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Tantra Touch – Psalm Isadora

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Tantra Touch – Psalm Isadora

For Mindvalley Academy students new to Tantra only…

The Sacred Seven: Experience Unlimited Levels Of Heightened Intimacy, Attraction, And Love With These 7 Tantric Secrets

Whatever your relationship status, these 7 guided lessons will reset your sexual psyche for a truly aligned mind-body-soul connection that will change everything in and out of the bedroom…

Are You Starving For More Intimacy? Listen To Me Share The Secrets Of Attraction, Love and Confidence

Ignore the commercials, the glossy magazines, and everything you see in movies. Shut off the TV, throw out that romance novel, and don’t even think of paying attention to the sham smiles and feigned happiness on the billboards.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Tantra Touch – Psalm Isadora” course at only [35$]

Instead, we want you to do something almost no one ever does.

We want you to think about your love life in full honesty. Think about the romance and everything in between. Every awkward kiss, messy make-out, passionate embrace, and fiery moment.

How do you feel? What pops into your head?

Well, if you’re like 90% of adults, you’ve probably had a mix of the following feelings and experiences:

  • Some truly amazing moments in the beginning that inevitably die down to a low simmer after a few months
  • Excitement and anticipation mixed in with general anxiety, perhaps stemming from repressed emotions and feelings of unworthiness
  • Fiery chemistry that is soon replaced with an emotional disconnect between yourself and your partner that may have led to frustration or resentment
  • Feeling judgemental about your own body, maybe even thinking, “There’s something wrong with my body.”
  • Feeling guilty, anxious, emotional pain, unworthy, or simply unattractive.
  • Inability to express what you really want, whether to yourself to your partner or even understanding what it is you actually need
  • Excruciating fear of missing out big time, as if there’s something so much bigger and better out there, but you just can’t reach it…

The Truth Is You Are Missing Out

But let us be clear. NONE of this is your fault.

Society, religion, your upbringing, media, generations upon generations of ingrained shame, stigma, and taboo surrounding sensuality have blocked you from truly understanding your own personal sexual power.

And here’s what they don’t want you to know:

YOU are a sexual being. YOU have sexual energy. And YOU are capable of connecting with it for more joy, love, pleasure, adventure, creativity, and intense chemistry and passion.

Your Sexual Psyche Reset Starts Now

Imagine this: a full body-mind-spirit reset that transforms the deepest core of your being, releases past trauma, and awakens your already-present innate sexual power.

What does this look like? Here’s just sneak peak of what you’ll experience:

  • Feeling absolutely amazing, confident, and strength in yourself
  • Intense intimacy that only gets stronger and stronger between you and your partner
  • Having heads turn your way the moment you walk into a room
  • Loving and enjoying your own body, and never doubting your own confidence and attraction
  • The ability to tap into your own sexual energy at any time and use it to captivate the right people
  • Increased joy, harmony, and balance in all other areas of your life.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Tantra Touch – Psalm Isadora” course at only [35$]

A Program Designed Specifically For Beginners To Tantra

Maybe you’ve only just read about Tantra, or heard it mentioned on the radio or TV once. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with how much is out there and new to you. Maybe, you just don’t know where to start.

But if you have to be honest with yourself, you know you want more than what your current love life has to offer. You know you deserve better pleasure. And You know you’re on the brink of something truly amazing, powerful, and sacred.

So give yourself a hug and take pride in yourself. Because you’re about to make a step towards a true transformation for your body, mind, and spirit

Intro To Tantra: Activate Your Tantric Journey & Sexual Power

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, married, dating, or “it’s complicated”. And it doesn’t matter if you’re new to Tantra or have never even done a yoga class. This program is for everyone and made specifically to be accessible by people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Tantra is a 5,000-year-old ancient practice fusing mind, body, and soul with love-making and intimacy, solidify the connection and intimacy between partners. It taps into a beautiful and natural part of human existence. It is, at the very core, the practice of love.

With the Intro To Tantra course, you’ll get instant access to these seven powerful tantric lessons:

Lesson 1: Dispelling The Myths Of Tantra

  • Discover the foundations of Tantra and the basics of connecting with your own sexuality.
  • Understand how the ancient practice of Tantra is not a difficult practice reserved for the most spiritual, but a powerful tool that can be applied to your everyday life for immediate benefit.
  • Learn how to connect your mind, body, and soul for sexual harmony and balance.
  • Learn the beauty and pleasure of the “Conscious Quickie”.
  • Experience more joy, love, and confidence in your own body.

Lesson 2: How To Feel Comfortable In Your Own Body

  • Discover the “Featherlight Touch” technique to turn your whole body into an erogenous zone for out-of-this-world orgasms.
  • Overcome any insecurities and anxieties you may have about your own body and sexuality.
  • Learn to flip the script on body shaming so that you can turn judgement into pleasure.
  • Discover new tools to use in foreplay or on your own.

Lesson 3: Activating Your Sex Magnet

  • Discover and master simple tantric techniques that’ll “switch on” your inner sex magnet for heightened attraction and sexual energy
  • Learn “The Secret Squeeze”
  • Understand how to use breathwork to intensify your orgasms and increase confidence through the “Bliss Breath”
  • Master “OYoga” moves for increased energy, empowerment, and openness.

Lesson 4: Couple’s OYoga Sequence

  • Discover how to incorporate tantric secrets into yoga for increased intimacy, acceptance, and passion.
  • Can be used as foreplay before sex or as a way to connect and experience daily intimacy.
  • Increases sex drive, stress relief, better sleep, pleasure, and mental focus.
  • Affects ALL areas of your life.
  • Can be done with a partner or alone.

Lesson 5: Three-Part Tantra Breathwork

  • Discover the three key types of breath for better sex and increased intimacy in the bedroom and in all other aspects of your life.
  • Release blocked negative energy or past trauma
  • Master the “Bliss Breath” technique to build up inner-body connection
  • Learn how to perform the “Breath of Arousal” for increased heat, fire, and controlled energy
  • Learn the “Sound Breath” technique to increase blood flow, release stuck tension, relax your body, and turn on your confidence
  • Just a few minutes a day and you’ll begin to feel the difference already

Lesson 6: KISS Meditation

  • A powerful couple’s meditation that strengthens and boosts the four pillars of sexual connection: KINETIC MOVEMENT, INTIMACY, SLOWING DOWN, and SENSUALITY
  • Allows you to create deeper, more meaningful human connections and break past harmful taboos.
  • Invigorates your body with a surge of heat and energy

Lesson 7: Sexual Energy Manipulation

  • Activate your inner “sex magnet” so you can control and manipulate your own sensuality and energy
  • Learn to tap into other people’s energy, helping them move their chi and improving their feelings of joy and confidence.
  • Understand how you can withdraw or send out your energy and how this affects others
  • Become more playful with your own energy for heightened feelings of love, confidence, and attraction.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Tantra Touch – Psalm Isadora” course at only [35$]

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