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If you’re looking for a new advantage YOU can deploy in our rapidly expanding marketplace for online coaching, consulting, keynotes, and more…long before your competition figures it out…Voice of Virtual is exactly what you need.


Purchase Voice of Virtual – Roger Love - $165.00 at Aibox! You get access to all files. Direct Download Link and No costs are incurred (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha). Our courses come with a lifetime warranty, we're always here to help if you need it.

Break Down the Video Skills Barrier Standing Between You And The Sweet Advantages of Being GREAT on Video

Because While The Medium May Be Virtual…The Perks Are VERY REAL

Collect passive revenue from an online course.

Soak up the credibility and platform of a YouTube channel

Savor the flexibility of virtual coaching and consulting gigs.

Scoop up speakers fees from virtual keynote gigs without getting on a germy plane.

Freedom to choose Live or Pre-Recorded (because you’ll rock at BOTH!)

If you’re looking for a new advantage YOU can deploy in our rapidly expanding marketplace for online coaching, consulting, keynotes, and more…long before your competition figures it out…Voice of Virtual is exactly what you need.

By tomorrow, you could be through the program and clear on how to…

Feel and look more confident on video—both pre-recorded and live. 

Sound more intelligent on video by removing short, detrimental sounds that subconsciously discredit you in the mind of your listeners. (This is a fast-track to boosting your credibility and commanding higher rates, too!)

Safely avoid the most common yet detrimental moves that disconnect your audience from you. (This technique ALONE will 10x the professionalism of your video communications.)

Harness the power of your body language (so you look more natural and engaging).

Record better videos, faster, with fewer mistakes. (So you can finally create your course and consistently publish video content for your blog, social media platforms, and more!)

Whether you want to conquer Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Kajabi, or iTunes podcasts and beyond…THESE are the skills you need to come out PROFESSIONAL and SHARE-WORTHY, from the very start.

It’s perfect for when you’re a Soon-To-Be Or Rising Star …





Content Creator



Keynote Speaker

Content Creator

Don’t already have a crowd of screaming fans chasing you down the street?

Yes, this can still work for you!

In fact, in addition to my celebrity clients, over 124,267 not-yet-celebrities also rely on the Roger Love Method to improve their voices and increase their impact, income, and influence in the online world.

Now you can, too.

What You’ll Learn From Me

(That NO ONE Else Can Teach You)

VOICE OF VIRTUAL has the complete 3-part video presentation formula you can ONLY learn from me.


Because while other experts might teach you how to light your video better, or structure what you share during the meeting…

Your success in video communications depends on ONE VARIABLE:


Get Voice of Virtual – Roger Love, Only $167

With over 35 years as America’s #1 voice coach, only I can give you the most trusted vocal techniques to present with confidence, charisma, and ease when you’re delivering on video. Don’t trust your voice to anyone else.

Today, you’re not a PROFESSIONAL if you can’t ace VIRTUAL COMMUNICATIONS.

Conquer virtual meetings, coaching, speaking, presenting, leading and more… I’ll show you how.

Suddenly, great in person, interpersonal skills aren’t enough to cut it anymore.

Now and going forward, your success rides on the ability to connect, engage, inform, and inspire through virtual platforms like Zoom, webinars, Skype, GoTo Meeting, Facetime, Hangouts, and more.

The new bar has been set.

For those who can’t reach it, the world is about to leave them behind.

BUT…for those who make it over the bar, there’s very good news.

When you can engage, connect, and inspire action on ANY virtual platform…

It could make your business “pandemic-proof.”

Blow the ceiling off your growth potential.

And unlock markets and opportunities previously untouchable.

Even when we go back to meeting in person, in the same buildings…

The fact is —

Nothing is more scalable and more pivotal to leading ANY market than…VIRTUAL.

So, you’re in luck. Because today, you can join the Voice of Virtual.

You’ll want to get started with that training as soon as possible, because if you don’t polish these critical virtual communication skills…

Your competition will. And they’ll reach the people who are waiting to hear YOU.

Get there first.

Get Voice of Virtual – Roger Love, Only $167

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