Walking Meditation 2: Walking  with the Divine  - Joe Dispenza

Walking Meditation 2: Walking with the Divine – Joe Dispenza


Traditional Buddhist teachings identify four meditation postures: sitting, walking, standing, and lying down. All four are profound means of cultivating a calm and clear mindfulness of the present moment and can be used to create your future destiny now.

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This meditation is designed for students who have already been practicing Walking Meditation 1 by Dr. Joe. Please be sure to read Becoming Supernatural and have an understanding of the pineal gland before engaging.

Traditional Buddhist teachings discover 4 meditation postures: sitting, walking, status, and mendacity down. All 4 are profound method of cultivating a relaxed and clean mindfulness of the prevailing second and may be used to create your destiny future now.

During this meditation, Dr. Joe will manual you via the top electricity facilities of your frame to create wonderful, mystical experiences. You will begin every confirmation with the aid of using status nevertheless together along with your eyes closed and turning into heart-centered. You will then open your eyes and connect your gaze at the endless horizon as you start to stroll. Resonating and radiating every step because the best best and expression of yourself, you’ll stroll as when you have mastered your life, have the whole lot you’ve got got ever wanted, and recognise that electricity of the universe exists inside you and is radiating via you.


1. Introduction (9:22)

2. Meditation (61:07)


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