lyn Mercier – “Vee” shares her research and journey on her personalized approach to treating her chronic pain, as she went from 30 pills per day to just one with the help of the sacred plant!

3 Bonus Special Reports

The Truth About CBD

Reduce your symptoms with CBD oil; find out which ones in this report. Find relief with actual ratio recommendations for many conditions.

15 Myths & Lies About Using Cannabis As Medicine

This detailed report will help you resolve some clinging apprehensions and stigma by revealing the truth behind the myths.

6 Ways to Use Cannabis Safely as Medicine

This quick reference shows the best way to treat sore muscles and joints, and much more. If convenience is important to you, it shows how extended-release capsules can provide you with medicine all day or all night long.

180-Day NO-RISK Money-Back Guarantee

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You’ll save thousands on specialist’s fees because, with this knowledge, you’ll be self-reliant.

You won’t have to wait months for an appointment with an expert to ask a question. You’ll have the answers at your fingertips.

Knowledge is power.

With this knowledge safely tucked away, you can help guide someone you care about with their health concerns.

This critical information is your life-line toward a better quality-of-life.

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Improve Your Health Quickly

Once you know the most potent way to customize this healing plant for you… your health and well-being will improve quickly.

Today, 33 U.S. States and 49 Countries have legalized the sacred plant as a medicine to some degree. These numbers have more than doubled in the last 3 years.

The paradigm shift toward integrative and functional medicine is expanding quickly.

But we’re still in the pioneering stages of this revolutionary new world of healing.

Experts now incorporate mainstream treatments together with this healing plant because of its powerful immune-boosting abilities.

Their patients avoid the uncomfortable and sometimes destructive side effects of mainstream medicine by adding the sacred plant to their treatment regimen.

For example, chemotherapy can be a destructive treatment. It destroys both the cancer cells as well as healthy cells. The sacred plant helps prevent damage to healthy cells during this treatment. It also prevents neuropathy caused by chemotherapy. And it relieves associated nausea and pain.

This is just one example of the powerful effects of the sacred plant.

Some doctors don’t know enough about this healing plant or are not permitted to recommend it because of insurance or institution restrictions.

So you must stay informed and request it. If your doctor is not on board… perhaps it’s time to find a new doctor.

It’s your health, your quality of life, and maybe even your life itself that’s at stake.

Depending on the type of illness, location, and progress of your condition, you may choose to go the all-natural route.

This top-quality access will help you figure out how to optimize your medicine.

With this sacred information, you also have a valuable opportunity to share it. And help your loved ones, family members, neighbors, and colleagues that are experiencing health challenges.

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Access to full-length Masterclass modules recordings

Key Takeaways & Index of each of the Masterclass modules

Delayed Bonus: TSP 1-2-3 “Wheel Kit”

You’ll also receive this amazing bonus bundle!

Medical Cannabis 101: A Patient’s Guide Digital Book & Audiobook

2 Expert Interviews

Dr. Janice Knox M.D., M.B.A. – cannabis expert

Elizabeth G. Dost, R.N. -cannabis expert

2 Patient Interviews

Shannan Ajluni (New)

Vanessa-lyn Mercier

4 Medicine Selection Q&A Replays

Dr. Chintu Sharma

Dr. Jake Felice

Nov Q&A Replay with Dr. Knox

Dec Q&A Replay with Beth Dost

3 Bonus Special Reports

The Truth About CBD

15 Myths & Lies About Using Cannabis As Medicine

6 Ways to Use Cannabis Safely as Medicine

180-Day NO-RISK Money-Back Guarantee

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