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Why do we make prospecting so DARN HARD?

Let me show you a much EASIER way to get clients.

Think of it as cold calling with email…but without the “yuck” factor!

Prospecting for clients sucks, doesn’t it?

But it only sucks because we make it MUCH harder than it needs to be.

We either don’t know what to do (there are so many choices!). So we do nothing. Or we pick whatever sounds good at the moment.

Or we use methods and techniques that feel awkward and insincere. Which creates internal conflict. And that conflict makes the whole process feel hard and unpleasant.

Here’s the good news…

There’s a much faster and simpler way to prospect for clients.

It’s perfect if you don’t really enjoy prospecting. Or if you just don’t have the time (or the motivation) to keep up with the latest self-marketing fad.

Best of all, it’s FREE to do! And it takes is just a few minutes every week.

It’s called “warm email prospecting.”

No One Does It This Way!

OK, so you probably think I’m crazy to suggest that “email” is going to solve your prospecting challenges. Especially if your email inbox is always overflowing.

Maybe you tried email prospecting in the past and didn’t have much success. Or maybe you have doubts that something as simple as email could actually work.

But I’m going to show you a DIFFERENT way of doing email.

I’ve had tremendous success using email as a prospecting strategy. So have freelancers who have followed my method.

Would You Like to Know How Tammy Got Those Results?

Would you like to know how Tammy and others got these results?

I’ll teach you this powerful email prospecting system, step by step, in my newly revised online home-study program, Warm Email Prospecting 2.0: How to Land Clients Faster With Short and Inviting Email Messages.

This is a program I offer only once or twice a year. But I’ve just opened a very limited “behind the scenes” enrollment window for folks who checked out my mini training series on email prospecting.

And it comes with a special 37% discount!

I’ll tell you more about that in a minute. But first, let me explain how this training program could help you…

This program is going to transform your business by changing the way you find and land quality clients.

You’ll learn how to prospect for clients faster. How to take the fear out of prospecting. And how to get it done in a much more systematic way.

Better yet, you’ll discover how to banish the feast-or-famine cycle once and for all… and how to bring more income, freedom and joy into your life!

Imagine having a steady stream of great clients knocking on your door. And having the luxury to pick the clients and projects you like best.

Projects that are fun. Clients that are a joy to work with. And fees that allow you to have more flexibility in your business and personal life.

But you have to do it right!

Now… I should emphasize that email prospecting involves much more than slapping some words together and hitting the “Send” button.

In fact, if you don’t do email prospecting exactly the right way, you risk wasting your time, making a bad impression on these high-probability prospects… and possibly being accused of sending spam.

I’ll show you how to do email prospecting the right way. How to avoid common pitfalls. And how to maximize your chances of success.

Warm Email Prospecting 2.0 is a comprehensive online home-study program consisting of 5 modules. It’s broken down into 19 easily digestible 15- to 25-minute audio lessons. You can consume the lessons online. Or you can download them into your iPod, smart phone or other mobile device and take them to gym or listen to them in your car.

You also get full written transcripts that are laid out in an easy to read, skimmable format, complete with illustrations, subheadings and bullet points. Plus handouts and pre-flight checklists that will help you get your email prospecting strategy up and running smoothly, right out of the gate.

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this program…

  • A powerful phrase to include in your emails that will have some prospects calling YOU right away …
  • How email prospecting differs from sending a sales letter. And why you want to avoid a “direct mail” approach with email …
  • Samples of 31 effective prospecting emails — including detailed analyses of why each works so well …
  • The most important element of a successful email message when reaching out to people who’ve never heard of you …
  • A proven 6-step process for creating an email-prospecting message that generates quality leads …
  • 28 powerful ways to establish a meaningful connection with your prospect — and how to use these to stand out from 99% of all email they receive …
  • What should your call to action be? Should you have more than one? What works best? I’ll tell you everything you need do know to increase your chances of getting a positive response and starting a good dialogue with your prospect …
  • How to craft value statements that make your prospects take notice and respond to your message
  • How to uncover and communicate “meaningful connections” that will impress your prospects when they read your email …
  • How to effectively leverage your network to make your emails even more effective
  • Just starting out as a freelancer? Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to craft an email script that still impresses your prospects …
  • What you should never, EVER include in a prospecting email …
  • Most of the emails solo professionals are sending prospects look like these 7 samples. I’ll show you why you need to avoid each of these approaches at all costs …
  • Anti-spam regulation: what you need to know and why you should care …
  • The tone and approach that works best for this prospecting format. The ideal length you want to shoot for. And the style you’ll want to stay away from …
  • What you should talk about in your email. And what key items you’ll want to highlight (and in what order)…
  • 16 proven sources to get prospects names and contact information (all but two are completely FREE to use) …
  • How to use “trigger events” to get a MUCH better response with email …
  • The magic of “trigger attributes” … and when to use them in your emails …
  • Smart ways to leverage your network, your experience and your past successes to make your emails stand out …
  • How to craft subject lines that get prospects to open your email (I’ll even give you 51 subject line ideas to get your creative juices flowing)…
  • 10 proven email scripting templates that will help you write powerful email copy quickly …
  • Should you use the “Sherlock,” the “Idea Wellspring” or the “Back Scratcher”? I’ll detail these approaches and 7 others … and show you which ones work best in a variety of different scenarios.
  • When and how to use the phone to follow up with unresponsive prospects. Don’t worry! I’ll show you a way to make this easy and painless.
  • 6 powerful warm email prospecting strategies — and when each one works best.
  • How to plan for an email prospecting campaign. How many emails you should plan on sending out every week. And how much time you should spend drafting each email …

And many more tips and strategies to help you generate a steady stream of GREAT clients — faster and more cost-effectively!

How the Program Works

So… what will all this cost you?

Warm Email Prospecting 2.0 is not normally available for enrollment. I typically open just one or two enrollment windows per year. But as a way to thank you for checking out my recent training series, I’m opening a special “behind the scenes” enrollment window.

Plus, I’m offering you a hefty discount I’ve rarely offered before.

Through this Thursday only, you get the whole program for just $186. That’s a 37% DISCOUNT from the regular price of $297.

That’s a drop in the bucket when you consider how cost-effective email prospecting is to execute. And how quickly you can put these ideas into action! (In fact, programs of this caliber usually run at least $500)

Plus, think about it. If you land just ONE client as a result of these strategies… this program will pay for itself MANY times over!

Get Warm Email Prospecting 2.0 – Ed Gandia, Only Price 50$

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