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The Scale Up Club is an exclusive 12 month business coaching program and community that will help you create a custom marketing funnel that works for you (even while you sleep) so you can scale your business to 6 figures.


Purchase The Scale Up Club – Carla Biesinger at Aibox! You get access to all files. Direct Download Link and No costs are incurred (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha). Our courses come with a lifetime warranty, we're always here to help if you need it.


The Scale Up Club is an exclusive 12 month business coaching program and community that will help you create a custom marketing funnel that works for you (even while you sleep) so you can scale your business to 6 figures.

You’ll get all the tools, guidance and support you need to finally get off the launch hamster wheel that’s been preventing you from creating your ultimate lifestyle and enjoying TOTAL business freedom.

In this elite-level training program, you’ll receive group coaching calls, private coaching calls and mindset coaching calls with me and my guest expert coaches so you have all the support and accountability you need to consistently earn $10,000 a month.

You’ll also get exclusive access to my “vault”: video lessons, behind-the-scenes secrets, templates, and step-by-step guidance on how to scale your business and create your own marketing funnel.

The course material and coaching calls will give you clarity, guidance and motivation so you can accelerate your business (and mind) to the next level – and with less stress, exhaustion, overwhelm and confusion.



Who Is The Scale Up Club For?
The Scale Up Club is for course creators and coaches who are serious about accelerating their business to $10,000 a month (or much more!).


  •  You’re a female entrepreneur who wants to create a profitable and freedom-driven online business
  •  You’re clear on who you want to serve and have already built an audience online (email list, social media, etc.)
  •  You have an online course, program, or service (or at least an idea for what you want to create) and are ready to seriously grow your number of students/clients
  •  You’re ready to stop doing #allthethings in your business, and instead focus on the tasks that will generate leads and $$$ – even if that means leaving your comfort zone!
  •  You crave support, coaching and a community of like-minded women


  • You’re totally new to the online world and don’t have an audience or any idea of who you want to serve
  • You’d rather try and piece together free information you find online and spend all day watching free webinars instead of investing in your business and fast tracking your growth
  • You’re not willing to try different things or leave your comfort zone in order to get different results

But if you’re tired of taking stabs in the dark on how to best market your services or your course, and want to fast track your progress by using a proven system to generate life-changing results, then the Scale Up Club is for you.

Just to be sure, let’s take a quick pop quiz.

Get The Scale Up Club – Carla Biesinger, Only Price $205

Can You Relate To Any Of The Following? 

  •  You’re soooo frustrated! You keep asking yourself: “When will I start getting the consistent “easy” sales all the marketing gurus and coaches keep harping on about?!?” You desperately want the financial security that comes from knowing that your business is going to take care of you, but, no matter what you try… you just can’t quite seem to get there!
  •  You’re confused as hell. I mean, what gives?! You have an audience – but why are they not lining up to buy when you make an offer? Is it because your offer isn’t “right” for them? Is your email/marketing/sales strategy off? Or are you simply not making enough offers because you’re afraid of coming across as sales-y?
  •  You’re totally overwhelmed. You’re wearing all the hats in your business, doing #allthethings… and with no end in sight. You know you *should* be focusing on money-making tasks but the days seem to fly by, and at the end of the month, you’re nowhere near your financial goal.
  •  You’re really utterly exhausted. You’re tired of launching. Tired of trying sales and marketing strategies that just don’t seem to work. Tired of doubting yourself, of worrying about money… tired of waiting for your breakthrough to happen.
  •  And sometimes, you even feel defeated. You’ve invested so much money, time and effort into your business, but when was the last time you took care of yourself? When was the last time you spent money on you?



WARNING! Previous Graduates Of “The Scale Up Club” Have Reported The Following Side Effects…

… UNEXPLAINED EXCITEMENT about work days… even when getting on coaching calls, doing live videos and sales calls (yep, really) because they finally know how to attract their ideal clients and generate leads

… RESTFUL SLEEP because they’ve spent their day doing “work” that feels aligned, purposeful and that has made an impact

… DEEP RELAXATION on weekends, or heck, even on weekdays because they feel at ease knowing that their funnel is working and they’re going to make more money than they can spend!

… FREEDOM of going to fancy restaurants and ordering exactly what they’re craving… without looking at the prices or checking their banking app first.

… GENEROCITY with their time and money… not having to think twice about donating money and dedicating time to make a bigger impact in the world. Spoiling themselves and their loved ones… rather than pumping every penny back into their businessTHIS IS BECAUSE WHEN YOU LEVEL UP YOUR BUSINESS, YOU LEVEL UP YOUR LIFE

The first 3 years in my business were SLOW.

Painfully slow. 

I had sold a bunch of my “Instagram Secrets To Success” courses.

I had testimonials proving that my strategies worked.

Plus, I had 3 years of investing in online courses, group programs and coaching.

And had also spent these years learning the secrets to making money online.

But I hated selling. 

I had built an audience of over 20,000 followers on Instagram – but I didn’t want to “destroy my image” by making too many offers and coming across as sales-y.

At the time I was living in NYC, spending $1,550 a month on rent (a room in a shared apartment), while averaging a monthly revenue of $1,500.

I was burning through my savings.

And I knew that something needed to change.

I wanted to prove that I could “make” it.

To prove to my family, the “online world”, and most importantly, myself, that the past 3 years hadn’t just been a complete waste… dreaming away in La La Land. 

So after years of hiding behind my computer, testing out sales emails, and email marketing funnels, I decided to try out a new strategy – one that had scared me to death in the past: 

LIVE webinars. 

Every single week, I would show up, give value and pitch my course. 

For 6 months. 

And it worked! 

Within weeks, I celebrated my first ever $10k month – and later, my first 6-figure year. 

I finally figured out a formula that worked for me: One that didn’t involve exhausting launches, fancy promotions or sleazy sales tactics. One that just required me to rinse, tweak, and repeat. Week after week. 🙂

I did it by focusing on just 5 simple steps:



These are the 5 essential steps you need to focus on if you’re ready to get your business to 6 figures.

And I want to share this system with you so you can achieve what I did… or even a whole lot more.

No Longer Do You Need To Do It All Alone – You’re Not An Island! But With My Help, You Could Be Running Your Business From One…

*Apply for one of the limited seats in The Scale Up Club by booking a time to chat with our enrollment coach, Karey Kapell.



The Scale Up Club is an exclusive business coaching program and community that will give you step-by-step expert guidance and support on how to scale your business and create a custom marketing funnel.

This is the exact same system that I used to create USD $100,000 in 10 months – without having to do any exhausting launches, and is what I teach to my clients.

In this course you’ll be given the PRECISE formula on how you can accelerate your business growth by implementing my 5-step S.C.A.L.E process.


Simplify your strategy by focusing on ONE irresistible offer that’s 100% ALIGNED

Create a solid sales process that’s cheap to test and easy to REPLICATE

Attract and nurture new leads and “train” them to say YES to you

Leverage your time by adding funnels and AUTOMATION

Expand through paid ads & customer PATHWAYS


 I’m going to show you how to rinse, repeat and automate these exact steps so you can experience what it's like to finally achieve financial stability and freedom.

If you apply these exact steps, you’ll get faster and more potent results over the next 12 months than you ever could on your own. 

You’ll discover the insider marketing and sales secrets so you can CONSISTENTLY earn $10,000 a month.

Plus you’ll receive unrivaled support and accountability every step of the way. 



12 Months Of Group Coaching

For an entire year, you’ll receive guidance, accountability and strategies from some of the best coaches in the industry to help YOU create a highly-profitable, freedom-driven online business.

In these live group coaching calls with me and my guest expert coaches, you’ll discover everything you need to know about online marketing, non-sleazy sales and the latest and most effective Facebook ad strategies.

8x Private 1:1 Coaching Calls

Make no mistake: there’s nothing more powerful than having an outsider (who happens to be an expert) look at your business!

… Someone who’s been there, done that. 

… Someone who can easily spot the bottleneck in your business and give you the exact next steps to focus on so you can get you UNSTUCK

During these coaching calls, you’ll work privately with Karey Kapell, one of the best business coaches in the industry, to create an irresistible offer that feels perfectly aligned with your highest values.

She’ll also help you nail your messaging so you can attract your dream clients and give you the tools and confidence to master the art of sales so you can fill your courses or get new clients with EASE.

Once you have a super solid foundation, you’ll work 1:1 with me – Carla –  to map out your funnel. 

Whether you want to create an automated webinar that will make you money in your sleep…

Or you want to discover the secrets behind the most successful live launches and make 5-figures in 5 days…

Whatever your goal, we’ll create the perfect strategy to consistently increase your income while creating a business that feels aligned with your dream lifestyle.

Craving even MORE 1:1 support? Apply for our VIP package and receive 24x 1:1 coaching calls.


2x Monthly Mindset Coaching Calls

Uncover the underlying blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and playing small in your business. 

Each and every month, you have 2x private 20-minute laser-coaching calls with your Mindset Coach, Ailie Steel, so you can break through limiting beliefs and stop sabotaging your own growth and success. 

This additional layer of 1:1 support will give you all the tools and support to truly SCALE your business.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No other business program at this price point offers this level of support! You will have everything you need to align, scale and eliminate what’s been keeping you stuck so you can move to the next level! 

You’ll have an entire team of coaches that truly has your back and wants to see you step fully into your zone of genius, serve your clients in a powerful way, and create the income that provides the freedom you desire.

2x Monthly Virtual Co-Working Sessions

While working for yourself is extremely empowering – no more glass ceilings or colleagues you don’t like… it can also get incredibly lonely sometimes if you’re always working alone (the covid-19 pandemic has been testament to this).

So sometimes it really helps to have a few like-minded people to work alongside when in need of some positive, supportive and focused vibes. 

Or when you’re stuck in a cycle of procrastination, and keep moving those boring tasks further down your to-do list (like accounting… *no judgement here!*).

Join us for our bi-weekly co-working sessions where you can brainstorm ideas, work on your offers, and simply get s#*& done in this supportive community!

The S.C.A.L.E. System

As soon as you join, you’ll have instant access to my entire content library and training videos teaching you how to:

  1. Simplify your strategy by focusing on ONE irresistible offer that’s 100% ALIGNED
  2. Create a solid sales process that’s cheap to test and easy to REPLICATE
  3. Attract and nurture new leads and “train” them to say YES to you
  4. Leverage your time by adding funnels and AUTOMATION
  5. Expand through paid ads & customer PATHWAYS

In short, you’ll have instant access to every single training you need in order to take your business to the next level.

Templates, Workbooks and Plug-And-Play Scripts ($2,500 VALUE)

To help you save hundreds of hours (and a few headaches), you’ll also receive instant access to my library of templates and swipe copy. Plus behind-the-scenes access to my funnel that has generated over USD $600,000 in sales. Just fill in the blanks and start selling.

Find Your New Unique Tribe

As the saying goes… you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

By joining The Scale Up Club, you’ll be part of an incredibly supportive community of high achieving women who are there to support you, collaborate with you, and to cheer you on!

Being able to build relationships and collaborate with other like-minded business women who really get you, your business and your struggles – and who are also making a huge impact is priceless as you’ll have opportunities to put yourself in front of someone else’s audience.


  • Stand out in an overcrowded online space – knowing exactly what sets YOU apart, and how to effectively market your unique offering
  • Create a killer offer and feel confident when promoting it, knowing it will SERVE your people
  • Attract your ideal clients with ease and get them to come to you (instead of you chasing them)
  • Create a never ending stream of leads by learning how to master Facebook ads
  • Scale and automate your business to a level that fully supports your dream lifestyle – and then some!
  • Plus, you’ll have an entire team of coaches behind you who are there to support you, help you break through any limiting beliefs, and who want you to reach your wildest goals.


Get The Scale Up Club – Carla Biesinger, Only Price $205

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