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ZonSquad is the preeminent authority on launching and growing a brand. Through comprehensive training, tools, and media properties, we’re able to help brand owners break through the barriers that all of us face.

ZonSquad Site Rip

We believe entrepreneurs who want to grow and obliterate their goals need to learn from and surround themselves with the best.

ZonSquad is the preeminent authority on launching and growing a brand. Through comprehensive training, tools, and media properties, we’re able to help brand owners break through the barriers that all of us face.

And with our exclusive community of serious private label entrepreneurs, we collectively shatter those barriers.

How can you break through YOUR barriers? How do you get from solopreneur to leader? How do you ensure long-term growth of a private label empire?

By focusing on what matters, cutting out the fluff, and ensuring the training you receive and the business owners you mastermind with are top tier.

Which is precisely what we do at ZonSquad. And it’s why you’re about to reach unfathomable levels in your business very soon…

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The Resources You Need To Succeed

Just a small sampling of the tools, resources, and connections you’ll make in ZonSquad

Comprehensive Courses

On demand no-fluff business learning at your fingertips. A comprehensive library of courses available to you and your team, including business law, packaging, product selection the right way, intellectual property, and more. Our subject matter experts release new courses regularly.

Mastermind Matching

We help match you with other members that are in a similar stage as you. Still in the grind? We’ll connect you to those also there and those who have just exited. Scaling to $100k/mo?

Our community will help you get there. Expanding into ecommerce and retail? Masterminding is a key component to the ZonSquad community’s success.


The ZonSquad community is a tight knit, high level, incredibly intelligent group of entrepreneurs who rely on each other for knowledge, testing, and moral support. Learning, sharing, and growing brands has never been easier.

Monthly Webinars

Our monthly webinars, headed by Joe, Brian & Kevin allow you to dive in one on one (or three!) and overcome challenges, answer questions, and more. Don’t be shy, everyone has been or will be at the position you are with your business. Get involved, ask questions, and share your thoughts.

Subject Matter Experts

A hand-selected and carefully curated group of experts on a variety of business building topics from business law, customer service, sponsored products, additional channels, hiring and personnel management and more. Our experts become your experts, giving you unparalleled access to the answers you need, now.

ZonSquad Live

This two-day members-only event is jam-packed with incredible speakers on entrepreneurship and brand building. Combine this with networking opportunities and incredible experiences and this is a can’t miss event for the brand owner who wants to go beyond the next level.

Searchable Knowledge Base

If you have a question, chances are it’s been asked…and answered before. Introducing the ZonSquad knowledge base, a searchable database of nearly every question and answer from over a year of ZonSquad members-only Q&A webinars and facebook posts between members and experts.

Don’t wait hours, days or weeks to get the answers you need.

Grind Camp

Grind Camp is a six week intensive course designed for those members whose private label products are not yet profitable. Led by Kevin Rizer, host of the Private Label Podcast, members evaluate their product’s strengths and weaknesses, optimize their listing, and take action to get out of The Grind.

Joe’s Master Class

For our members currently selling $100K of their own products per month, ZonSquad offers Joe’s Master Class.

Led by ZonBlast founder and multi-brand entrepreneur Joe Junfola, this elite group of members works together to solve unique challenges and evaluate opportunities facing their businesses as they work to scale.

Are You Hyper Focused on

What Truly Matters In Growing

Your Brand?

The ZonSquad team and our community have taken brands from nothing, nada, zilch to 6 and 7 figures.

We’ve built empires virtually overnight.

We know what it’s like in launch phase. We know what it’s like in the grind. We know what it takes to blow through the grind. And we know what it takes to scale.

Knowledge, community, and resources are central to the ZonSquad mission and are your keys to success in this business.

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