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The Surrender Approach


A transformational Manifestation Course that teaches a new way of manifesting. One that focuses less on pushing and striving for your desires to manifest and more on finding inner-alignment. Perfect if you want to: call-in your soulmate, manifest more money, attract more clients, or create massive amounts of success and abundance.

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The Surrender Approach

Want to know the secret to manifesting more lovemoneysuccess and abundance? Watch the video below!

What would you say if I told you that everything you want in life,

all of the;

existed on the other side of SURRENDER?

And that the very reason your desires haven’t manifested yet, isn’t because you’re not trying hard enough, but because you’re unable to let go and allow them to materialise.

Sound too easy? Too good to be true?

Let me explain…

What a lot of people don’t realise about the Manifestation Process is that you cannot be in “need” of something and have it show up in your experience.

This is because that very “need” creates a sense of lack within you which actually pushes what you want away from you.

And while a lot of other Manifestation Courses will tell you that all you need to do to attract what you want is to;

  • Be very specific about what you want
  • Focus intently on it
  • Take all the action necessary to – MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

I’m here to tell you, that if you are coming from a place of need or lack your desires will never manifest for it defies the universal Law of Attraction.

When I first started manifesting I thought that if I spent enough time focusing on my desires they would magically appear.

I believed that if I knew what I wanted, visualised what I wanted, and took all the necessary action to make things happen – they would.

The problem was, this only worked some of the time!

The lack of consistency I was experiencing left me feeling completely discouraged.

I couldn’t understand why it was so easy to manifest in some areas of my life, but when it came to things I really cared about (like my soulmate, dream business and financial freedom), it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE!

That was until, I discovered The Surrender Approach™.

A method of manifesting that focuses less on pushing and striving for your desires to manifest, and more on finding inner-alignment.

When I began manifesting in this way, I found that not only did my manifesting become consistent, my life drastically changed.

In the space of just a few months:

  • I went from having a few clients to being FULLY BOOKED.
  • My website hit the World Wide Number 1 Google Ranking for Manifestation Coach.
  • I won the LOA Leaders Manifestation Coach of the Year Award.
  • Making Money became Easy and Fun.
  • My Intuition Skyrocketed and MIRACLES began to appear.

Tell me, do you…

  • Feel like you are forever hustling and struggling to get what you want?
  • Keep yourself up at night trying to understand why you can’t seem manifest that one important thing whether that’s your: soulmate, dream business or financial freedom?
  • Find it hard to release control and surrender your desires to the universe?
  • Intuitively know that you have deeper manifesting blocks keeping you stuck?

Imagine if you could…

  • Create unlimited amounts of success and abundance without hustling and struggling.
  • Uncover and heal your manifesting blocks so you can easily attract the things you want like: more money, success, clients for your business, and even your soulmate.
  • Experience what it’s like to live in a state of ease and flow guided by the powers of the universe.
  • Wake up each morning knowing that you are a Powerful Creator and everything you want is coming to you.


The Surrender Approach™

A transformational Manifestation Course that teaches a new way of manifesting.

One that focuses less on pushing and striving for your desires to manifest and more on finding inner-alignment.

Perfect if you want to: call-in your soulmate, manifest more money, attract more clients, or create massive amounts of success and abundance (without hustling and struggling!).

An online manifestation course that gives you the inner transformation necessary to experience the outer results you desire!


  • 6 x Powerful Manifestation Modules
  • 13 Bite-Sized Videos
  • Over 12 Transformational Worksheets and Processes
  • 3 x Mini Trainings
  • Guided Meditations to Enhance your Manifesting Abilities
  • Lifetime Access
  • Certificate Of Completion




In order to create a different reality for ourselves we need to be able to imagine our lives as we want them to be, rather than how they are right now.

In Module 1: Creating your soul-centered vision you will learn:

  • The secret to setting yourself up for manifesting success time and time again – *hint it’s got to do with creating visions you’re ALREADY aligned to!
  • The number 1 reason vision boards fail to work and how to avoid making that costly mistake.
  • Why focusing on who you want to be, rather than what you want to get will transform your manifesting abilities.
  • How to set visions for yourself and your life that keep you feeling passionate and excited day in and day out.



Want to know the secret to effortless manifesting? Embody the energetic frequency of someone who has ALREADY manifested what you want.

In Module 2: Becoming your vision you will learn:

  • Why changing your habits is key to manifesting all that you desire.
  • A simple process to help you successfully implement new practices like meditation and affirmations with ease and flow.
  • How to create powerful energetic shifts that will enable you to become one with your desires so you no longer need to chase after the things you want instead they come to you!



Most people think that the reason their desires aren’t manifesting is because they’re not trying hard enough.

  • They aren’t visualizing enough.
  • Repeating affirmations enough.
  • Focusing on their desires intently enough.

But the truth is; all the manifesting tricks and tools in the world will not work while you have deeper manifesting blocks keeping you stuck.

In Module 3: Removing the Blocks you will learn:

  • Why healing from past pain and cleaning up your vibration is key to creating a new and different future for yourself.
  • The 3 biggest manifesting blocks that are keeping you stuck and preventing what you want from materialising.
  • How to heal and transform each manifesting block so you can start instantly start attracting your desires!



A crucial part of the manifesting process (and one of the most important lessons in this manifestation course) is knowing how to successfully release attachment to your desires. This is because; you can’t be in “need” of something and have it show up in your experience!

In Module 4: Creating Stable Energetic Foundations you will learn:

  • How to change your vibration at a core energetic level so you are no longer coming from a place of “need”.
  • signature system for releasing attachment and surrendering your desires to the universe that doesn’t involve being told to simply “let go”.
  • Why having Stable Energetic Foundations is key to creating a sustainable manifesting practice that continues to get results!



While most people understand the importance of being high-vibe when you’re manifesting, the difficulty lies in knowing how to navigate your energy and emotions so you can stay high-vibe on a consistent daily basis.

In Module 5: Accessing Higher Vibrational States you will learn:

  • What the “Manifesting Sweet Spot” is (aka the correct energy to be in to manifest) and how to access it quickly and easily.
  • The 6 levels of the Vibrational Scale and how this directly relates to you being able to attract what you want.
  • simple method for navigating your energy and emotions and transforming them into high-vibe states at a moments notice.
  • powerful daily practice that will help you strengthen your intuition and use it to lead your daily life.



Once you begin living your daily life operating from Higher Vibrational States such as love, joy and abundance you will find that you will no longer be coming from a place of NEED.

And the beautiful thing about not needing anything…

You have the power to manifest everything.

In Module 6: Magnetising – Supercharge Your Manifesting you will learn:

  • What Magnetising is (plus how and when to use it for best results).
  • A powerful process to access the quantum fieldspeed up the manifesting process and magnetise your desires!
  • How to use affirmations as an additional form of magnetising to add an extra layer of power to your practice.

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