45$. Story Selling Tips – Troy White

Story Selling Tips – Troy White

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They get scared of being ‘unprofessional’ if they talk about their past.  They are petrified of letting down their hair and showing their true self to clients and prospects.  They fear what they have never even tried.  That, by far, is the main reason I see entrepreneurs failing in their marketing… yet it is easy to fix.

If a Corporate World Flunky Can Write a Simple Story That Made $48,457 in 48 Hours…

What Can You Do?

Announcing a Step-by-Step Marketing Plan That Boosts Your Sales, Builds Relationships and Helps You Have More Fun in Your Marketing

Fellow business builder,

The #1 way to grow your business in 2011?

Get your signature story right and promote it in every possible way.

That is a major part of what Chris V did to create a million dollar business in 2 years (more  on him later).

That is what ALL entrepreneurs who are thriving right now have done.

…EVERY entrepreneur has a great story to share… but few actually do it.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Story Selling Tips – Troy White” course at only [45$]

They get scared of being ‘unprofessional’ if they talk about their past.  They are petrified of letting down their hair and showing their true self to clients and prospects.  They fear what they have never even tried.  That, by far, is the main reason I see entrepreneurs failing in their marketing… yet it is easy to fix.

I want to help you find your story…

…then help you leverage your story into all kinds of marketing tools to grow your leads and improve your sales.

In fact, I want to give you a no-risk way to get your story out there right now.

We just wrapped up one Story Selling Coaching program and the feedback was great.  Members raved about the results they got with their first tries at using stories in their business.

“I love the enforcement of storytelling where I got much more clarity on how to use that as a tool and also how to incorporate it into my writing. I also liked that you covered subject lines and headlines too, very helpful.” Susan Friesen,

“You not only gave us a six week webinar, but a lifetime worth of subjects and ideas with a creative outlet to cherish for a lifetime. I got so exited about writing, I hate the days now, that I don’t sit down and write. I will miss the webinars enormously. I always looked forward to the next class.” Ghislaine Cleiren, MANON’S & LEONIDAS Chocolates

“Its really a must do for anyone in marketing, marketing communications, advertising or copywriting. And especially anyone running a small business. I wish I had taken something like this 4 years ago when I started PhotoArt People. The 31K idea was worth the price of admission alone.”  William Loeber, PhotoArt People

Here’s how you can crank up your story selling ability quickly

  • * You get 6 weeks of coaching in the Story Selling Success Program (weekly webinars and personalized story or campaign critiques) complete with audios and weekly handouts                  – Value $497
  • * You complete 2 story based promotions during the 6 week program (successful campaigns more than pay for the program before you are done) – Value $597
  • * You get the 2011 Cash Flow Calendar and Audios (showing you thousands of ways to promote your business in 2011) – Value $129
  • * 90 Day marketing action plan to get you going quickly – Value $129
  • * 31k Club Membership – giving you daily writing ideas for 31 days (doing these exercises for 31 days guarantees you get more promotions out, more blog posts or articles written, and more customer communication tools you can use for years) – Value $197
  • * Swipe files, story selling examples and booklets, resources and the Story Selling Rolodex – Value $297

Keep improving yourself today with this “Story Selling Tips – Troy White” course at only [45$]

Realistic Value of all this = $1,846

Complete with my Crazy Canuck -32 Degree Guarantee

Go through the coaching program and do the work outlined. Put together the 2 separate campaigns we outline.

Send them to your list…

…If you don’t receive back at least what you invest in the course, and honestly feel you didn’t get your money’s worth… you get your money back AND I will stick my tongue on a steel pole in minus 32 degree Celsius (yes, it gets that cold here – unfortunately).

I am THAT confident in this course I am willing to risk freezing my tongue to a steel pole (I did it once when I was 7 years old – and it hurt like hell!)

It’s time to kick the fear to the side and get marketing yourself properly.

A proven way to more than double your sales.

Carnegie Mellon (major research institute) did a study on selling with stories versus facts and benefits: selling with pure stories sold 118% more than with facts and benefits!

Starting Tuesday, April 5th – 12:00 pm MST

The class size is limited to 20 people
so that each I have time to work one-on-one
with you on your story selling progress.

The Story Selling course covers:

1. An introduction to Story Selling… what it is, why it’s important and the fast track to getting good fast
2. Your story basics – all the tools you need to get your story found and polished
3. How to create long-lasting bonds with your clients
4. How to win over prospects and get them to buy
5. How to stand out from the crowd quickly and without question
6. How to write for Social Media
7. Lead generation techniques using compelling web pages
8. Quick and easy techniques for creating compelling content your visitors want to read
9. Simple writing techniques for non-writers to create marketing stories that sell
10. Formulas, blueprints and checklists to ensure nothing is left out
11. How to make every word you write worth $10 or more
12. Repurposing content: the easy way to write once and use in 10 different ways

What’s most important here?

This is based on 9 years of business building expertise. I have helped hundreds of businesses build their sales using effective story selling.  I have been written up on, The National Post, and have received numerous awards of recognition.

The best part?

The millions of dollars I have made my clients.

No theory or re-hashed information here… just practical advice that any business owner can use, no matter what your marketing budget.

If you want to improve your results online, this program will take you from an absolute newbie to a serious implementer.

The opportunity to leverage the internet has never been greater… and has never had more competitors than you see now.

This is a condensed program designed to cut the fluff and hand you only the most practical tools that work today.

18 to 1 Return on Our Investment!

“Troy’s story selling works! In just a few short calls Troy as able to uncover great story ideas that I didn’t even realize I had. I’ve been sitting on a gold mine.

Thanks to Troy we did our first Halloween promotion ever, and had a 18 to 1 Return on our investment! We are already working on our next two campaigns.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with next week!

Keep improving yourself today with this “Story Selling Tips – Troy White” course at only [45$]

Thanks again!”

~ Seth Greene

…The key to success online is staying on top of the newest techniques that work.  You can do that in multi-day seminars that cost thousands.  You can do that by reading the newest training manuals (hopefully they are up to date with technology trends).  The colleges and universities won’t help… they take too long to update their curriculums and text books.

Or you can invest one day of your time and get started right here, right now.  Only the most recent techniques will be shared with you.  Techniques that are working for hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world.

Starting Tuesday, April 5th  12:00 pm MST

Register today to begin creating an impact online and start winning new business tomorrow.

Sign up Today

After registration you will receive an email confirming your registration with advice as to what you can do to prepare for this training. Bring your laptop and work along with your instructor.

Remember, we are limiting the class to 20 members.

Register today so you don’t miss out.

One single promotion or key word campaign will MORE than return your investment.

  • One of my  clients launched a new online business and received 1,175 orders in 48 hours and created a $1.2 Million dollar web business in the first 9 months.
  • Another one of my clients sold 5,000 books (his first published book) in the first 48 hours and 55,000 books over the next 60 days.
  • NOTE: One of my recent wins is creating a simple little 2 page letter that has been mailed both for lead generation and for client reactivation.  This letter is producing (on average) a 20:1 return, every time it is mailed out.  In other words, that means for every $1 you invest in your marketing with this letter, you will get back $20 in revenue.  The best part? During the Story Selling Class, you will actually write your own version of this letter!

This, on its own is worth FAR in excess of the class investment.

Please, register now before the class fills up (20 maximum allowed in the program)

I guarantee you will walk out of this day long program with a newfound understanding of how to market yourself online (the right way).

Not only that, you will walk out with a complete letter that will make you a mint like it has for many clients already.

I look forward to helping you succeed online.

Troy White

Phone: 403.259.4566

PS: There is no other place or program available that will give you such a complete education, condensed down into a single series of calls.

Plus, you walk out with a finished letter that has pulled a 20:1 return for many clients already.

All that, for only $297.

You are guaranteed to strut out of this program with 2 promotions ready to go.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Story Selling Tips – Troy White” course at only [45$]

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