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The Energy and Frequency of Money Bundle – Amanda Frances

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The Energy and Frequency of Money Bundle – Every day I am super excited to dive into the content she produces. I love the fact you have lifetime access to everything you purchase. I always have something I can watch and it instantly makes me feel good and high vibe.

There are a lot of people talking about money on the internet.

There are even people who don’t have any money talking about what it takes to attract money.

I’ve heard it all.

Some people teach that how much money you have is a result of how hard you are working, how much sex you are having, how much creativity you are expressing, or how many Facebook ads you are running.

Others swear it’s about what books you are reading, who you surround yourself with, what full moon ceremonies you are doing, what crystals you are using, or how much you are not thinking about money.

There are a lot of people doing a lot of the above stuff who are broke af.

Your ability to earn, attract, and receive money has nothing to do with silly rituals or superstition and it certainly is not dependent on hard work alone.

While anything that puts you in an inspired state, contributes to your sense of worthiness, or causes you to feel that you are doing enough can help you attract…

…participating in rituals, rules, or strategy that helps you to manifest money haphazardly or only sometimes, is still putting a bandaid on the actual issue and missing the entire point.

The only fail-proof way I know to earn, attract, and receive money on command, and with ease is this:

Become a vibrational match for money.

From there, you are finally able to receive the strategic guidance or action steps you need.

From there, you finally allow the money that was already waiting for you to flow in.

From there, you finally understand how all of this money stuff actually works.

Your experience of having money – or lack thereof – may not have been pleasant up until this point.

You may not have been set up for success.

You may not have a lot of examples of people who turned this area of their life around.

I get that.

I did not come from money.

I built my multimillion dollar company on my own.

It wasn’t always easy. I had to figure out a lot the hard way.

I can tell you that I daily dedicated myself to changing my mentality around money and learned to understand the energy and frequency of money.

And all other aligned action steps and inspired guidance showed up for me.

Today, I intend to be an example of what’s possible.

To be real with you, as a grown adult human your future experiences with money are largely dependent on one thing:


This is about you.

You are the common denominator in all of your life experiences.

This is about your energy. Your belief. Your decision. Your openness.

You knowing that you are enough.

You allowing. You choosing.

And you receiving.

Your understanding of the Energy and Frequency of Money.

God, the Universe, the angels, destiny, and luck are not holding anything back from you.

You becoming an energetic match for what you want was always – and is still– the answer.

Religious texts, metaphysical books, and a million experts have pointed to this truth forever.

You can learn how to earn, attract, and create money intentionally.

And on purpose.

With repeatable results.

When you shift your mentality, energy, and expectation around money…

…you shift the dynamics around how money works for you.

Seem a little confusing? No worries. I make it simple.

I get it. I’ve done it. I do it.

I live by these principals.

I’ve taught it to thousands of people.

And I am here to show you how.

Money is my favorite thing in the world to teach on.

You receiving money positively affects your life AND the lives of those around you.

With that… I am so excited to introduce my brand new video training series on money!

— Dajon Ferrell, Visibility + Prosperity Coach

Keep improving yourself today with this “The Energy and Frequency of Money Bundle – Amanda Frances” course at only [75$]

When I began one of Amanda’s money programs, I had been struggling to pay my bills. Several were about to go to collections. The course payments were even a bit of a stretch, but I enrolled anyway.

Within in two months, everything changed for me.

Amanda teaches you to rise up into your fullest potential. She helps you disengage your fears and blocks around money and literally squash limiting beliefs as they appear.

From there, the money started flowing from crazy unexpected places. Money making ideas came to me.

Everything opened up for me.

Amanda’s principals around money took me from a place of stress and lack and constantly crunching numbers to getting caught up on bills, putting hundreds of dollars into savings each month, and shopping at the grocery stores I desire.

I have also more than doubled my income.

I feel fucking fabulous! I’m a better mom, partner and even better friend to myself. Working with Amanda has given me a new life and the ptsd anxiety symptoms (from 13 years in the army) are no longer ruling over my day.

She helped me feel love and acceptance for where I’m at right now, while also stepping into this new version of myself.

Learning from Amanda will change you. You will remove a ton of heavy energy and bullshit from your day to day life. You will feel more confident in yourself.

And, yes as a bonus, you will make and have money.

Learning from Amanda about money is like a kick ass, exhilarating, breath of fresh air coupled with compassionate understanding and relatability.

It’s like listening to a very smart, chill homegirl who happens to manifest a f*** ton of money.

Amanda describes things in a way that is easy to understand, and spiritual but not so spiritual that it’s confusing. Her approach is the perfect blend of 3 parts spiritual to 2 parts practical.

Amanda represents growth, possibility, and how you don’t have to meditate for hours, be vegan and chant in order to be aligned and manifest.

She shows you that it’s all about becoming an energetic match with your desires and teaches you how to do so.

Because I signed up for one of her money courses, I feel like I have access to one of the best and most aligned money teachers in the world.

The results she has produced in her own life and so many other women’s lives is evidence of her expertise.

There’s no fluff, there’s no filler, its all good sh*t.

Every day I am super excited to dive into the content she produces. I love the fact you have lifetime access to everything you purchase. I always have something I can watch and it instantly makes me feel good and high vibe.

I have manifested over $25k in the last 3 months (and growing).

My intentional manifestations are happening faster and faster and is becoming more effortless and fun. Like Amanda says, it truly is like a game.

I now exude a quiet confidence. I know the power of my decision around what I get to have. Learning to live from this place is priceless.

If you want to be in the presence of powerful, confident, spiritual, boss lady, loving, life changing, sisterhood, relatable, luxurious, fun, inspiring energy, then Amanda is the coach for you.

If you want to experience miraculous results in your finances and then translate those same miracles to other areas of your life, buy now.

You will not regret signing up. I have watched the material I’ve gotten from Amanda numerous times and will continue to forever.

Amanda is definitely called to do the work she does. It is blessing thousands of people. You too can be one of them if  you will take the leap and enroll.

— Ashley Banks, Staff Analyst turned Entrepreneur + Life Coach

If you desire to : 

  •  Understand the Energy + Frequency of Money: Let’s get clear on what the vibration of money feels like + how to hold that vibration in your energetic field.
  •  Tap into the flow of money: How to tap into into the flow of money, in the amounts, quantities, and streams you desire. This is not hard and it’s more fun than you’d think.
  •  Be Unshakable in Your Desire: Own unapologetically what you want. Understand that your desires are guiding you. Allow yourself to create from heartfelt desire.
  •  Lean into the the energy of receptivity: Grow in your understanding of, and ability to, lean back and receive. Allow ease, grace, and trust to be infused into your daily experience.
  •  Embody your future self: No more playing small. No more holding back. Who are you meant to be? What do you actually want to do? Let’s dig in.



  • Sacred sharing and selling with no pressure and so much ease. Understand my process for sharing my work online with clarity and ease. Throughout some of the videos, I demonstrate my non-attached and non-salesy way of sharing my digital products with potential students.


  • Affirmations, journal prompts and (really fun) homework: Team Amanda Frances and I have added affirmations, journal prompts, and strategic homework to each of the seven videos to help you integrate these principles into your life as you go through the content.


  •  Receive a coupon code for my world famous course, Money Mentality Makeover. If you want to go deeper into these concepts with me, I have your back. During my 2020 open enrollment period, you get a $297 off coupon code you can use toward Money Mentality Makeover

The Content:

  • Video Topic 1: The Vibration of Abundance: What a vibration feels like, how energy works, how to create new realities based on your truth.
  •  Video Topic 2: The Energy of Relaxed Receptivity: How leaning back increases financial flow, becoming an energetic match for more-than-enough, forming new core beliefs.
  • Video Topic 3: Clearing the Energy of Debt: Rearranging past money mistakes, the energetic shift that eliminates debt, and deep healing around perceived past negative choices. (This is my favorite video!)
  •  Video Topic 4:  Fear is a Liar: Listen, you are worthy of your desires. How to move through fear and disbelief. Eliminate the dread of disappointment. Clear space for receiving
  •  Video Topic 5: The Energetics of Continual Financial Increase: When you finally know and understand that it’s now ‘up and up only,’ it is safe to expect and receive really good things.
  •  Bonus Video Topic 6: Learning How to Stack the Paper: Releasing traditional, middle class ideas around money. Working smarter. When having money becomes standard. The energy and mindset that supports multiplying / investing money.
  •  Bonus Video Topic 7: Deciding How Money Works for You: When getting paid is natural and easy. Eliminating what you don’t love + unnecessary steps. Doing less. Earning more.

Keep improving yourself today with this “The Energy and Frequency of Money Bundle – Amanda Frances” course at only [75$]

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