Raw Nutritional Science – Douglas Graham

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In this definitive 15-hour course, Dr. Douglas Graham and Professor Rozalind Graham, with over 50 years of combined professional experience, deliver unparalleled clarity and simplicity with hard science in the fields of food, diet, nutrition, and health.

The Raw Nutritional Science course is unmatched in the world of nutrition.

  • DVD 1: Intro – Terminology – Dietary Design – Hydration
  • DVD 2: Carbohydrates – Fiber- Enzymes
  • DVD 3: Fats – Protein
  • DVD 4: Macro & Micro Nutrients, Review: Enzymes Review: Fractioned Foods, Hybridization, Q&A Day One
  • DVD 5: How Lifestyle affects Nutrition
  • DVD 6: Meal Evaluation – Exercise Break – What to Expect when you go Raw
  • DVD 7: Colonics, Cleanses, Supplements, Stimulants, Irritants – Body Composition
  • DVD 8: Emotional Eating – Q&A Day Two – Closing

Dr. Graham is the author of The 80/10/10 Diet, Nutrition and Athletic Performance and The New High Energy Diet Recipe Guide.

An internationally renowned lecturer on healthful living, Dr. Graham brings much needed clarity and simplicity to the health movement.

A life-long athlete himself, Dr. Graham has worked with countless elite athletes from around the world.

Prof. Graham is a certified educator, counselor, fitness instructor and author of "Stay Fit After Fifty – Your Guide to Well-being in the Second Half of Life".

An award winning speaker, Prof. Graham has earned a Professorship in Applied Nutrition and served as Senior National Course Director and Assessor of Exercise Teacher Training in the UK.

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