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    When purchasing this course: Video Ad Mastery – Dave Kaminski, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.

    When purchasing Video Ad Mastery – Dave Kaminski  course, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.

     Video Ad Mastery

    Here’s The Problem

    You need to get visitors to your web site.  And the faster, the better.  Maybe you just started a new site and need to build a list.  Maybe you’re launching a product.  Or maybe you just want to increase the traffic and sales of your existing web site.So what do you do?  Well, these are your typical traffic-generating options:

    • Write blog posts (these take time to write and even more time to produce results)
    • Upload videos to YouTube (these take time to make and unless you’re really good, you might get some views but little or no traffic to your site)
    • Reach out to potential affiliate or joint venture partners (takes time to do and unless you’ve got a killer, high-priced product, the results are typically disappointing)
    • Fiddle with SEO (good luck with that in today’s Internet…unless you’ve got deep pockets)
    • Run paid text ads (these work, but are expensive and very competitive)

    So…in a nutshell, nothing is really instant or cheap.  And you end up frustrated because there’s no good way to get visitors to your site NOW.  Sound familiar?

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    Here’s The Solution

    It’s one that is cheap, gets you instant traffic and is practically ignored by small businesses.  What is it?Video ads.  You know, the ads that play before you watch a video on YouTube or in Facebook feeds.  But video ads are just for big companies with deep pockets, right?

    Wrong.  Video ads have evolved into the cheapest and most effective form of traffic for any business, big or small…period.  In fact, they can be used by anyone, even if you’re just starting your very first website. Let me give you some examples why video ads work so damn well today:

    • Video ads are cheap. You can often get traffic for around 10 cents a click…even in markets that cost several dollars per click (or more) for traditional text ads
    • Video ads convert. People are twice as likely to buy a product after seeing a video first and nearly three times as many people will remember a video ad versus a text ad.
    • Video ads get seen. The viewer can’t ignore them, they are front and center (not buried with 10 other text ads along the side of a page). Plus, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than cable TV
    • Video ads have low competition. Like really, really, low. Because most businesses think video ads are only for “the big boys”, they ignore them as a marketing tool. To put it another way, almost every market is wide-open when it comes to video ads
    • Video ads are hyper-targeted. Let’s say you have competitors with videos on YouTube. Now imagine viewers seeing YOUR VIDEO AD every time your competitor’s videos get played. That’s exactly what you can do with video ads…and you can’t get any more targeted than that

    In a nutshell, video ads are like Google Adwords in the early 2,000’s.  If you were online back then, you know how great Adwords once was.  Clicks were dirt cheap, the competition was insanely low and you could market your entire business using only Adwords.  Guess what?  That’s exactly what video ads are like TODAY.

    Here’s How To Start Using The Solution

    The one catch with video ads is that people are intimidated by them.  They think video ads are time-consuming, complicated, technical and overwhelming.But they’re not.  They are actually very easy.

    And I’ll show you just how easy (and profitable) video ads can be for you in my new course called Video Ad Mastery.  In it, you’ll discover how to start running your own video ads (and get instant traffic from them) in as little as one evening.

    I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know…skip all the crap that you don’t…and show you how to profit from video ads in the quickest, most painless and cheapest way possible….Get Dave Kaminski – Video Ad Mastery on right now!

    Video Ad Mastery Is Broken Into Two Parts:
    The Technical Stuff and The Creative Stuff

    For the technical stuff, I’m going to take you step by step through the process of correctly setting up and running video ad campaigns on YouTube and Facebook.While all of this would seem straight-forward, it’s actually the part that frustrates people the most.   That’s because there are so many choices and so many options when setting up video ad campaigns…plus, the process isn’t exactly intuitive on either Facebook or YouTube.

    But relax, I’ve got you covered.  In Video Ad Mastery, I’m going to walk you through everything step by step.  Check this, don’t check that.  Select this, don’t select that.  Do this, don’t do that.

    For you there won’t be any guesswork, confusion or worries that you’re not doing something right.  Just follow what I show you and you’ll be properly setup to run the most profitable video ad campaigns in the shortest amount of time possible.

    Next is the creative stuff.  This is where I’ll show you how to make video ads that get clicks.

    A video ad is NOT the same as a video sales letter or any other type of sales video.  Most people make the mistake of thinking that they are…a mistake that kills the chances of your video ad bringing you lots of cheap traffic.

    But in Video Ad Mastery, I’m going to teach you 3 can’t-miss formulas will have you quickly and easily creating video ads that are click-magnets.

    Even better, I’m going to do it step and step.  And the best part?  You’ll be able to make these video ads using stuff you already have.  That means you don’t need to go out and buy extra stuff to make profitable video ads using my formulas.

    And these 3 formulas will work for anyone…even if you have zero experience…and in any market.  Just follow what I show you.  That’s all you have to do.

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    Master Video Ads In One Evening, Not Weeks or Months…

    Video Ad Mastery is “get-to-the point” training.  If you’ve taken any of my other courses, then you know I don’t do fluff, filler or waste your time with things you’ll never need to know.In just a few hours (about 2.5 to be exact), you’ll learn everything from A to Z on how to start getting traffic to your website instantly with video ads.  A flow of traffic that you can turn on (or off) whenever you want.  A flow of traffic that is ridiculously cheap.

    And I’m going to show you how to do it all the right way…with no gimmicks or other stuff you need to buy.  There are no “upsells” or anything else like that with my course.  It’s 100% actionable content.  I tell you what you need to know and how to do it.  Period.

    For you that means in just one evening, you can solve the biggest puzzle facing online business owners: how to get on-demand traffic, without spending a fortune in either time or money…Get other products by Dave Kaminski right now!

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    Purchasing Video Ad Mastery – Dave Kaminski  course now, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.

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