Watercolor Florals in Procreate – Teela Cunningham

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With the right methods and brushes, anyone can create beautiful watercolor florals in Procreate

(without the mess!)


Watercolor Florals in Procreate

Learn how to digitally paint, vectorize and reuse watercolor florals in Procreate

Can you really create realistic watercolor florals in Procreate? Yes. Yes you can.

‍With the right methods and brushes, anyone can create beautiful watercolor florals in Procreate

(without the mess!)

‍‍Why go digital? Advantages to painting digital watercolor florals

Instantly Reusable

‍No scanning artwork into the computer or cutting out backgrounds in Photoshop. Simply turn off the background color, save and reuse in less than a minute.

Unlimited Paper + Paint

‍No need to shop around for the right kind of paper, brushes or types of paint. An unlimited supply is packed right into Procreate.

Get Watercolor Florals in Procreate – Teela Cunningham, Only Price $57

Paint from Anywhere

‍With just an iPad and a stylus, you already have everything you need, no matter where you plan to create.

Impossible Color

Digital art can utilize color vibrancies beyond traditional paint capabilities because you’re working in the RGB (light) spectrum vs. CMYK (pigment).

No Mess

‍Practice over and over without any wasted art supplies or mess. Simply create a new layer and you’re ready to start again.

Instantly Shareable

‍Because everything is already digital, simply export the file type you need and instantly post to your favorite social media account, website or attach to an email.

‍Learn traditional painting techniques in a digital format

Wet on wet

‍Wet on wet is the look achieved when wet paint is applied to wet paper, or added to a wash of fresh wet paint.

‍Wet on Dry

‍The wet on dry look is achieved when wet paint is applied to dry paper, or wet paint is applied to an area of dry paint.


‍By combining the wet on wet and wet on dry techniques to the same piece, extra contrast and depth can be achieved for unique results.

‍Edge Softening

‍This is commonly achieved by painting wet on dry, then applying extra water to one edge to pull pigment further away, creating extra softness on one side.


17 Brushes included with your enrollment

‍Each brush was meticulously programmed to simulate real watercolor, no matter which brush combinations you use.

Extended License included, so you can sell unlimited artwork created with the brushes.


What you’ll learn in this course

‍Digital Watercolor

‍Traditional watercolor + floral painting methods in a digital format

‍Basic Leaves + Petals

‍Paint common (beginner-friendly) leaf and petal shapes

‍Professional Workflows

‍Set up your files efficiently to achieve the most beautiful, versatile results

‍Iconic Illustrations

‍Paint simplified, wet on dry watercolor doodles (perfect for social media icons!)Loose Style Florals

Paint loose style, wet on dry florals in an organized + structurally planned bouquet

‍Photo-Based Florals

‍Create a watercolor floral illustration based on a photograph, following a specific template method

‍Container Series

‍Paint limited element bouquets within common floral containers: vases, pots, buckets and pitchers

‍Floral Wreaths

‍Exercise best practices for painting floral wreaths with planning + reusing/recoloring existing elements

‍Stationery Elements

‍Paint a balanced floral border element from scratch using a custom sketch template and detailed large florals

‍Seamless Patterns

‍Plan and Paint seamless watercolor floral patterns. Learn how to reuse them in Procreate, Illustrator + Photoshop

‍Bonus: Vectorizing

‍Vectorize digital watercolor florals using Adobe Illustrator and save as an svg, ai and eps file

‍Bonus: Reusable Art

‍Export and save your florals for future use in Procreate and any program that permits inserted images

‍100% Self Paced

‍Enrollment includes pre-recorded videos with lifetime access to all of them

Take the course at your own pace whenever it works with your schedule. There’s no pressure to hit a deadline or to fit everything in within a set amount of time.

And with lifetime access, you can refer back to it + watch it as many times as you’d like, too.

Learn how to digitally paint, vectorize and reuse watercolor florals in Procreate

‍Create authentic and reusable watercolor florals in Procreate! Utilize traditional painting methods like wet on wet and wet on dry with the included brushes to create stunning florals with realistic texture and details. Follow along as each project builds on the previous one with style, technique and complexity.

‍In addition to painting, you’ll learn and use multiple layers, clipping masks, layer masks, blend modes and groups to create professionally organized artwork using an efficient process. Finish the course by learning how to vectorize your work for unlimited possibilities and export your rasterized work for future use in multiple programs.

Course Curriculum


  • Welcome + Bonuses
  • What You'll Learn/Class Overview 7:36
  • Bonuses Location + Install Instructions 5:20
  • Tips About File Size 6:49
  • Watercolor Illustration Brushes Overview 6:59


  • Digital Watercolor Methods + Techniques
  • Wet on Wet 6:06 
  • Wet on Dry 2:11
  • Combination 3:22 
  • Softening 3:48


  • Leaves + Petals Practice
  • Leaf Painting Practice: Common Shapes 3:04
  • Petal Painting Practice: Common Shapes 2:23


  • Project 1: Simple Floral + Foliage Doodles
  • Specific Floral Doodles 8:39
  • General Floral Doodles 8:41
  • General Foliage Doodles 8:56


  • Project 2: Loose Wildflower Bouquet
  • Balanced Bouquet Anatomy 6:23
  • Creating Your Bouquet's Composition Template 3:37
  • Painting Loose Wildflowers 8:36
  • Adding Foliage + Finishing Touches 10:54


  • Project 3: Photo-Based Bouquet
  • Setting Up Your File 5:40
  • Recreating Large Florals 7:50
  • Tri-Colored Rose 4:09
  • Berries + Daisies 5:52
  • Painting Foliage + Finalizing 6:15


  • Project 4: [Containers] Floral Vase with Flowers
  • Painting a Frosted Glass Vase 4:30
  • Planning + Painting Thistles + Foliage 3:09
  • Small Daisies + Final Foliage 4:44


  • Project 5: [Containers] Potted Plant
  • Sketching + Painting a Clay Pot 4:05
  • Adding Loose Potted Florals + Foliage 5:53


  • Project 6: [Containers] Bucket of Lavender
  • Sketching + Painting the Bucket 8:06
  • Painting Wet on Wet Lavender 6:27
  • Adding Grass + Finalizing 4:03


  • Project 7: [Containers] Pitcher of Forget Me Nots
  • Creating the Pitcher 7:18
  • Painting Forget Me Nots 8:08
  • Adding Grass + Finalizing 6:34


  • Project 8: Floral Wreath
  • File Prep for Painting 3:24
  • Painting Large Anemones 8:06
  • Painting Roses 4:18
  • Painting Supporting Florals 8:38
  • Foliage + Final Details 4:46


  • Project 9: Floral Border Element
  • Planning Your Element 4:54
  • Painting Large Florals 9:49
  • Painting Supporting Florals 5:22
  • Foliage + Final Details 5:15


  • Project 10: Seamless Floral Pattern
  • How the Pattern Tile Works + Creating Your Base Design 8:12
  • Vertical Alignment + Filling 6:24
  • Horizontal Alignment + Filling 4:02
  • Final Adjustments 3:13
  • How to Use Your Pattern Tile in Photoshop + Illustrator 3:55


  • BONUS: Saving Art for Future Use
  • Sharing, Saving + Inserting 3:28


  • BONUS: Vectorizing Digital Florals
  • File Prep for Vectorizing 5:01
  • Trace Settings, Vectorizing + Saving in Adobe Illustrator 8:15


  • Thank You
  • Thank You + Next Steps

Get Watercolor Florals in Procreate – Teela Cunningham, Only Price $57


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