The Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint – Jeff Barson (1)

The Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint – Jeff Barson


The Blueprint is the result of thousands of hours of work and hundreds of thousands of hours of testing and refining in working clinics. It contains all of the operational procedures (“systems”) I created, implemented, and used to grow Surface Medical from a single part-time one-room clinic to seven competition-ass-kicking clinics in fours states in 28 months.

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The Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint

Transform the daily-grind clinic you have into the autopilot clinic you’ve always wanted. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

More than 15 years in the making, the Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint is a step-by-step guide to take proven systems (that’s what operations really are) and put them to work in your clinic tomorrow.

The Blueprint is the end result of heaps of hours of labor and loads of heaps of hours of checking out and refining in operating clinics. It carries all the operational procedures (“structures”) I created, implemented, and used to develop Surface Medical from a unmarried part-time one-room health facility to seven competition-ass-kicking clinics in fours states in 28 months. These are the structures that helped us to dominate each marketplace we entered, drove the nearby competition nuts, and had their body of workers knocking on our doorways asking to be allow in. It has been created, broken, rebuilt, tested, stepped forward time and again with the assist of consultants, physicians and body of workers. It consists of each policy, technique and project to your the front desk, remedy body of workers, clinicians and operations body of workers as an easy-to-observe technique that streamlines your operations, will increase your groups productivity, and makes every body accountable. And simply as importantly. it does NOT consist of any filler or junk you do not want and can not use.The end result: a bendy operational device that you could start the use of directly out of the container to convert the exercise you have, into the exercise you need it to be.

Wouldn’t you sleep higher understanding that your enterprise may want to feature flawlessly with out you even being there? To positioned it on autopilot? Wouldn’t you want with the intention to work “on” your enterprise and now no longer simply in it? Wouldn’t you want to have a manner to convert your health facility into the enterprise you constantly wanted?

Of course the solution is yes. Everyone wishes that, however now no longer every body is aware of the way to do it


Keep improving yourself today with this “The Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint – Jeff Barson” course at only [$227]

You’re about to make your clinic more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.

I’m now no longer a consultant. I failed to create this route with a purpose to promote it. I constructed it for myself to apply in my very own clinics. I’ve been withinside the trenches and I’ve worn your shoes. I’ve constructed clinics from nothing, and I realize that imposing the proper structures are surely vital in case you need if you want to run a worthwhile beauty hospital that runs as a actual business.

I will teach you not only what to do, but just as importantly what NOT to do. I’ll teach you why you’re doing it and how to refine, adapt, and extend it to perfectly fit your clinic. You’ll learn exactly how to define and customize new policies and procedures as you need them. This course will massively improve your business operations, your marketing, your patient satisfaction, your staff’s productivity and morale, and your clinic’s profitability… and it will remove time-sucking headaches and risks.

Stop micro-managing. Stop flailing. Stop losing patients. And stop losing revenue.

A few days ago, I despatched a survey to 472 physicians asking approximately performance and productiveness of their health center or practice. Perhaps you are now no longer amazed through a number of the results. You may even understand your personal health center here.

  • Over 9/10 of physicians said that their clinic operated at less than 80% efficiency, and 4 out of 10 said that their clinic efficiency was below 60%!
  • Physicians reported this “productivity gap” costs their clinic between $5k and $40k in lost revenue every month.
  • When I asked them what doesn’t work, the most common responses: “lack of systems” (44%), “wasted time and effort” (50%), and “micro-management” (40%).

There is a better way that can pull you out of the micro-managing, hair-on-fire, unproductive daily grind and put you in a position where you’re working ON your business, not IN your business.

Top performers use systems. Average performers don’t.

When you know how to implement and use systems, every part of your business gets easier.

Join us in this course and skip past the guesswork. You’ll get the frameworks, formulas, processes and repeatable techniques to put your clinic on autopilot and put yourself in a position to work on your business, not just work in it. Whatever your current situation you’ll perform better with a clear understanding of where you’re succeeding or failing – which you’ll find inside the Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint.

Here’s what you’ll get inside the Blueprint:

  • The 150+ battle-tested and proven Policies / Procedures / Tasks / Forms that I created for my own clinics
  • 30 video training modules for owners and managers that walk you through every process
  • 9 easy video training modules for your staff (and new hires) on how to use these systems
  • The exact, step-by-step process to writing new procedures correctly
  • The step-by-step process that will get new systems working in your clinic
  • Custom Employee Handbooks & Training Guides
  • Quizzes that make sure you’re remembering key points
  • Special offers and bonuses available nowhere else
  • Q&A recorded sessions that answer your questions
  • Unlimited email support to hold your hand
  • 2 Bonus live 1-on-1 implementation and training calls with Jeff
  • 2 Bonus Lessons: Using Prescriptive Forms In Consultations + Profit Sharing Plans
  • 2 Bonus Lessons from the new Ultimate Clinic Marketing Playbook: Corporate Programs + Membership Programs
  • Lifetime access including all future updates and lessons
  • Limited to 3 clinics at one time.
  • 30 day no-risk money back guarantee

Who is the Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint for?

Physicians, clinic owners, and clinic managers:You’re smart. You’re bored with sloppy training, unfastened accountability, and variable affected person care and also you need a few manipulate of your commercial enterprise and your lifestyle. You’re bored with setting out fires, solution the identical questions, micro-dealing with everything, and jogging legal, clinical, and commercial enterprise risks.

If you’re responsible for clinical care or business operations, this course is for you and your team. It gives you the systems to streamline your operations and increase your clinic’s productivity and professionalism, and it trains you and your staff to implement and use those systems.

Who is the Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint NOT for?

Anyone unwilling to do what’s necessary to improve. There is work involved. Continual… step-by-step…incremental, work. This course is not for the meek, the timid, or the “that’s too expensive” crowd. If you’re not willing to put in the work to turn the clinic you have into the clinic you’ve always wanted, then I can’t help you anyway. This course is not for you. I don’t want your money. Stop reading, go into a treatment room, close the door, and punch yourself in the ear for me.

And if you’re not willing to invest a few thousand dollars on the systems that took me 15 years to develop, that can change your entire clinic (and your lifestyle), where all of the heavy-lifting is already done for you and that you can use right now… Hit yourself in the other ear.

Keep improving yourself today with this “The Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint – Jeff Barson” course at only [$227]

Course Curriculum


  • Introduction & How To Use This Course
  • How You’re Losing Revenue To Bad Systems (2:24)


  • All the Policies, Procedures, Tasks & Templates

MODULE 2: The Clinic Operations Blueprint

  • Managing Your Operations Manuals & Files (6:12)
  • The Numbering System (6:41)
  • The Difference Between Policies, Procedures, & Forms (2:41)
  • How to Edit The Files & Documents (4:04)
  • Creating Manuals For Your Teams (4:48)
  • Using The Procedure Planner (8:21)

MODULE 3: Forms

  • Using Forms (3:27)
  • Patient Consent Forms (5:42)
  • Pre-Treatment Instructions & Info (2:14)
  • Post Care Instructions (2:09)
  • Treatment Notes (3:25)
  • Patient Sign-In Forms (2:02)
  • Business Forms (3:32)
  • Bonus: Cheat Sheets (5:27)
  • Bonus: Patient Questionnaires (5:41)

MODULE 4: Procedures

  • The Procedure Treatment Master Template – Writing New Procedures (66:09)
  • Components of Procedures (13:49)
  • Multi-Stage Procedures (2:47)
  • The Universal Treatment Procedure (14:06)

MODULE 5: Employee Handbooks & Training Manuals

  • Employee Handbooks (6:19)
  • Managing Your Clinic Policies (6:18)


  • Special Offers & Downloads
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Onboarding, Training & Consultation Calls With Jeff (2:04)


  • Bonus Lesson: Using Prescriptive Forms In Consultations (The 10X Consultation Playbook) (16:17)
  • Bonus Lesson: Building A Profit Sharing Plan? (20:18)

BONUS PREVIEW – The Marketing Systems Playbook

  • The Marketing Systems Playbook – Dominate your market and destroy your competitors.
  • Building Corporate Programs (5:08)
  • Building Your Membership Program (8:25)

Keep improving yourself today with this “The Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint – Jeff Barson” course at only [$227]

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