Trauma & Memory Body as Healer - Peter Levine

Trauma & Memory: Body as Healer – Peter Levine

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You will leave this workshop with the tools to quickly reduce symptomology in your clients and heal the traumatic memories that haunt them.

Trauma deeply impacts the body and mind… and can seriously impair your client’s ability to function with resilience and ease. Yet traditional talk therapy rarely reaches the entrenched-trauma fragments that terrorize your clients, leaving them feeling lost and beyond help.

Help your clients get unstuck today — achieve a deeper yet concise understanding of memory systems for immediate and transformational results.

Join thousands of therapists who have embraced the somatic practices of Peter Levine, Ph.D. – legendary clinician, researcher and author in the field of trauma and memory. With 50 years of research and clinical work, Dr. Levine’s body-oriented techniques are extensively honed into seminal books, research and psychotherapeutic advancements.

Don’t wait… This self-directed course is an intensive yet affordable opportunity to gain Dr. Levine’s masterfully curated approaches and must-have interventions that will immediately help and heal your clients!

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Change your clinical work and change your life

By mastering Dr. Levine’s essential methods to traumatic memories and its impact on the body… you will elevate your treatment of complex, deeply-entrenched trauma, overcome roadblocks frustrating you and your clients, and get your clients the lasting relief they need.

Discover exactly how to:

  • Break down and understand the significance of memory systems in the resolution of trauma
  • Quickly reduce symptomology in your clients and heal their traumatic memories
  • Apply body awareness and specific physiological techniques to renegotiate and heal trauma
  • Immediately use Somatic Experiencing® tools to treat and address symptoms ranging from anxiety, depression, PTSD, harmful behaviours to unexplained physical pain, fatigue, or illness

Trauma & Memory Workshop: Clinical Strategies to Resolve Traumatic Memories and Help Clients Reclaim Their Lives with Peter A. Levine, Ph.D.

Peter Levine, Ph.D. will give you step-by-step instructions for addressing traumatic memories and its neurological and physiological impact. You will understand the brain circuitry involved in maintaining traumatic memories that influence how your clients feel, think and interact.

You will gain decades of Dr. Levine’s proven, tested and groundbreaking clinical strategies in only 10 hours. You will leave this workshop with the tools to quickly reduce symptomology in your clients and heal the traumatic memories that haunt them.


Trauma and the Body

  • Developmental trauma from infancy and beyond
  • Dopamine System, Socialization, Shame, Disgust
  • Basic Matrix of brainstem & cerebellum
  • Evolution and Polyvagal foundation
  • How the body stores trauma

Deeper Understanding of Memory and Clinical Implications

  • Explicit – More Conscious Memory: Declarative vs. Episodic
  • Implicit – Less Conscious Memory: Emotional vs Procedural/Body Memory
  • Practical tools for therapeutics for Emotions
  • Therapeutics somatic/procedural memories that are non-verbal and non-conscious
  • Clinical application for memory systems

Traumatic Memories

  • Long-term memory vs short-term memory
  • How the brain and body store memory
  • Memory engrams with somatic markers
  • Fight, flight, freeze response
  • Endorphins, vagal tone to bimodal sympathetic/parasympathetic cycling
  • Uppgivenhetssyndrom (Resignation Syndrome)

How Clients Get “Stuck”

  • Tonic immobility – The fallback to freeze
  • Freeze couples with Fear
  • Dissociation
  • Bracing and terror
  • Euphoric dissociation
  • Collapse

Somatic and Emotional Reactions to Trauma

  • Symptoms and complexities of each in therapy
  • Emotional – anxiety, depression
  • Somatic – chronic pain, fibromyalgia
  • Autonomic – migraines, irritable bowel
  • Resolving Traumatic Reactions

The Basic Stages of Trauma Treatment

  • Containment of strong sensation and emotion
  • Pendulation – The dual opposites of sensation
  • Address persistent inaction, impulsivity or avoidance
  • Completion
  • Renegotiation of active for passive responses
  • Allow things to settle: Self-Paced termination

Therapeutic Approaches to Heal Traumatic Memories

  • The importance of “Bottom-Up” processing:
    • The Paul MacLean’s Triune Brain
    • Unspoken Voice
  • Somatic Experiencing®:
    • Renegotiation vs. Reliving
    • Restoration of self-regulation
    • Somatic experience of trauma
    • Developing internal awareness
  • Address persistent inaction, impulsivity or avoidance
  • The mind-body connection in trauma work
  • Help reinforce trust and acceptance in clients
  • Incorporating client’s spirituality in trauma work

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