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Part One: The Book

"Psychic Skills Workshop: Secrets of Hypnosis and Non-Verbal Communication"

This is the book that Millard has used for several years to teach virtually anyone how to present legitimate psychic readings. Armed with the ideas and concepts in this book, you will be able to work anywhere, at anytime — you will *always* be prepared for the inevitable, "So, you're a psychic — what do you see for me?"

With this 28-page book, you will learn to:

  • Establish and maintain rapport with anyone
  • Understand another person's needs and ideas
  • Lead others to understand your needs and ideas
  • Communicate with your own subconscious mind
  • Sense and read psychic energy in the Human Aura
  • Hypnotize yourself for relaxation, healing and mind expansion


As Millard says on the back cover, this could be the most important book you will ever read — get started today and be happy now!

In the past, Millard has sold the "Psychic Skills Workshop" book for $30, which is priced far below what just a few of the ideas in it are worth to the serious worker. However, when you order the book from this web page, you'll also get…

Part Two: The Audio

The Psychic Skills Workshop Audio Update

As useful as the Psychic Skills Workshop book can be in your professional life, it's really just the tip of the iceberg, as you'll realize when you listen to the Audio Update interview that was conducted by telephone in July of 2005.

In this full-length audio interview that spans two audio CDs, Millard holds nothing back and shares many of the ideas, tips and techniques that he has used in his own appearances and private practice for over 30 years. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • How to present readings with no fishing or pumping
  • How to use all five senses to deliver some of the best readings of your life
  • What NOT to say in a reading
  • How to use trance induction techniques to improve every reading
  • How to present "bad news"
  • How to see auras
  • How to establish a genuine connection with your client
  • TV psychics: Why playing 20 questions doesn't make you a psychic
  • Why John Edward is possibly the best reader of our time
  • When and how to trust your subconscious mind
  • The difference between imagination and intuition
  • Reading the conscious mind vs. the subconscious mind

Get Psychic Skills Workshop Package – Millard Longman, Only Price $37


… And that's just a partial list of topics. You'll want to come back to this audio interview time and time again, and take away something new every time.

This audio is somewhat of a rarity, in that it is an interview with someone who is actually out there doing the real thing. How often have you seen some ad talk about something being "the real work"… and how often have you actually been able to use it in your own business? If you're like me, you probably have bookshelves and drawers full of things that were advertised as "the real work" … and less than 1/10th of 1 percent ever see the light of day.

In this audio interview, however, you'll learn things that can go into your appearances, workshops and readings almost immediately, such as:

  • How to induce trance with the pendulum
  • How to triple the depth of your trance inductions
  • The proper way to use NLP concepts in your readings
  • How to see thought forms in a person's aura — even if there's nothing there
  • How to use the pendulum to improve your readings and performances
  • The difference between cold, warm and hot readings
  • "Fake" cold reading vs. REAL cold reading

I hesitate to say this for fear of being accused of marketing hype, but the material presented in this package can literally change every aspect of your life — not just your appearances and readings. The skills you'll learn here can be applied every day in countless situations with practically everybody, including family, friends and business associates.

Speaking of business, Millard spends a good portion of the audio interview discussing how he presents a typical Psychic Skills Workshop, and how someone just starting out can do the same exact thing he's done with great success. He even describes how he has presented workshops to businesses and corporations — an environment you might not picture as being exactly open to this type of material.

You're probably wondering what something like the Psychic Skills Workshop Audio Update might cost. Let's try to put this into perspective…

As of this writing, Millard typically charges $300 an hour for his services, including consultations by phone. Depending on where you live and work, that might be a little or a lot, but it should give you some idea of the level we're dealing at here.

If you were to call Millard up and ask for his advice on the topics presented in the Audio Update, you could expect to pay almost $600 — which, by the way, isn't in any way unusual in the business world, which views such an expense as an investment. Assuming that you are a serious professional, the information presented in this interview can make a striking difference in your work, which can naturally be translated into both more engagements and greater income.

Obviously, this audio interview isn't a personal, one-on-one conversation between you and Millard (although it's pretty darn close), so the cost is considerably lower than $600. Still, the typical cost for information products like this runs somewhere between $100 and $200.

Add to that the fact that we'd like to keep this information as exclusive as possible — you'll understand why when you hear it yourself, and you'll also understand why we don't want it loose in the hands of amateurs and hobbyists.

Get Psychic Skills Workshop Package – Millard Longman, Only Price $37

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