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The 4 Product Empire business model that you'll learn in Wealth Mastery is an example of what we call a…"Lean Green Profit Machine"

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What is it?

  • A comprehensive online course
  • Fun step-by-step video lessons
  • Every tool you need to succeed
  • My top level program

Who is it for?

  • Completely new online entrepreneurs
  • Experienced online entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to build a reliable 6-7 figure online business with huge margins, all while making a massive impact and living like a king or queen.

What will I achieve?

  • You'll build a 4 Product Empire
  • You'll start it for less than $200
  • You'll learn how to scale to +$1M/year
  • You'll learn how to invest the profits
  • You'll find your purpose
  • You'll design your dream lifestyle

What's Included?


Part 1: Build Your 4 Product Empire

  • Introduction to Online Business (17:06)
  • Myths & Traps to Avoid (15:41)
  • The 7 Targets in Business (10:41)
  • The Master Key to Success (17:27)
  • The 4 Product Empire (20:07)
  • Creating The 4 Products (71:34)
  • The Lean Green Profit Machine (19:52)
  • Mastering Your Wealth Proximity (18:09)
  • Building Business Assets (7:36)
  • Installing a Flywheel (14:50)
  • Creating a Product List (15:14)
  • Bonus: Private Live Training (68:26)

Part 2: Scale Your Empire

  • Lean Green Profit Machine II (23:09)
  • 7 x High Profit Lean Models (21:36)
  • Crafting a S.I.N.B.O Offer (44:28)
  • ClickFunnels Template Kit
  • The 4PE Business Dashboard (26:10)
  • Roadmap & Attack Plan (28:24)
  • High Profit Actions (32:05)
  • Overcoming Mental Blocks (26:37)

Part 3: Launch a High Profit Subscription Product

  • Sweet Consistent Income (22:11)
  • 6 Types of Subscription Products (33:33)
  • The Subscription Builder Tool (38:19)
  • Churn Math (22:51)
  • Lifetime Value (23:49)
  • The Subscription Funnel (21:03)
  • How Much To Charge (13:52)

Part 4: Personal Finance & Investing

  • The REAL Goal (22:55)
  • Myths & Traps to Avoid (16:14)
  • The 5 x Income Types (17:49)
  • Build a Wealth Machine (13:19)
  • The Expense Optimization Tool (17:13)
  • How To Allocate Your Income (22:44)
  • How To Structure Your Accounts (21:04)
  • My Timeless Investment Strategy (35:20)
  • The Personal Wealth Map (36:03)
  • The Financial Independence Calculator
  • Bonus: Private Live Training (56:02)

Part 5: Advanced Investing & Stock Picking

  • The Account Structure (27:21)
  • The 3 Levels of Investing (22:27)
  • Pete's Pies: Case Study (19:03)
  • Reading Financial Statements (24:37)
  • The Graham Number (20:40)
  • My Newest Investment Tool (14:53)
  • Warren Buffett's Rules (12:20)
  • The Qualitative Checklist (16:53)
  • The Quantitative Checklist (19:30)

Part 6: Lifestyle Mastery – Live Like Royalty

  • Welcome To "The Good Life" (2:59)
  • The 6 Rules of Lifestyle Design (19:57)
  • The Lifestyle Design Calculator (25:25)
  • How To Get Your Dream Houses (23:27)
  • How To Get Your Dream Cars (18:18)
  • How To Get Your Dream Trips (16:41)
  • Bonus: Private Live Training (67:42)

Part 7: Find Your Purpose

  • What is Your Purpose? (12:25)
  • The 12 Alchemic Notes (13:12)
  • The Purpose Process (46:21)
  • Family & Social Mastery (18:11)
  • Owning The Traits of The Greats (27:12)
  • The Purpose Linking Process (23:34)
  • Your Purpose Summary (22:15)
  • Advanced Readings

What is Wealth Mastery?

From: Lewis Mocker

To: Future Wealth Masters

Dear student,

Welcome to Wealth Mastery – the top level program in The School of Mastery.

I put this program together to answer the 4 BIG QUESTIONS in life…

1. What is my purpose?

2. How can I get paid to fulfil that purpose daily?

3. How do I build serious wealth from investing the profits wisely?

4. How can I increase my lifestyle (intelligently) and live the good life?


The reason I call these the "4 BIG QUESTIONS" is simple…

When you:

  • Know your purpose
  • Live it daily
  • Make a difference by serving others with it
  • Get paid $500k per year (or more) for the trouble
  • Pay off your debts
  • Invest your profits
  • Build serious wealth
  • Create a lifestyle fit for royalty…

You MAXIMISE your power & potential, you COME ALIVE, and you invariably start LIGHTING UP THE WORLD


This program is about you achieving fulfilment & success.

And do not be mistaken…

BOTH are required to maximise your potential in life.

  • Fulfilment without success is disempowerment 
  • Success without fulfilment is emptiness

The 4 Product Empire

Wealth Mastery is a vastly comprehensive program that covers MANY areas of personal development…

But without a doubt…

This program centres around a unique & powerful business model: The 4 Product Empire

The "4PE", as we call it, is a lean online business model made up of:

1. A free product (to provide value)

2. A core product (to convert & monetise)

3. A subscription product (to provide consistent cashflow)

4. A high ticket product (to generate serious income)

In Wealth Mastery, you'll learn exactly how to craft your own 4PE from scratch.

I'm going to walk you through the entire process, step-by-step…

Even if you've never made a dime online, you'll know exactly how to create income like Hugo:

This is NOT for everyone

I created The School of Mastery for one simple purpose:

To help my students achieve MASTERY.

The programs & courses provided within (particularly Wealth Mastery), are not designed for the masses of people who want to:

  • Get rich quick
  • Get rich easy
  • Get results without effort
  • Complain & blame
  • Stay comfortable
  • Live in mediocrity
  • Take offence easily
  • Play small 

Wealth Mastery is not for the masses

In fact, this program may well kick your ass.

When you join Wealth Mastery, you're embarking on an epic journey of self discovery, conscious evolution, spiritual fulfilment, wealth creation, and personal empowerment.

What you create in this program may well become your life's legacy.

So, please only join if you meet the following criteria:

  • You've got the basics handled (food, shelter & clothing)
  • You're relatively secure and stable in life (this is not a rescue mission)
  • You have a true desire to serve others 
  • You're eager to create high quality products that solve problems
  • You're willing to step out of your comfort zone
  • You're ready to take 100% responsibility for your results (good, bad or other)
  • You'll do what ever it takes to succeed
  • You're ready to cull whatever holds you back in life
  • You're committed to empowering your life at the highest level
  • You feel destined for mastery

If this is you, keep reading this page πŸ‘‡

If not? Sorry, this program is not for you 

The "Lean Green Profit Machine"

The 4 Product Empire business model that you'll learn in Wealth Mastery is an example of what we call a…

"Lean Green Profit Machine" 

It's a very specific type of business that has a few unique characteristics…

1. It must be a purely online product with digital delivery (so it generates mobile income)

2. It must be built on affordable platforms (so it requires minimal technical knowledge & maximum digital agility)

3. Profit margins must be greater than 75% (greater than 90% has been achieved many times)

4. Start up cost must be less than $1,000 (This is conservative. Most can launch for under $200)

5. Potential bottom line must exceed $100K p.a (My first lean green profit machine was making $80K a month in net profit after 1 year)

6. Build + launch time must be less than 90 days (Again, this is conservative. Our group record so far is 4 days)

Get Wealth Mastery – Lewis Mocker, Only Price $142

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