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That’s what happens when you’re using a repeatable, predictable SYSTEM for attracting a flood of customers to your business – where you can simply “turn on the spigot” and have customers come to you anytime you want.

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ATTENTION: Business Owners Who Want To Attract More Leads On Autopilot And Turn Them Into Cash-Paying Customers, Clients Or Patients Then …

“Here’s Your All-In-One Marketing Machine For Attracting Higher-Qualified Leads, Automatically Converting Them Into Customers, Clients Or Patients, And Doubling Their Lifetime Value…”

This Is The EXACT Revolutionary System That Our Most Successful Customers Have Used To Change How They Market Their Business And, As A Result, Changed Their Business Lives Forever…All While Drastically Shrinking Their Stress And Worries!

Dear Savvy Entrepreneur,

If you’re looking to attract a steady flow of leads, predictably turn them into customers, clients or patients…

…all while doubling your referrals and minimizing your work stress, then this message will cut to the chase and give you the answers you’re looking for.

Because I’m going to show you a system that’s totally unique, surprisingly simple, and works for any industry.

Imagine having so many customers coming to your website, store or practice that you can finally be able to pick and choose who you want to work with?

And think about what it would be like to finally set up criteria and barriers that people have to “jump” through to work with you? You would be able to say things like:

“I don’t want to do business with anyone unless they give me $5,000 up front in my consulting practice.”


“I don’t want to do business with anyone who doesn’t agree to a contract to come in every week for a month in my chiropractic practice.”

That’s what happens when you’re using a repeatable, predictable SYSTEM for attracting a flood of customers to your business – where you can simply “turn on the spigot” and have customers come to you anytime you want.

But if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re struggling. You don’t know where your next customer, client or patient is coming from because you don’t have a proven system for attracting them.

Either that, or you’re putting up with an “adequate” number of customers and are doing “OK” in your business. But the problem is that you’re working 80-100 hours per week and are constantly worried about money.

I Know What You’re Going Through

Right Now Because I’ve Been There…

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a steaming hot, 101-degree August day in 1993. I was driving in my beat-up Ford Thunderbird on GA 400 – and I wasn’t moving. I was in an all-too-regular, bumper-to-bumper traffic jam but that wasn’t the worst part.

I was dying from the sweltering heat. My windows were rolled down because my air-conditioning was broken and I didn’t have the money to fix it. It was then that my frustration, anger and stress bubbled to the surface and then exploded.

I completely lost it. I started banging my steering wheel and screaming obscenities like a madman. The stress of being over $80,000 in debt, working at a job I hated at magic store, selling overpriced magic tricks, sent me over the edge.

At this point in my life, I thought things couldn’t get worse…although they were about to and I’ll share that with you in a moment…I knew then that my life wasn’t going to get any better unless I took action.

I knew that in order for things to change, I needed to change, but one more thing had to happen before I really got it.

I hated the low paying job, I hated that I was in debt, I hated that I wasn’t living my dream of being a professional magician, I hated that my wife had to work two jobs…

…And then it happened.

I went to work the next day at the magic store in the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta, and waiting for me at the door was the owner.

He said we needed to talk…that he discovered I wanted to open up my own magic shop…and he fired me on the spot.

To make matters worse, soon thereafter, we learned that my wife was pregnant.

I Was Jobless, In Debt, Had No Money In Savings And Living Off

Credit Cards.  And I Was Scared.

I felt like my world was crashing in around me. I couldn’t sleep and when I did sleep, I would awake with a jolt and a sick, nervous feeling in my stomach.

I had fallen into a deep depression – a darkness I did not think I could pull myself out of.

But then I ran across an audiotape program by the late Jim Rohn, the title of which alone was profound: “Take Charge Of Your Life.”

I listened to that program and learned what I already knew. That only I could lift myself out of my current circumstances…only I could change my life…and that it was time for me to stop feeling sorry for myself, blaming others for my lack of success and do something about it.

I made a vow to myself:

“I will NEVER, EVER act or feel this way again…

and I will figure out how to live the life I always dreamed about…

do what I wanted to do ever since I was eight years old…

become a successful professional magician or DIE TRYING!”

I vowed to learn everything I could about marketing and selling my service…I read book after book, listened to course after course…and went to a free seminar that would alter the course of my life forever.

It was a Peter Lowe SUCCESS motivational type of seminar that was held at what was then the Omni Arena. The last speaker was a guy I never heard of…Dan Kennedy…the founder of GKIC.

Dan talked about the power of direct response marketing and magnetically attracting your ideal customers, clients or patients. I was hooked and bought his program, even though I didn’t think I could afford it.

I remember something I once read – that Successful people invest in themselves and their education. And I knew if I wanted to be successful, I needed to do what successful people did.

And as a result, I went from doing three magic shows a month to averaging over 25 shows a month in less than 90 days. I also went from $80,000 in debt, to being debt-free in a year. I even bought a new car, a new house, you name it…

My wife quit both her jobs and became a stay-at-home mom. After that, other smart business owners asked me to help them grow their business & their profits and my successful consulting business was born.

I was then asked by Dan Kennedy to come on-board and take over the marketing for GKIC – which gives me the honor of writing this to you now.

I tell this story because, even though I’ve been very successful helping folks like you overcome their marketing challenges, I’m EXACTLY like you are in so many ways.

And, more importantly, so are the hundreds of people who have successfully used the system I’m going to reveal to you today that will help you to…

  • Finally earn the financial wealth you desire and gain the respect you deserve…
  • Magnetically attract your ideal prospects and elegantly convert them into paying customers, clients or patients on autopilot…
  • Double your referrals and maximize your repeat business and profits…
  • Wake up every day, look at yourself in the bathroom mirror and feel confident and stress-free because you know,really know, you finally have the business and freedom you’ve always dreamed about.

This is the System we use and teach to entrepreneurs, just like you, in over 127 different business categories, from every corner of the world, to ensure their SUCCESS.

And it’s the same exact System I’ll be sharing with you today, so you can finally experience results like these for yourself.

I’ll share all the specifics with you in just a moment, but first, I want to tell you that:

You’ve Been LIED To!

The BIG LIE is that you’re just missing one thing, one “tactic,” one “strategy,” one “easy button” – and that if you just push it, you’ll instantly become successful.

You see, marketing charlatans depend on deceiving you with over-the-top, hyped-up promises and “bright shiny new objects” to make a buck.

This has infected you with a disease of “shiny object syndrome” – a condition that has you furiously chasing after one “new thing” after another.

The problem is, you’re stuck in the same place months and thousands of dollars later. Broke. Or struggling. Frustrated.Confused. And always fearful of where you’re going to get your next customer, client or patient.

You may even think there’s something wrong with you – that you’re not “smart” or “good” enough. That the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about will always elude you because there’s something wrong with you.

The truth is that there’s nothing inherently “wrong” with you.  It’s just that nobody has showed you a totally templated, end-to-end, lead generation, conversion and follow-up system that works on autopilot and grows your bank account.

GKIC has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and small-business owners make more money while cutting their stress in half. They’re not any “smarter” or “better” than you are. They were just armed with the right tools and systems.

I mean, think about it:

Does A Contractor Set Out To Build A

House Without A Set Of Blueprints?

Heck no! He doesn’t point the bricklayer to the construction site and tell him, “Just put the bricks where you want them.”He has a blueprint that guides the bricklayer.

So, in a similar vein, what makes you think you can build a successful business that is going to feed your family and leave a legacy for you without the right tools and blueprints?

If you feel like you’re constantly “reinventing the wheel,” trying this and that and hoping that something will stick when it comes to your marketing, it’s not your fault.

That said, after you read this letter, it’s now your responsibility to take action.

Really, the only difference between you and I, and our most successful members, is that we discovered this ‘Roadmap,’ if you will, for making money and making our businesses successful.

And now you can have it today when you invest in…

The Total Business Growth Accelerator

The Total Business Growth Accelerator is the only fully integrated autopilot marketing system for attracting a steady flow of leads, predictably turning them into customers, clients or patients, doubling referrals, and maximizing repeat business & profits – while drastically shrinking your work stress.

This tested, proven, and efficient System for business success can work for you, EVEN IF you are…

  • A professional services provider
  • Marketing business to business
  • Marketing business to consumer
  • In retail or e-commerce
  • In professional practice
  • A coach, consultant or information marketer
  • Someone without a lot of money to invest in marketing

…OR even if you THINK you’ve tried everything.

Now, The Total Business Growth Accelerator is not a get-rich-quick-on-the-Internet scheme. It is not a bright, shiny new piece of technology that promises to solve all your business problems with no effort on your part.

And it’s definitely not just more information.

Listen: The last thing you need to waste your time on is the hunt for the one mythical strategy, the easy button, the snake oil, the cure-all that ultimately frustrates you, disappoints you and causes you to fail instead of succeed.

You’ve been lied to enough! It’s time to put away the get-rich-quick marketing gimmicks and start using the real deal. Fair?

Instead, it’s time to invest in what actually works. We created The Total Business Growth Accelerator by analyzing our more than 68,500 customers and members in every business category you can imagine from all around the world…

…and then we systematized the strategies and tools of truly successful entrepreneurs, the things they use to build their businesses, make more money and live the life that others only dream about.

Starting TODAY, their success can be your success.

Their strategies and tools can NOW be duplicated easily by you, giving you:

More Qualified Leads…More Customers, Clients or Patients…

More Referrals…More Repeat Business…Less Stress And Greater Freedom To Enjoy Your Business And Your Life.

If You’re Looking For Yet Another “Magic Pill” That Promises To Make You Rich And Successful With No Work Or Effort On Your Part…

Or another scheme you ALREADY KNOW will never, ever work for you in the long run…

…Then do us both a favor and just forget all about the Total Business Growth Accelerator, because it’s not going to give you ‘impossible’ results. Just REAL results.

The Total Business Growth Accelerator isn’t pie-in-the-sky, fantasy-land nonsense. It’s the real deal, and it’s only for folks like you who are really serious about their business success.

What we’ve done is make The Total Business Growth Accelerator as easy as humanly possible. Of course, transforming your business isn’t “easy” (nothing worthwhile is) – but THIS makes the process infinitely faster and more profitable.

If you’re wanting the REAL ANSWER to marketing your business so you actually make more money with minimum time and effort, here’s what you can and should expect The Total Business Growth Accelerator to deliver:

  • A steady, consistent flow of qualified traffic and leads on autopilot…
  • An effective system that converts these leads into customers, clients and patients…without you having to “hard close” sales…
  • An autopilot system that delivers referrals week in and week out, so referral marketing is something you can actually count on and predict…
  • A follow-up system for increasing the lifetime value of your customers, clients and patients by maximizing repeat business

And ultimately maximizing your profits and revenue – taking your business and life from where it is now to where you want it to be.

If this sounds good then, the Total Business Growth Accelerator isn’t just “a” solution for you…it’s the ONLY solution for you!

Let’s Take A Look At What’s Included

When You Enroll In The Total Business Growth Accelerator Program…

You’ll get 8 “Step-by-Step” online training’s taught personally by me and our hand-picked guest experts. You’ll be guided through the creation of your ultimate marketing machine. Every week for eight consecutive weeks, you will get access to a new, step-by-step implementation class delivered via video…

  • Week #1: You’ll discover who your ideal customer, client or patient is, know precisely what they want, need and desire. Understand their pains and frustrations. And develop an offer that magnetically attracts them.
  • Week #2: We will create your lead generation magnet based on the information you uncovered in Week #1. You’ll also create your landing page where you will be driving all your prospects to get the free report.
  • Week #3: It’s time to build your lead generation machine starting with a “what’s working now” strategy – Facebook. At the end of this session you will have created a Facebook ad that you can use to start generating leads immediately.
  • Week #4: Now, supercharge your lead generation by doing the thing all your competitors are ignoring – direct mail. At the end of this session you will have a three-step direct mail campaign ready to rock and roll.

At this point, you will be at the halfway mark in the program and have built a perfectly integrated online/offline ultimate lead generation machine.

Now it’s time to turn our attention to assembly the ultimate conversion machine to turn your leads into customers, clients or patients.

  • Week #5: We will create the first part of your “Shock & Awe” Box. This includes the competition-eliminating checklist that sets the buying criteria and makes your competition irrelevant.
  • Week #6: This is a huge, exciting week some graduates of the program have said is “worth the entire investment”… This week you will create the final piece to your “Shock & Awe’ box: YOUR OWN BOOK!

When you follow our proven system, you will have your own REAL BOOK written without ever putting a pen to paper. Having your own book will establish you as the Authority, Celebrity and Expert in your target market.

At this point in the program, you will have the ULTIMATE conversion tool, your Shock and Awe Box, DONE.

  • Week #7: You will solve the problem that costs business owners a boatload of money and tons of customers, clients or patients. We’re talking about having a dynamic follow-up system in place.

In Week 7, we will create your eye-catching, unique and entertaining three-step direct mail lead conversion sequence… Plus, we’ll integrate it with powerful emails also designed to convert leads into sales or appointments.

  • Week #8: We add the final piece to your ultimate conversion machine, your monthly prospect newsletter. You will fill in 12 ultra-simple templates so you have a professional newsletter to send to your non-converted leads every single month.

Speaking of templates…

You’ll Also Get The ULTIMATE Template Toolkit, Which Includes An Arsenal Of Complete [FILL-IN-THE-BLANK] Templates Where 85% Of The Work Is Already Done For You…

This will enable you to quickly and easily create every element of your ultimate marketing machine – including:

Your very own BOOK, Lead Gen Magnet Report, Lead Gen Postcard, Lead Capture Website, Facebook ads, Direct Mail campaigns, the competition-eliminating Checklist, Newsletters for an entire year, follow-up Emails and more!

Your investment is further safeguarded for success with:

  • LIVE Q&A Calls every Friday – If you have any questions, we will be here to answer them for you LIVE. You will never be left wondering what to do.
  • Editorial Review Certificates: You receive 3 certificates for Content Reviews/Feedback on whichever components of your marketing machine you desire. One tweak made by our expert marketers can dramatically increase your results and profits.

Is 8 Weeks Not Fast Enough For You?


 You Can Get It Done in Just 3 Days!
With Our 3-Day LIVE Implementation Program!

If you are the type of person who wants to get things done quickly so you can experience lightning-fast results, then enroll in our three-day live implementation program.

You get everything in the 8-week program but get it all done in just three days.

On September 19-21, you will come to Chicago (or attend virtually) and assemble your complete ultimate marketing machine with our personal help and guidance.

When you walk out, everything will be done!  Of course, you will also have access to the online training if you ever want a refresher.

Either way, when you complete the program you will have IMPLEMENTED a revolutionary yet proven system that will change your business life forever.

Listen: If you were to add up the tools and templates we’re going to give you as part of the Total Business Growth Accelerator, it’s a value totaling well over $7,800.

Heck, hiring a copywriter or consultant to create these materials for you would cost you at least $10K.

But, when you take action by before the deadline we’re going to give it to you for one investment of $1,994. You can also split the investment by paying $997 today and $997 30 days from now.

I can tell you’re obviously committed. You read every single word of this message and, let’s face it $1,994 isn’t a lot of money compared to the additional sales you’ll be bringing in every month in this program.

We’re talking about building a business where you could be earning an extra $3,000-$9,000 on a monthly basis. You just have to attract a few customers, clients or patients you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten to MORE than make up for this investment.

Plus, when you break that $1,994 down over a year…that’s only $5.46 per day. That’s equivalent to a Grande Starbucks latte per day to create a well-oiled business machine that attracts high-quality leads, automatically converting them to customers, and doubling their lifetime value – and let’s not forget the stress-melting effect this all has on you, the owner of your business.

Get it done super-fast by enrolling in our 3-day LIVE implementation program.

All you have to do is make one more investment of $997 to attend this 3-Day event.

Something you need to know about us: GKIC isn’t happy till we absolutely blow you away with an avalanche of value – and results!

That why…

We’re Giving You $3,494 Of Free Bonuses So You Can Get There Even Faster, And With Less Stress…

Bonus #1: Your Marketing Department In A Box – Now that you’ve attracted your ideal customer, client or patient, you’ll want a system for increasing their lifetime value, generating more referrals, for re-activating lost customers and for getting repeat sales

so you put even more money in your pocket. With the box you receive:

  • A 12-month marketing & implementation calendar.
  • Monthly customer, client or patient marketing postcards: Oversized, themed and ready to use.
  • Monthly “Personal Success Nuggets” customer postcards to easily and inexpensively stay in touch with customers.
  • A Full Year’s Worth of Monthly Email CLIENT newsletters – a customizable, professionally designed email newsletter ready to use – you just fill in two simple sections and click send.
  • Quarterly cash flow surge campaigns all themed and ready for you to profit from
  • A bi-yearly lost customer reactivation campaign…
  • Referral campaign to be used weekly
  • …And more!

People pay $2,497 for this, but you get it rushed to you via first class mail when you enroll in the Total Business Growth Accelerator program today.

Bonus #2: The Ultimate Lead Flow System – Learn EXACTLY what’s working now to create literal geysers of leads from the world’s leading experts who do not just teach their strategies but live them.

  • How to add a boatload of leads to your list every month using content marketing. Brittany Lynch reveals secrets most entrepreneurs and small business owners will never know when it comes to this powerful way to generate QUALIFIED traffic to your website.
  • How to generate traffic through YouTube. Mike Stewart will reveal how to make it easy for customers, clients or patients to find you AND recognize you as a bonafide expert in your field.
  • How to build authority, celebrity and expertise to drive qualified leads and sales from LinkedIn.  Josh Turner reveals how to grow your business like wildfire, attracting leads through LinkedIn by positioning you as the “go-to” person in your industry.

Each session includes a Step-by-Step Implementation Plan making it easy for you to get quick results. You will receive instant access to this as an mp3 audio file and PDF transcripts. People paid $997, but you get it FREE when you enroll in the Total Business Growth Accelerator program now.

Bonus #3: A complimentary ticket to GKIC’s premier event, The Info-SUMMIT – On Nov. 3 through 5 in San Antonio, Texas, join throngs of successful business owners who have transformed their passion, hobbies and core business into a lucrative side profit center or a completely new business – simply teaching what they know to others.

You not only get a FREE ticket to the main event but also a FREE ticket to Info-SUMMIT Pre-Day (Nov. 2), where I will teach you the complete A to Z Info-marketing Blueprint – I’ll show you what it means to be in the information business, and how YOU too can start profiting from the best business in the world.

Can’t make it live? No problem. You will receive online access to all the recordings of the entire event.  And THAT brings your Total Value to over $8,588…


You’ve Been Struggling With Your

Business Far Too Long…

And the pain of continuing without taking action will only lead to more stress, more frustration, and continued struggle to make the money and profits you want and deserve.

YET: All of this can be avoided, beginning today, simply by applying the step-by-step marketing/ business growth principles found in the Total Business Growth Accelerator.

Picture right now the moment you finally have the answer you’ve been looking for, as you being your journey to business success and financial freedom.

You are bursting with confidence. Full of energy, seeing success at every turn.

Yet, unlike all the phony business-growth gimmicks you’ve seen, this one is GUARANTEED to work for you.

I’m asking you right now to just try the Total Business Growth Accelerator for 30 full days, on us… either you are thrilled or you pay nothing.

The unfortunate reality is this: Unless you take action now, today, you may NEVER take action.

You may do what so many others do and put it off…you know, for “a few more days?”… which turns into months… even years?

It’s no longer even a question of ‘want’ – you NEED the Total Business Growth Accelerator, and now you just have to take action:

Do the only SMART thing left for you to do:

Take advantage of this limited-time offer, while you still can. And wisely get on the right path TODAY to more customers, clients or patients, more profits, more money, more freedom and less stress, using this simple, proven, step-by-step system.

Get The Total Business Growth Accelerator – Dan Kennedy, Only Price $157

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