Recurring Revenue Revolution

Recurring Revenue Revolution – Live Event – Milana Leshinsky

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Membership Program Secrets: How to Create, Launch, and Grow Your Own Low-Maintenance Membership Program, Add At Least $1,000 to Your Current Monthly Income, and Open a “Flood Gate” of Passive Income in Your Business!

Recurring Revenue Revolution

Membership Program Secrets: How to Create, Launch, and Grow Your Own Low-Maintenance Membership Program, Add At Least $1,000 to Your Current Monthly Income, and Open a “Flood Gate” of Passive Income in Your Business!Plus, Create a Recurring Revenue “Machine” to Finally Set You

Free of The Never-Ending Chase For Cash and Clients

Dear Friend,

My name is Milana Leshinsky, and I want to show you how you can take your knowledge, passion, and experience, and turn it into an amazing recurring revenue business that pays you all year long!

  • Are you struggling with generating consistent predictable income every month?
  • Are you tired of trading time for money and feeling burnt out from working with clients?
  • Do you want more passive income in your life?

Then creating a membership-based program that takes less than 5 hours a month to run can finally give you the lifestyle and security you’ve been looking for!

In my recent video training, I showed you how truly amazing the recurring revenue model is, and that the sooner you start your own membership-based program, the sooner you’ll be able to make the shift in your business and enjoy the freedom beyond dollars-for-hours.

However, there’s a problem…

91% of people who know about the benefits of a membership-based program have not created one. Most people feel scared, confused, and intimidated. It’s hard to do it on your own – there’s never enough time, resources, or motivation. And even if you’re disciplined enough to create it, it can easiliy consume your life as you try to maintain, nurture, and grow it every month!

I found a SIMPLE way to create a profitable membership program that doesn’t require you to give up your life, and now would like to share it with you.

“Milana is such a brilliant teacher, that after years of trying, I felt my excitement about membership programs come back!

If you’re ready to stop feeling crushed by the pressures and demands of keeping your business afloat and only getting paid for the hours you put in each day (and putting so many hours in that it’s killing your personal life)…

And ready to start enjoying…

  • Passive, recurring, reliable income that flows into your bank account like clockwork – regardless of how many clients you have
  • Having more TIME to spend doing what you want to do (instead of what your business and clients demand)
  • Drastically increasing your income and having the financial power to live the lifestyle you want

Then “Membership Program Secrets” is for YOU!

4 Simple Steps to Creating a Low-Maintenance High-Profit Membership-Based Program That Can Set You Free From a “Client-Hustling” Lifestyle and Give You The Financial Security You Want!

I’ve been creating and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars from membership-based programs since 2003 and developed a4-step process that allows you to package what you know into a membership-based program and create a new income stream in your business! I use the very same process in my own business any time I want to create a new recurring revenue stream fast.

This is a Home-Study Program with Content-Packed Training Modules, Audios, Step-by-Step Action Guides! I’ll walk you through my 4 steps for discovering, creating, and launching your own membership program from scratch! I’ll also hold several live Q&A calls to answer your questions as you go through the course!

In this step you’ll delve into your vast experience and knowledge to uncover THE winning idea that will work like gangbusters as a topic for a membership-based program.

Then I’ll walk you through how to uniquely position your program if there are already other ones on a similar topic.

When we’re done, you’ll have a crystal clear “big picture view” of your new hot selling membership program, carefully tuned for attracting eager-to-join members and creating a flood of cash into your bank account month after month!

We’ll cover…

  • Focus: Fine-Tuning Your Niche Focus for a Membership-Based Program to Reveal Itself!
  • Why people join: Understanding The 10 Biggest Reasons People Sign Up For Membership-Based Programs
  • What your customers want: Discovering a Membership-Based Program In Your Business by Understanding What Your Customers Are Most Motivated By
  • What you should offer: Aligning Your Best Value and Skills With What Your Customers Are Looking For
  • Membership program types: 2 Low-Maintenance Programs You Can Create Fast and Run on Less Than 5 Hours a Month!

Next, we’ll start fleshing out the key details of your membership program that will ensure you attract a growing number of subscribers, who will love your program and keep paying you month after month so your passive income grows.

You’ll discover how to avoid the pressure of providing quality content every month, how to get members to interact with one another, and how to develop your membership program even if you don’t like writing or speaking! We’ll cover:

  • Model: Choosing the Best Membership Model for Your Program, Where it Will Fit In Your Product Funnel, and How You Will Grow Your Program Over Time
  • Content: Planning, Organizing, Creating, and Scheduling Your Content Whether You Already Have It Or Not!
  • Creating an experience: Adding Other Ways to Give Value to Your Members to Greatly Increase Retention, Beyond Content

There is speed networking and speed dating; I teach speed implementation!

In this blueprint I’ll reveal the secrets I’ve uncovered for rapidly rolling out your new membership program (gained through countless mistakes and lessons learned from developing over a dozen successful membership-based programs).

Even if you consider yourself a technical “dunce” and are totally new to membership-based programs, you’ll find out how to swiftly and painlessly get your membership program created and ready to launch.

We’ll talk about what software is best for your type of membership program, how to automate your program so it takes less than 10 hours a month to run, and where to find the right technical person to help you get it all done!

  • Tools: What Tools and Resources You Need to Create Your Dream Membership Program
  • Team: How to Build a Virtual Team to Get Your Program Up and Running Fast and Inexpensively
  • Action: Creating a 30-Day Implementation Plan to Get Your Program Done!

In this step you’ll discover how to get a big surge of members when you launch your program, how to consistently attract new members every month, and how to avoid the download-and-leave situation.

And best of all, you’ll learn how to integrate all these vital member building tasks into the marketing tasks you are already performing in your business. So you don’t have to add loads of extra hours onto you’re already full schedule!

We’ll cover:

  • Marketability: Creating An Easy-To-Market and Easy-to-Grow Subscription Program
  • Launch: Designing An Irresistible Marketing Campaign To Easily Launch Your Program
  • Evergreen enrollment: Integrating Your Program Into Your Product Funnel and Existing Business and Marketing Activities to Create an Evergreen Enrollment Strategy to Bring Members All Year Long!

As you can see, everything you need to help you create the most profitable membership-based program you can!

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