125$. The Content Max System – Don Crowther

The Content Max System – Don Crowther

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All the slides from the presentations in a handy note-taking format, making it easy to retain and implement this system to build your business!

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Discover the most powerful SYSTEM to go from idea to published and promoted content – turning your ideas into profits!

After nearly 2 years of development and testing, I have perfected a process, literally a step-by-step system, for identifying, creating and promoting content that generates huge results (often 200-1,000 times what you’re used to getting), great search engine positioning and powerful personal/company positioning in the market.

It’s called…

Here’s what you’ll get when you invest in The Content MAX System:


As you create content that’s already proven to resonate with your audience, they’ll make the habit of coming back to your blog regularly to consume your content, plus they’ll dig deeper into your content archives, because they’ll know that everything you create is valuable for them!


As part of The Content MAX System, you’ll discover how to get more likes, shares, pins and tweets for everything you post, naturally drawing in more highly-targeted viewers who you’ve never been able to reach before. Plus, you’ll get higher natural search engine rankings, which can be worth a fortune!


Powerful content, following the techniques you’ll discover in The Content MAX System provides incredible value to your audience, so when you introduce an offer to them, they’ll already know and trust you, so are much more likely to buy!


More traffic from your existing audience, new visitors who have never met you before, plus the fact that they’re pre-sold on you and what you offer, results in more sales, at a lower cost to you, than you could ever achieve otherwise. This is literally the only course we know of that combines each of these key factors into one low-cost course, giving you value you can’t get anywhere else!

Keep improving yourself today with this “The Content Max System – Don Crowther” course at only [125$]

The Content MAX System shows you the exact same systems the top bloggers and content marketers in the world use to plan, create and promote their content, so you can

  • Create better content, faster
  • Maximizing the traffic, sales and credibility you get from every post
  • Giving you the time and income to live the life of your dreams!

In this powerful program, I demonstrate, step-by-step, four systems that combine into one SUPER System , The Content MAX System

These four systems show you exactly how to get more traffic, sales and credibility by:

System 1:

Identifying, in advance, precisely which content is most likely to be shared in social media and links

Duration:  1hr 35m

Why create content that’s not likely to be shared and linked to?I’ll show you two powerful tools that tell you what content is generating the most pass-along, allowing you to get your audience to market for you, maximizing your results!

​System 3:

Creating a content-production system that plans, creates,and publishes powerful content

Duration:  1h 19m

I’ll show you:

  • A breakthrough content planning system
  • Exactly how many articles and blog posts to publish each week to get the best results
  • How long each should be
  • How to structure them
  • Whether you create them yourself or outsource them

Handouts And Worksheets:

All the handouts and worksheets from the course, including key spreadsheets to help you sort and identify key posts.

System 2:

Staying abreast of all the hot topics and news your audience needs to know in about 10 minutes a day!

Duration: 35m

I’ll walk you through a system that gives you the latest news and posts from the top 100 sites in your category which you can process in less than 10 minutes per day.You can use these as idea-starters for your own content production.

​System 4:

Effectively promoting each content element you create, driving traffic, sharing and SEO positioning

Duration: 4h 18m (Nope, that’s not a typo)

Since promotion is such an important element, I’ve loaded this module with lots of extras. In it, I’ll demonstrate the best ways to promote content, including:

  • Social media
  • Promotion to your list
  • Through partners and ads
  • And how to re-promote them later to get additional traffic surges to content over and over again!

Complete Course Slides:

All the slides from the presentations in a handy note-taking format, making it easy to retain and implement this system to build your business!

Keep improving yourself today with this “The Content Max System – Don Crowther” course at only [125$]

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